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Team Aer Lingus

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Status Updates posted by Team Aer Lingus

  1. LGW 2018 finally start of my modelling year after the past two years ailments. 

  2. Finally recovering after long illness time to build again at last

  3. Looking forward to Telford

    1. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Me too! Oh, Wait, no money left. Again....

    2. Team Aer Lingus

      Team Aer Lingus

      I expect to be broke come Saturday Afternoon myself ;)

    3. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Not going :sad:. Wife's car went bang :worry:.

  4. Biggin Hill this weekend first Visit

  5. Biggin Hill in two weeks cant wait.

  6. In FRIAT enclosure from Thursday :smile:

  7. Finally feeling like I'm on the mend maybe time to finish those Viscounts soon.

  8. Happy New to Year to all Britmodellers    :drink:

  9. Brilliant Telford always nice to see old friends & buy more than I need :D

  10. Finally On the Mend Heading to Telford for some Inspiration next Month.

  11. MRI Scan Tuesday no modelling for awhile

    1. mcdonnell


      Hello,Team Air Lingus - My very best wishes to you and good luck.Get back on Forum a sap! All the very best,Paul.

    2. SleeperService


      Very best of luck for a good result. I hope your recovery is fast and good.

  12. Back to Dublin tomorrow after a month in UK sob!

  13. Plane spotting in this heat A380's everywhere I'm having a ball!

  14. Brilliant RIAT 2016

  15. At RIAT from Wednesday can't wait

    1. Steve Coombs

      Steve Coombs

      I'm locked into the Hessen school holiday pattern until 2018, when I Shall Be There, in time for the RAF Centenary show, I hope.

    2. FalkeEins


      arriving Wednesday pm, but I doubt there'll be much to see on Wednesday..or ?

  16. Not to long to RIAT can't wait

    1. PhantomBigStu


      neither can I, already started a shopping list for the stalls :)

    2. Radleigh


      Can't wait either..

  17. Looking forward to RIAT 2016

    1. Class377fcc12


      Me too! Can't wait for the F35 AAR display!

    2. Steve Coombs

      Steve Coombs

      Can't make it this year, next year doesn't look too good either, But I am determined to be there in 2018 - the RAF Centenary is bound to be something special.

  18. Always good to catch up with friends @ LGW time to build something now!

  19. My modelling year starts at LGW2016 anyone else going?

  20. 97 Days to RIAT can't wait

  21. A hotel room overlooking BHX & a Villa win if only Carlsberg did weekends half as good as my missus lol

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    2. Jinxman


      Might see you next year in the Championship, though you are on a bit of a run at the moment.

    3. Synopsis


      I live in eternal hope however I'm kind of resigned to relegation, would be title winning form we would need to find to stay up.

    4. Team Aer Lingus

      Team Aer Lingus

      It's not over until it's confirmed keep the faith!!! there's still a tiny bit of hope lol

  22. A hotel room overlokking BHX & a Villa Win if only Carlsberg did weekends half as good as my missus lol

  23. Villa & BHX this weekend should be a laugh!

  24. Merry Christmas to all Britmodellers

    1. mcdonnell


      All the best to you too,Team Air Lingus!!

  25. I'm 50 not out lol

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    2. John R

      John R

      Here's to you - KID

    3. Bonehammer


      Happy birthday!

    4. Team Aer Lingus

      Team Aer Lingus

      Thanks lads considering the year I had health wise I'm glad to be still at the crease

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