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  1. pbaudru

    Mig-29 9.12 IRIAF

    Thanks a lot ! For the blue I used a mix of tamiya X-14 + X-1 (white). As I applied several thin layers I did a different mix for each one in order to have a non regular surface. The sand color is from Humbrol but I need to check at home the correct reference number. Cheers.
  2. pbaudru

    Mig-29 9.12 IRIAF

    And more Cheers
  3. pbaudru

    Mig-29 9.12 IRIAF

    Thanks guys, here 1 more pic Cheers.
  4. pbaudru

    Mig-29 9.12 IRIAF

    Thanks a lot guys ! I need to check for color references. Cheers
  5. Hi my friend .very nice your IRIAF MIG-29A .What color did you use?

    color cod plz?


  6. pbaudru

    Spitfire MK.XIVc Academy 1/72

    Based on the Eduard kit I created from scratch some new parts for my academy model. The seat is from Quickboost. Landing gear parts were also improved using PE parts and thin wire Propeller blades were painted using MRP paints. I will try for the first time the HATAKA paints. I started painting the SKY type S on the fuselage and then I applied the interior green from AK. To follow the MSG was applied Cheers
  7. pbaudru

    Spitfire MK.XIVc Academy 1/72

    To improve the model I will use a Quickboost propeller And the exhaust pipes from the same brand... Here a coat of Mr. surfacer was applied
  8. pbaudru

    Spitfire MK.XIVc Academy 1/72

    So now I will show some pics of this build... The model was like this when I decided to continue the build... Using some Eduard parts I replaced the wing tips...
  9. Hello guys, this model was started years ago and at that time I was thinking about an aluminium belgian aircraft. When I moved I had to stop this project. So I had decided to finish this model a few days ago but doing another scheme. I choose to represent the aircraf just bellow: I will use decals from the very well done Syhart decal sheet.
  10. pbaudru

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Good job. In fact its not easy to place all these small masks.....I hate this.... Cheers.
  11. pbaudru

    IAI Kfir C-2 ATAC - AMK

    And more... White on the doors... Paint job on the exhaust parts and some weathering inside Now just need to insert them inside but I will do it at the end. Still need to paint the inside rear fuselage with jet exhaust. The external side is almost hide when in the correct position.... Cheers.
  12. pbaudru

    IAI Kfir C-2 ATAC - AMK

    Thanks guys. More pics. Wash job on pylons and fuel tank Now they are glued More wash.... Cheers.
  13. pbaudru

    IAI Kfir C-2 ATAC - AMK

    Hi guys, Some painting progress on my Kfir. Almost of the decals were applied. I used MRP brand on this kit and they are excellent. Cheers, Pierre.
  14. pbaudru

    EE Lightning T5 - SWORD

    Thanks a lot Duncan ! So in order to follow the PE part color on the instrument panel I used the US Dark Ghost Grey on a black base coat. I still need to add some dark wash on the cockpit. Cheers, Pierre.
  15. Thanks a lot ! Yes I agree with you that DAG is too dark specially for 72and scale. I will try something adding some white on it. Cheers.