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  1. Apart from Saturday nights (Or is it just me wearing one of a Saturday night....)
  2. Neither were the penguins
  3. @PlaStix - currently working on my Flower in the MBGB.... As soon as I'm clear of that build there are plans for a quick 1/76 build that I'm hoping I'll have time for in the last 2 weeks IanJ
  4. Hi, Been a bit quiet on the modelling front as Mrs Bonhoff ordered me to get the Iancave sorted - We're having a new summerhouse installed in its place and we'll need to move the cave to a temporary location while the base is being laid. You may have noticed from the above photos that it's a bit cramped in there so I've spent the last couple of weekend emptying the contents and putting them in my lock up garage elsewhere in the village - Mrs B has at least given me permission to hang on to my paints and tools, I've relocated the spray booth so I now have a whole desk to work on instead of an A4 sized patch so am now back on with the Corvette. Last night was spent painting the wheelhouse interior, non slip paths on the decks and installing portholes in the starboard side - Productivity should have improved as I don't have to pack it away each night which I had to do working indoors. Nothing really glued together at the moment but it looks like progress to me.... KR's IanJ
  5. AFAIK - Cromwells served in Korea. As for kits - The Airfix one was a nice simple enjoyable build, but 1/76 rather than 1/72nd IanJ
  6. So - Went to see Skunk Anansie at the O2 Academy in Leicester last night. It was, without doubt, an awesome gig - And I'm always happy to hear the opening riff to this masterpiece. Turn it up loud! IanJ
  7. Said the collective Geralds (Seek out Gerald the Gorilla on YT - It'll make more sense then)
  8. There's apparently 1005 parts in this kit, and I still have so many on the sprues! Managed to shift a few last night though - 26 depth charges built and made a start on the bridge. Kind regards IanJ
  9. More paint has gone on - These are the WEM Colourcoats WA Green and Grey that I purchased when I first got the kit. Get the other side done this week, get the portholes in, paint the backs of them black then I can get the deck on and the hull closed up. KR's IanJ
  10. Kit cost me £39.99 - Think I've spent £30 on 4 cans of white primer so far (Might get used elsewhere) £30 on the GLS parts and £20ish on the Colourcoats paint and thinners. IanJ
  11. I'm not a user of 3D printing (Yet) but my view would be to do the funnel as a separate part and perhaps more supports depending on the part orientation when printing? Kind regards IanJ
  12. Painting continues Sprayed the hull in Sovereign "Colourcoats" White enamel, using their own thinner in it and it sprays really rather well. Next was to work up the timber decks a bit further, as mentioned previously these sections were sprayed in Tamiya Deck Tan, once this had dried I applied a coat of Johnson's to seal it. Next up was a thin wash of Citadel "Seraphim Sepia" to hopefully highlight the planks and then another coat of wax. The timber decking was then masked off and all the joints sealed with more wax to stop bleed through. Then it was a case of spraying the appropriate Colourcoats enamel over the steel decks.... With the purchase of two more cans of primer, this model has cost more in paint than the actual kit did! KR's IanJ
  13. Bear in mind that you can always argue that the policemen could be very tall. A mate of mine is a retired bobby measuring in at 6'7" so there is a precident. IanJ
  14. Lethal to lettuce varieties
  15. @Mig Eater Thanks, my plan is to insert it into the deck of an Airfix M4 and hopefully build up an M4A2 / Sherman III of the Sherwood Rangers. IanJ
  16. Talking of UM kits, their one saving grace is the many spare parts that you'll gain for future use. To that end, can anyone confirm the usage of these two engine decks? Would the one on the right, part 78, be appropriate for an M4A2? Thanks IanJ
  17. I've done one - And one it shall remain for evermore.... IanJ
  18. As I'm using the GLS Oerlikon Set, I had to remove the locating bosses for the original cannon. And then it was time for paint.... 2 cans of Halfords white primer later (and I still need more) I then sprayed the wooden deck areas with Tamiya Deck Tan. I'm using Sovereign enamels and have already laid a coat down on some items, impressed already! IanJ
  19. There was a nagging doubt at the back of my mind - I'd constructed the wheelhouse early on, following the instructions. I've been searching online about flower wheelhouse interiors and happened upon both the "Sackville" walkaround and the various builds of Revell's 1/144th Snowberry.... In both cases, the entrances into the wheelhouse were shown at the bow end on both Port and Starboard side and not the stern as indicated in the instructions. What to do? It didn't look like the wheelhouse was going to dismantle without a fight, all I could do was scrape off the doors and indicate new ones at the front with evergreen strip. While I was at it, a floor went in and the inner partitions were built, presumably one room being the radio room and the other, the captain's cabin? I followed the approximate lines of the 1/144th Snowberry but noted that someone had commented that the actual partition layout should be mirrored, this was done too. I have a 3D printed ships wheel somewhere and will have to scratchbuild a telegraph and another pelorus. And then I need to behave and start painting.... IanJ
  20. So - Last night's efforts were centred around the 4" Gun Shield. Once again, I wasn't impressed by the one supplied by MB as it looked too boxy. AutoCAD to the rescue again - Draw up an outline and transfer it to a sheet of styrene. (Which looks a bit like a ghost in flattened form... Whoooo!) And built up to this A blastbag, a couple of training wheels and a gunsight will see this done. Wheelhouse next? KR's IanJ
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