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  1. Hi all, Not posted in a while, but I have been plodding along in the background! And a whole new scale to me - O gauge: Thanks for looking Matt
  2. I've been building buildings and a tree: The house forms a view blocker on my layout and is based around the Fair Price Models pub kit, just used back to front and not used as a pub. The tree is twisted wire and modelling filler for bark, with unidentified scatter for foliage. Matt
  3. Hi Mark, The pub: is it a Fair Price Models kit? If so, I'm also using it on my layout, albeit back to front and repurposed as a house. Good effort with the texture! Matt
  4. Hi Mark, thanks for the comment. The texture is simply household filler applied directly to the surface. Initially it was too coarse so it was sanded right down to give a smoother, but still visible, texture. Matt
  5. Finish line in sight with this one.
  6. Black bits done - decals next... Matt
  7. After a bit of a pause, camo painting is now completed. Onto the black bits behind the exhausts and then the decals. Matt
  8. One side (almost) done. Now onto the other...
  9. Sure is! RLM02 is a similar story. Nice paint to use though, thins nicely with Mr Levelling Thinner.
  10. Hi James, If you've used Tamiya or Mr Hobby acrylics, you'll have no issues with them. The colours do look a lot "brighter" in the pots than the other two brands though (this is RAF green). Matt
  11. Finally a bit of progress. I hate painting camo freehand so can only face doing it a bit at a time,hence the other wing still being bare plastic. First time using AK Real Colors too. A lot of tidying up still to do, and I'm yet to mask the yellow undersides so the boundaries are quite messy. Matt
  12. Thank you @Mountain goat and @neilspen for your comments!
  13. @David Womby - thank you very much for the comment! @Twobad - yes, I was aware of the unfortunate history. Ideally, I would have chosen another aircraft to represent but this is the only option catered for on the decal sheet without having to chop the decals up.
  14. Thanks again for the comments! Involved a fair bit of masking tape Terry, and a fair amount of touch ups too! It'll be worth it once done! Matt
  15. Hello all, This has been on the bench, albeit stalled, for a few months now which is a shame as its a really nice kit. Decided to dust it down and try and get it finished. As its semi completed, I've added a few photos to give a flavour of progress to date. Cockpit parts painted and weathered: It's being built as a captured RAF machine using decals from Karaya. It therefore needs yellow undersides (since over-painted in a slightly richer yellow shade): The upper camo has been started, although you'll have to trust me because RAF Ocean Grey from AK Real Colors is the same shade as the plastic! Finally, I decided to use AM wheels, also from Eduard, and here's a comparison with the kit part: More intermittent progress to follow! Matt
  16. Thank you all for the comments, much appreciated! Definitely a nostalgic project for me, many a happy hour spent watching these land and take off at RAF Valley. Matt
  17. Cool, they look great. Looking forward to getting my hands on some!
  18. Hello everyone, just a few photos of my completed Hawk to share. The model is a borderline tail sitter (interestingly an old boxing of this kit mentions nose weight but the new version I built doesn't and I forgot!) so the base serves a purpose as I can glue it down. Thanks Matt
  19. Hello all, As usual, my good progress has stalled. I've dragged this back onto the bench this afternoon to try and make some progress. Matt
  20. Yep - my mother ordered it for me as an Xmas present 2 (?) years ago. Each time she's contacted Doolittle by phone to chase up, she's been told there are delays related to Covid. I reckon they might try to incorporate the newly announced P-38J kit too (which would make sense) hence the delay.
  21. Hello all, Bit more randomness to share: Parkside Tube wagon - originally built about 15 years ago. Stripped, repaired and repainted. I've also been scratchbuilding some structures for the layout.
  22. Hello all, I've decided I'm not doing any of Tamiya's schemes...they're all a little uninspiring. Instead, I'm going to do "Yellow 13" from JG 53 which has a yellow cowling and white wingtips. Painting has therefore started on the undersides. Matt
  23. Nice choice! I'm also doing a Valley Hawk albeit in 1/72 scale. Can't beat the old red/white (and red/white/blue) schemes.
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