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  1. I was struggling to rig my model of the Libramodels DH5 with some Lycra thread. It has obviously deteriorated with age and kept snapping, something I have noticed with some other previously rigged models. Instead I decided to use invisible mending thread as advised by people on several forums. The thread is nice and strong and does look the part when used. Just one problem, I had great difficulty in getting the thread in place. I tried and tried and eventually walked away in frustration. On thinking about the problem I realised that I had overlooked one aspect of invisible
  2. AMStreet


    Black Knight, thanks for the link. I don't log in very often so would have missed John Aero's post. It so happens that I have the requisite tools and I will give it a go. It has got to be better than my pathetic efforts.
  3. AMStreet


    I have now just about used up all my Contrail and Strutz strutting material. Does anyone have a source of this item? I can, of course, whittle some from stretched sprue but the result is always disappointing and takes up a lot of time and effort. If anyone has the name of a supplier I would be most grateful.
  4. I unearthed my Airfix Dornier 17Z recently as I now have space on my worktable. Opening the box I was pleased to see that there appeared to be a lot of detail in the cockpit and bomb bay areas. That is when my disillusion with this kit started. Now I am by no means what one would call a star modeller, I'm a journeyman but with over fifty years with making models I feel able to take on most of what the manufacturers throw at us. I have to say that this kit is one of the most frustrating I have come across. I thought that the ICM I16 was a challenge but this one has it beat. With
  5. Thanks for the replies. The photo I have is the one in the Aircam book and as you say it's not that forthcoming on the details of the tailplane. The Franklin Mint model is not correct. Iit shows a dark band on the port wing and as can be seen in the photo above that's not right and some of the other colours are suspect as well. I'll keep looking in my collection and hope that I can find the photo of the other side.
  6. I am currently making an Academy 1/72 P-47 razorback. I intend to finish it as 42-27773 The Flying Abortion 1st Air Commando Group. Now I have been able to lay my hands on a port side photo of the a/c and I did have another showing more of the starboard side but I can't remember where it was or where I put it. If anyone knows of any other references to this a/c I would be most grateful as working from just one photo is often a route to disaster. In this case the internet has not been able to come up with the goods. I even overcame my antipathy and queried Google tha
  7. Regarding the finish on the B26 and P47 I think that given the hard lives these a/c led a matt finish would be understandable. They were operational and the ground crew would have had no time to polish them up. That's one thing that I really dislike seeing on some restored a/c. A lot of hard work has gone into making them look as if they had been chromium plated and to my eye that just does not look right. The owners of course have every right to present their a/c as they wish but I think it is a big mistake. Just like some over-zealous restorer polishing the patina off of an antique. Ge
  8. I just spotted this on the Guardian website: Here The one that caught my eye was of the 112 Sqn Kittyhawks. Now I had always believed that the squadron codes were white but to my eye these look like medium sea grey. Enjoy
  9. Thanks for all the replies. It was as Seahawk says the blister windows that first made me think about the similarities between the two kits. Checking the few available plans I have there are some problems with the tail end of the two models but nothing that some work with a razor saw and plastic card won't fix. One problem I can't seem to get an answer to is the observer's cockpit. I have been unable to find any references to the layout of this area. Now I know that the USN did not use this but the FAA did and as I intend to make one of the models as a Tarpon I woul
  10. Digging through my cache in search of inspiration I came across an Academy 1/72 Avenger kit. On looking at the parts a thought struck me that they looked awfully similar to those in a Frog kit which I also have. so I checked the two kits out. Apart from recessed panel lines and a few minor differences, the parts of the two kits are pretty much interchangeable. Can anyone tell me if Academy got hold of the Frog moulds after Frog went bust or are they some sort of clone?
  11. AMStreet

    Iraqi Gladiator

    I have just dug out a number of Airfix Gladiator kits. One of the subjects I want to do is a Mk1 as used by the Iraqi Air Force during the campaign in 1941. I have a set of markings from DP Casper which covers this affair, although the instructions are, in my opinion, not worth much. Looking around the web I have not been able to find much information on the configuration of the Iraqi a/c. One of the few illustrations that I have been able to track down gives me some idea of the markings and colours but some other details seem to be missing. For instance, were th
  12. Most definitely down. I agree with the points made by Shane. To my mind models don't look right on stands and as I need to put them somewhere to store having them stand on their own two legs, as it were, make my life easier and I don't get quite so many breakages. Having said that MikeMaben's 262 does look the business.
  13. I've been doing a bit of research into the Mickey ship grey colour and I think I might have the answer. In Camouflage and Markings No. 13 there is a reference to a Sea Gray colour adopted by both the Navy and the Army as a replacement for Neutral Gray. This, it is said, was similar to Neutral Gray but with a blue component. As this colour was introduced in 1943 I wonder if that was the grey used for Mickey ships. The standard quoted is FS 36118. I do not have a FS colour chart so cannot confirm this but to my mind this colour looks to be a good candidate.
  14. Right, thanks for that. I'll hunt down some Neutral Gray and see how it goes.
  15. I'm thinking of doing a B-24 Mickey ship and wondered if anyone had a colour spec for the grey that was used on some of them. Most of the colour profiles look to be around the medium sea grey colour but if anyone has a more precise value it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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