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I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. As i child, in the mid-seventies, I lived close to the 2.Helicopter Division of the Swedish Marines at Säve, Gothenburg. My best friend's father was working with the helicopters, mainly Vertol 107-II (CH-46 Sea Knight) and lived on the air base, so as 7-8 year old kids we used to play close to the airfield.

Of course I wanted my own helicopter. At least a small one... But toy helicopters were hard to find in the toy store, som instead, I built a model, Airfix SA.330 Puma. A tricky build for a 7-year old and finally me and my mother glued the decals since we never managed to find out how they should be used...

Anyway, I got stuck to the hobby, and the next two models were also helicopters; Airfix Vertol 107-II of course, and Matchbox Westland Lynx. After a while I began to build aeroplanes. After about eight intense years 1975-83, my interest switched to other things, like girls, music and other dangerous things for young model builders.


In 2004 me and my family moved from from our flat to a house. In the basement, there was a room very suitable as a hobby room. At the same time the local toy store closed, selling some Airfix kits for half the price. And there I was - stuck again!


Today I mostly build Swedish Air Force aircraft from 1940 until present. My favourite subject is Saab Draken, the most beautiful aircraft ever built. However, I am also fond of cold war jets, especially from the UK and our Nordic neighbours. And Spitfires, of course. You can never get enough of Spitfires! In the early eighties I built huge amounts of Soviet aircraft, and it seems as if my interest for MiGs and Sukhois is growing again. However, today I rather build them in ex-Warsaw Pact markings from 1990-present than with red stars.

I build both 1/72 and 1/48, sometimes also 1/144.

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