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Team Aer Lingus

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  1. Very nice finish stunning decals beautiful looking model Thanks for sharing Eamonn
  2. Nicely done as always Ray beautifully posed thanks for sharing Eamonn
  3. Very nice finish Michael can't have enough civilian models on here thanks for sharing Eamonn
  4. Nice looking model Sam thanks for sharing Eamonn
  5. Back to Dublin tomorrow after a month in UK sob!

  6. http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah128/TeamAerLingus/F-86_zpshn6qoy1x.jpg not sure if you can see this I'm having trouble with photobucket at the moment Eamonn
  7. Hi Tony I'm trying to upload to the two grabs I took of FR24 watch this space Eamonn
  8. Thanks guys thought it was a strange hit on FR24 it was in a hold north of Stansted for awhile that's when I saw it regards Eamonn
  9. Just been on FR24 noticed a plane listed as a Canadair F-86E travelling from Holland has just landed @ Stansted anyone any ideas whose this is? regards Eamonn
  10. RAF Chinook low level over Gillingham heading east just now
  11. Plane spotting in this heat A380's everywhere I'm having a ball!

  12. WAH-64 has just landed at REME Brompton Barracks
  13. Brilliant RIAT 2016

  14. Hi all Anyone any idea what's due Wednesday ? is it worth popping out too or better to wait until Thursday. regards Eamonn
  15. At RIAT from Wednesday can't wait

    1. Steve Coombs

      Steve Coombs

      I'm locked into the Hessen school holiday pattern until 2018, when I Shall Be There, in time for the RAF Centenary show, I hope.

    2. FalkeEins


      arriving Wednesday pm, but I doubt there'll be much to see on Wednesday..or ?

  16. I've a Frog DC-7 I'm trying to repair props undercarriage just how hard is it to use make resin replacements?
  17. Mike Another stunning addition to your stable VC-10 is simply beautiful in that scheme thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  18. Not to long to RIAT can't wait

    1. PhantomBigStu


      neither can I, already started a shopping list for the stalls :)

    2. Radleigh


      Can't wait either..

  19. That's a real beauty you've done a fine job thanks for sharing Eamonn
  20. Nice finish Julien always good to see an Irish aircraft on here thanks for sharing Eamonn
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