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  1. Deleted - wanted post
  2. Sorry, no. I should have said. The undercarriage bays and doors are aftermarket, I think they are Aeries (spelling?). They are lovely. The ejection seats are also aftermarket, and I picked up some Fighting Omar transfers too.
  3. Hey everyone. This is my first aircraft WIP on Brit modeller, I've been modelling since I was a child - but as I am currently a full time carer and have two young children I have to grab time when I can to build kits. As such I haven't finished a model entirely since 2008 (i've come pretty close). The F/A-18 is my favourite aircraft of all time, it was the first model I ever made when I was young, and I just hope I can do her justice. I've always wanted to do a hornet in the Fighting Omars aggressor scheme, but I've also always wanted to do a wild weasel Hornet. So I thought I would combine the two, as like I said I don't get an awful lot of time spare. Feedback is welcomed, and I hope I don't bottom this up too badly. The first thing I did is the undercarriage legs, bays and bay doors. These were primed and painted Revell white, washed brown, then them weathered with whites and browns. Im pretty happy with how they look, but I may go over them again with some white, they sometimes look a little pastelly (if that's a word). Next I went onto the cockpit. Let me know what you guys think, and it's very nice to meet you all
  4. Looks fantastic. This may be a n00b question but how do you get that really nice faded effect with the green in the cockpit? Is it an inkwash or done with an airbrush? Ive seen a lot of people get thag effect and it looks great
  5. Would you mind elaborating on your canopy sanding method a bit more for me? Im facing a similar problem on my F18
  6. Hey everyone. I'm currently building an F/A-18D, I'm aiming to do her carrying Mavericks. I ideally wanted to put Sparrows on the fuselage mounts, but then I thought about the guidance pods. My question is, the AN/AAS-38A, and the AN/ASQ-173, can I choose one or the other, or do they both need to be used in conjunction? The only pictures ive seen online show them carrying both. Thanks everyone
  7. Looks really good. I love the green shade in the cockpit
  8. THAT lick is exactly the one I was looking for. I had it saved on my phone as it was so hard to find, and of course my phone broke so I lost the link. I much prefer the nemesis variant. There are structural differences such as the position of the nacelles and the trim behind the shuttle bay that make the ship look much more streamlined. The paint scheme is also considerable different. If anyone is interested this is my attempt at a Nemesis E. I did this quite a few years ago and its currently been sidelined. There is a LOT of things I would change about it, so i'm aiming to start a fresh. I did all of the paint with a brush which ruined detail, and doesn't look how I had hoped http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234924339-uss-enterprise-e/ My reference for the paint scheme (although you probably can't tell ) is Ian Lawrence's (great guy) Sovereign Replicas 1/650 scale build which you can find here: http://www.ianlawrencemodels.com/srenterprise.html And the WIP here: http://www.ianlawrencemodels.com/wipsrent.html That model is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen . The structural changes to the vessel do make a bit of difference, so if you were seriously considering the refit it may be better to see if you can grab that after market set. Of you could also make changes yourself. Give me a PM if you need any help
  9. My absolute favourite vessel. She's gorgeous. The AMT is a nice kit but a bugger to light. It should be the FC version rather than the Nemesis variant. There are some structural differences between the two and im pretty sure someone even makes a resin set for the 1/1400 scale. Ill be watching this one
  10. Thanks for the advice. Ive got some Klear so may stick some of that on later. Are you aiming to brush or airbrush it on?
  11. Thanks everyone . Clear parts have been masked with tape, and maskol around the difficult parts. Then lightly airbrushed copper with a couple of coats. The deflector is also lightly misted with some metallic paint, it looked a bit funny without it next to the clear part. And with the lights on... Now its difficult to see from the photos due to the exposure, but the metallic paint shows to be quite grainy with the lights are on, which to be honest i'm a little disappointed about. I maybe should have used acrylic instead of an enamel paint, but I guess its too late now. IMaybe a few coats of varnish later will help smooth things over
  12. I think that looks really good mate. If need be you can always airbrush some very diluted ink into it to weather it and accentuate the details without adding too many layers of paint
  13. Can't seem to put this thing down lately, she's really starting to come together. More details painted: Finally got the tape taken off the warp engines and navigational deflector: Thanks for looking, just a couple more dabs of paint, then decals. The end is near my friends
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