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  1. Fantastic build! Just as an aside, Sunderland L2160 was the aircraft that featured in the 1942 film 'Coastal Command'...just a bit of trivia..... Russ
  2. Thanks for that Graham, much appreciated!
  3. Hi all, I am currently building a 1/72 Catalina (Academy), a model which has been sitting on the shelf for literally years and have decided to paint it in the livery of a late war 210 Squadron aircraft. I hope to go for a simple colour scheme of mid grey upper surfaces and white lower surfaces. Would any forum members be able to give me the correct Humbrol grey colour. Many thanks, Russ
  4. Well it was worth it and what a cracking effort! Saw the real one at Cosford last week. Russ
  5. Thank you for all your kind comments, they are much appreciated! In answer to the question regarding the bomb symbols, it is likely that the Lancaster I have tried to represent, DV217 'C' was the replacement of Lancaster DV156 'C' which was lost with all crew on 12/13 July 1943. So although I had symbols from other kits I decided (rightly or wrongly) not to apply them. Cheers, Russ
  6. Hi, Here are a few photos of my latest model, Revell's Lancaster B III in 1/72 scale dressed in the livery of a 50 Squadron machine which took part in such raids as Peenemunde, Hamburg and Berlin during mid 1943. It took a while to build, approx 5 months but went together beautifully and a thoroughly recommended model. I hope you like it, Russ
  7. It's fantastic to see some of the lesser known training aircraft, great job!
  8. Hi, Here is my interpretation of an 81 Squadron Spitfire VIII, finished in a SEAC livery as flown by F/Lt. Alan Peart DFC. The kit is the ICM 1/48 Spitfire VIII with Ventura decals, I hope you like it.... Thanks for looking, Russ
  9. Cracking builds, there's nothing I don't like
  10. Thank you for all your positive comments! Regarding the black, what I tend to do is to first spray the areas with a mid to dark grey (depending what I have in the box) and then over-spray with matt black leaving it slightly transparent in areas. Also, with this aircraft operating out of Blida I lightly sprayed the undersides with sand to give a very slight weathered look. Russ
  11. Hi, Here is my interpretation of Wellington Mk.III HF670 'U' from 142 Squadron flying from Blida airfield during early 1943. The Trumpeter kit is an absolute joy to work with and the only criticism I can think of is that the wheels look too skinny. The decals are from the generic Xtradecal dull red and my reference was 'Wellington Squadrons in Focus' by Freer and Parry. I hope you like it, Russ
  12. Sorry, Leslie Cyril Gosling! There's a typo in the book and I blindly copied it!!
  13. Thank you very much Graham/John, that's very helpful! Russ
  14. Hi, I am currently building the Italeri Spitfire Vb and intend to paint it in the colour scheme of the 229 Squadron Spitfire Vb EP606 'X-P' flown by F/O. Ryan Gosling RCAF, Spring 1943. The research is from Steve Nichols 'Malta Spitfire Aces' which suggests the scheme is dark earth and extra dark sea grey with azure blue undersides, would I be correct in interpreting this as Extra dark sea area - humbrol 123; dark earth humbrol 29 and azure blue humbrol 157 (or is it humbrol 89)? Many thanks in advance, Russ
  15. Looks perfect to me, beautiful build!
  16. Hi, This model was built (some years ago now) out of the box with no attempt to change the engines and knowingly aware of the kit's issues. Possibly if I were making the kit now I would address the issues but that being said I am quite happy with the result...anyway, here it is. The Halifax has been painted as DG221 'EY-A' of 78 Squadron flown by W/C Tait on operations against Genoa, 23rd October 1942 I hope you like it, Russ
  17. I just brush painted the underside with 'high speed silver'
  18. Hi, With regards to the panel lines I just get some black pastel chalk (i.e. scrape some off with the back of a modelling knife), make a paste with water and a little fairy liquid, brush along the panel line and then gently wipe off (at right angles to the panel lines) with slightly damp clean cloth (I use a hankie). Everything is then sealed with a light spray of satin lacquer/varnish. I hope that makes sense.... Russ
  19. Hi, Here is the Airfix 1/72 Sabre, XB956/'T', Bruggen RAF Germany built OOB except for the decals which are from the modeldecal set no. 97. A really fun build! Thanks for looking, Russ
  20. Hi, Here are a few photos of my attempt at Revell's 1/72 scale Hawker Hunter painted and marked as an example from 65 Squadron circa 1957. The decals are from Xtradecal no. 72058 Thanks for looking. Russ
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