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  1. I often use CAD software at work to create 3d models of our products so I can rotate them to any view I need, then use those views to create high quality line drawings. It takes hours and hours to get them right and even then, I don't have the skill to create CAD drawings that a manufacturer could make accurate parts from. Whilst I'd love a 3d printer, the thought of spending all that time doing the drawings doesn't appeal, that's time I'd rather spend modelling. The suggestion of the availability of downloadable parts for home printing is viable and has already been discussed by several domestic appliance manufacturers in regards of their spares services.
  2. I'm near Bluewater and as much as I dislike the place, if WHS start stocking kits, I might venture there. On a shopping trip (for duck breasts!) in Dartford last Friday I walked past a new shop that had trains in the window. Being adventurous, I went for another look today and was pleased to see a new model shop selling plenty of Airfix, the Humbrol acrylics and Warhammer figures. Speaking to the owner, he's a pro photographer (half the shop does large format printing) and modeller so the combination of the two was a good idea. I came away with a pot of Humbrol acrylic to try and another bottle of their enamel wash.
  3. Cracking start, I'm looking forward to seeing how you create the patina to match the real examples. If I had a spare £15k (at least) one of those early splits would be on my drive.
  4. That's really crisp! I'm looking forward to the trailer too, are you going to scratch build the interior?
  5. Is it the one from the modern film or the 1940's original that she wants to model? Kel
  6. If you're rubbish at maths like me, then this might be handy. http://www.mediafire.com/view/l4hmdhmqmqzmmra/tips_for_scales.pdf
  7. Your thread is giving me the confidence to try weathering and wear paint effects on my next build, absolutely fantastic. Oh, and my avatar gives your parts rest a thumbs up! Kelly
  8. I'm beginning to wonder why you haven't made this 1:1 because what you've produced so far looks pretty real!
  9. Perhaps a compromise can be had here - at least, put the airbrush in the dishwasher....
  10. That is worth buying isn't it. Not for me though but good spot.
  11. Heavens! If you carry on like this there'll be no wood left for Ikea to make furniture from! I shall follow this with a certain degree of awed interest. Now, must book an appointment with my doctor to see if I can have the same medication that you're on.
  12. Ha ha! I've started the process of trying to make my own. Real work has got in the way the past few days but I have a printed guide, the wire and an idea so I might get cracking on that tomorrow as I have a day off!
  13. I remember building this for a magazine review many years ago. In fact, I can see it from where I'm sitting! A real survivor of the dusting monster. It's a nice kit that goes together very well and has plenty of scope for a little extra detailing. Yours looks nice, do we get to see under the bonnet?
  14. I should have asked before, but what period is the garage going to be set in? Kel
  15. That colour looks good, and a nice contrast with the hood too. The rather good forum at model cars mag is good for a gander, all car stuff plus trucks too. Unusual builds rather than another corvette or mustang get attention. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?act=idx
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