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  1. Sorry, I meant to reply earlier, but it's been a bit hectic. I took that picture, my first trip on the Lanc back in the day as I was lucky enough to be posted to BBMF for a few years. That was the trip I learned why we do not fly with the hatches in EDIT: It's taken from the mid upper on PA474. In VERA, the turret issat over position of the hatch instead.
  2. Does this help with the escape hatch? Not quite flush with the upper surface.
  3. Speaking from my (much more recent) experience around aeroplanes, it's just a job. I didn't take many pictures of the stuff I worked on because I saw it every day and wasn't really worth wasting my time on at that point. I suspect scrapping them was pretty much the same deal.
  4. It's LF363 back when the codes were still YB-W.
  5. Unless they've repainted them since I left. I spent three and a half years on BBMF and as I remember the u/c bays were aluminium.
  6. Not if you're painting it as it is now, the undercarriage bay is aluminium on the BBMF Spitfires.
  7. That'll be the aperture for access to the timing annulus on the engine.
  8. It's a mix of cooling and ventilation. Not only does she get hot (being a big black tube) but when she's in flight the fuselage fills with exhaust fumes which is unpleasant. Leaving the hatches out allows some ventilation to occur. The hatches are usually out on the ground at Coningsby but get put in when she's left overnight outside away from home.
  9. Further to my earlier response reference the nose art panel, the paint scheme applied to PZ865 is based on first hand information gathered from discussions with Jimmy Whalen's former ground crew. He has stated that the aeroplane wore both an individual letter as well as squadron codes with small SEAC style roundels. The stripes are an unknown, but they are not willing to repaint the aeroplane unless there is some definite pictorial evidence of the original machine at (or near) the time of Jimmy's death.
  10. The nose art applied to PZ865 is the same size as the removable panel which was fitted to the original aeroplane. The aeroplane that Jimmy Whalen was flying when he was killed was not his usual mount but was EG-X. After his death one of his groundcrew removed the riveted panel with the art from the aircraft and kept it with him before passing it Whalen's family. That panel is now on loan at BBMF and is the same size as the art painted onto the nose of PZ865. Can't comment on the other issues though.
  11. VC-10. It was quiet enough when flying in the seats I usually managed to occupy. Working on them down on the deck was loud though, especially making adjustments on running engines. Compared to the '10 everything else I've worked on has been whisper quiet!
  12. The seat is the same green as the rest of the cockpit and she doesn't have a headrest.
  13. These are definitely pics of MK, hopefully they're of use.
  14. PA474 has just flown over in her new make-up.
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