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  1. And there mine looked mediocre again, hehe. Well done, impressive paintwork Didnt think that machine had the trop-filter tho Looks good anyways ofc
  2. Yeah, thats the issue i thought of fixing, but saved it for the next one. Eduard should fix it with their brass-legs Thanks for the nice words
  3. Yes, its buildable Chose to ignore the so called flaws, and built it oob.
  4. That is good for those that build it (myself included)
  5. Forgot to update this post in a while, but did a mistake on the painting and decaling the tail, so its still not completed. well, pictures says more than words.
  6. My very first civilian, very weird with no pit`work, no window-masking etc, but fun to try Nice noseweight solution
  7. Bird is primed. Still some minor things to fix, but overall it seems good. Also got the landing skid, and the trolly ready, neat little thing The wheels are vinyl, and they got a seems at the middle, but not sure whats the best way of removing it, any tips?
  8. Got some more done on this little bird. Wings close to beeing ready to join with the body. Speedbrakes are supplied as PE, but glued it in place. Slats are also glued in their fixed position. MK108 cannons And the engine/tank compartment. Got some fit problems with the rear part/front part of the main body, hope i can sort it out, else i must glue it in place so i loose the option to show it seperated.
  9. By reading in other forums (LSP), it seems that very much of the PE from Eduard made for the Hasegawa one, fits right in. I will build it oob tho.
  10. The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, designed by Alexander Lippisch, was a German rocket-powered fighter aircraft. It is the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to have been operational. Its design was revolutionary, and the Me 163 was capable of performance unrivaled at the time. German test pilot Heini Dittmar in early July 1944 reached 1,130 km/h (700 mph), not broken in terms of absolute speed until November 1947. Over 300 aircraft were built however, the Komet proved ineffective as a fighter, having been responsible for the destruction of only about nine Allied aircraft (16 air victories
  11. Starting to get to point where i have to choose between settling on the result, or try to make it better, but giving my self more work restoring details. Im settling on the first option, and are calling the nascelles done, now the plane are washed, and tomorrow ill try a layer of primer to see how the result is
  12. Some real challenges with the nascelles on this one, not sure what Eduard have been thinking when making this. Will make it as good as i can, but doubt it will be perfect.
  13. Eduard 1/48 Started working on this kit, and must say that so far the build has been a joy. I have read that the nascelles can be a pain to fit, but i wont cry until i have tryed Boxart: The Profile: And a photo of the real thing, borrowed from a pdf by Kjetil Aakra and Olve Dybvig. As the Norwegian based 110E`s got a new mount for the mg, the gunner also got a new seat, so inspired by the works of Olve Dybvig and the original picture, i have tryed to replicate that. Some more pics of the interior, that is now secured in the body. To be continued......
  14. Its a lovely kit isnt it? Im on the end on the build on mine, and are planning a new one with the eduards stuff that are coming now in october. At least that fuel-line broke on a bit that was to be painted, its worse that the attachment point are on the bit that are ment to be masked off.... Heres a little tip for the exausts so tou can mount them towards the end.
  15. Not much progress on this one, as im avaiting the squadron vac-from canopy, the one is this kit cant be used on the subject im builidng due to the mounts for the fug radar. Im also trying to source some decals, but that seems quite hard. Does anyone know the size of the letters on the ar234 btw?
  16. Howdy. New project, this time inspired by my fathers booklet about the subject, so the plan is to build it as one of the machines that opereted, and was in Norway when the war ended. I got the kit on sale from Hannants, but unfortunatly it only has the nightfighter front-glazing, with some ugly mounting-tabs for the antennas. So i have asked Hasegawa to buy a clear-sprue from their other 234 set, and are also concidering Squadron`s vac-formed, due to the nice top-frame with hatch. Maybe someone in here have a spare canopy from the non-antenna version? Anyways, whats a WiP without pictures
  17. I noticed that aswell, cant be totaly sure, but i went with the a-scheme on my clostermann spit, and felt it was more correctomundo
  18. When i started this build, the plan was to use vingtors North Weald decals, for a norwegian machine, but i descided to go for this one since most of the ones from the vingtor sheet had short intakes. Now someone in IPMS Norway told me that this machine was flown by B-Flight Commander Thorvald Johnsen at least 3 times, so that adds a Norwegian history to this one aswell
  19. Some better pictures, taken outside in better ligthningconditions. Will repaint the crowbar, allways thought it was red, but now i know better
  20. No real problems with fit, was some sanding need on the upper cowl, but thats it. A realy gem, had planned to build it "Norwegian", using vingtors North Weald decals, but the schemes that id liked had short airintakes, so was too late. Will deffo build more
  21. Just rescently finished this one, a gem of a kit. Im still not "up there" when it comes to the final touches, so i`ll leave this as it is, so i dont mess it up more. Need some practicing on exhausts......eek. Well, pictures says more than words. And i must learn how to not get my pictures so damn grainy......... :/
  22. After seeing the finished sprues at IPMS Norway`s SKALA 2013 today, i can just say that cocidering the surface details, its gonna be a totaly new standard, the rivets, panellines, and all detalis looks perfekt and subtile
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