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  1. The color is Azure Blue from MRP-119. Thanks a lot guys for your kind comments !
  2. The build was from the box, but I was a profipack box with photo etched color parts.
  3. Hello all, Here my Spitfire from Eduard, in a blue color. The kit is very good, the build was easy and almost from the box. Cheers.
  4. Thanks guys ! Yes I used tree quickboost sets: propeller, seat and exhaust pipes. Pierre.
  5. Thanks ! The HATAKA colors are great but note that this blue set (optimized for brush) is not for airbrush but can be used anyway if diluted using Tamiya X-20A thinner. I think that red and orange sets were made for airbrush but I never used one of them. Pierre.
  6. Great job on this beautiful aircraft ! I like very much the finish. Cheers, Pierre.
  7. Great model and paint job ! The resin seat fits well in the kit cockpit ? Cheers, Pierre.
  8. Great job ! The finish is very well done. Cheers, Pierre.
  9. Great job ! Not easy to build a kit like this and the result is great ! Cheers, Pierre.
  10. Hi guys, thanks a lot for your kind messages ! About the colors I used the HATAKA paint set : Here more pics I hope you like ! Cheers.
  11. Thanks a lot guys ! Yes it's the 350 squadron.
  12. Hi guys I have just finished this one. Cheers. Pierre.
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