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  1. Greetings!
    I want to draw your attention to the manifestation of separatism in the message Aardvark

    namely "(Lugansk People Republic)" and "Location:Donetsk People's Republic".


    I consider this name of the Ukrainian territory to be inadmissible.
    Hope for understanding.
    Sincerely, Igor

  2. I'm sorry, but the photos are lost and it's hard to restore them ... Pictures can be viewed here http://www.greenmats.club/topic/320-convair-b-58-hustler-148-monogram/
  3. Ready to Vilniaus http://www.modeliuok.lt/wp/?p=2222
  4. Greetings! My new job - F-5F of Iranian Air Force. WIP here:
  5. I finished the painting work. Ready for final assembly.
  6. You're right! F-5F has only one a portside cannon. I know! At the starboard just a tube of cooling system
  7. Quick answer - using Tamiya tape and Humbrol Mascol. I show you later.
  8. I decided to use F-5F Tiger II FOD Cover set. http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=DEF-DS48007 Then I upgraded nozzles. And made rails on the end pylons.
  9. Upgrade of the lower part of the fuselage and landing gear bays.
  10. I upgraded the aerodynamic ridges. And upgraded the rear part of the fuselage.
  11. I assembled instrument panels, and began to try to sit pilots on the pilot's seat (yet without a head). Then assembled central part of the aircraft.
  12. Hi! Now I want to build Northrop F-5F Iranian Air Force. My prototype http://www.airteamimages.com/northrop-f-5_3-7154_iran---air-force_113455_large.html To implement my idea I will use a kit of AFV Club and also two pilots from Academy. and LAU-3 from Trumpeter Firstly, it was necessary to alter the pilot's seat of the Northrop ejection seat into Martin Baker BRQ-7A! For this purpose, I made a mix of the seats - AFV kit + Revell (Phantom)
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