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  1. 0920, time to crack on. This won’t be a 3 minute egg boil!! With sounds of the 80s blaring out, the first job is to prime the tail fins in preparation for a gloss coat!!! While that’s drying, the u/c doors and legs will get a coat of white primer. Unfortunately to the great disappointment of my good modelling buddy @nimrod54 there will be no primer of pink used. And while I’m name dropping, where are you @modelling minion, @JeroenS, @Hewy Late on parade.
  2. Firstly, a massive thank you to @Enzo Matrix for setting this up in such a short time around real life, all hail Enzo Thanks also to @JOCKNEY for your ideas as possible alternative ideas. As usual I’m back again in BlitzBuild land, with unbelievably my first Egg related build of the year. A few domestic chores to complete before starting. I will be following the Dads Army rules on this build. The required box shot All those fans of Little H, do not worry, she will be joining tomorrow.
  3. Yes please. I have a couple of fire engines that need building.
  4. Do we have a plan B if @Enzo Matrix doesn’t appear as if by magic? @Col. @JOCKNEY any ideas?
  5. Revell 1/100 Skyhawk. Brush painted. I didn’t use the extras, they seemed too overscale.
  6. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.
  7. That’s really nice, great build dude.
  8. Thanks dude. I really needed your special specs for some of the finer painting. Thanks Stix, very kind of you. Somehow, by some special magic, the postman has just delivered another type of Necron figure from the Evil bay for considerably less than a tenner.
  9. Nice to see you back at the bench dude. Enjoy your day building.
  10. Thanks Adrian, I do normally build mainly in “Things with wings” but do like odd scales like my egg planes. This was a fun little thing to do. Thanks, I’m not a Warhammer gamer, I just liked the look of it while scrolling through Evil bay one day.
  11. A great start Craig, the pit looks great under your careful painting.
  12. Warhammer 40K Necron Royal Warden. £3:00 off of Evil bay. Brush painted with Humbrol and Revell enamel paints.
  13. With a little more tinkering today I’m calling this one finished. The base was weathered using Tamiya sand texture paint with gravel from the local beach added on top. A teaser of a picture
  14. Good luck with your build. It looks a challenge, but I’m sure you can beat her into shape.
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