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  1. Eggggggggggscellent news!
  2. A great project, good luck dude. Heres my 1/144 TSR/2 WHIF alongside my Desert Tornado GR1
  3. Hockeyboy76

    B-52 H

    He’s got you there dude. There’s always an option for a little primer of pink.
  4. @CliffB, are you ok with “Egg” scale? I have an Egg-15 waiting in the urm “High” wings
  5. Hockeyboy76

    B-52 H

    Ooooo nice choice Glynn. Looking forward to this one.
  6. I’m on it @Cookenbacher Just waiting on the coffee to kick in! Willard “Rattlesnake” Williams Clay “Wild” West Beau “Constrictor” Blackwood
  7. Thanks dude, I shall have to do an Egg walk photo.
  8. Oooo nice work and plenty for me to copy when I start mine, although n a much more sensible scale.
  9. Finished Thanks @trickyrich for allowing this in the GB, thanks to @Cookenbacher for naming the pilot and thanks to the Britmodeller massive who joined in, commented, and punned their way along with the build. A Egg fried special bonus picture for you all
  10. Oooooooo this is eggggsciting, I’m egggggstatic being the first over the line. Brush painted, decals from the spares box, metal pitot from brass rod after I dropped my egg. May I present for your egggternainment, Dutch Pilot Terry Fried In is Egg16
  11. Without further ado, let me introduce Terry Fried and his Egg-16
  12. There’s some eggggggsellent egg related goodies from @Cookenbacher, @trickyrich, @Hook, keep them up. @JeroenS needs to get in on this, but I tell you who does the best egg puns, Its the comedy-hens.......... The base is almost complete while the fuse is drying Theres even a nod to my adopted Dutchness with the witch in some Orange clogs
  13. Entry number 2. 1/43 Lamborghini Reventon, spayed with Tamiya Pink Primer and discrete ORANGE. I added some bare metal foil to the wing mirrors for some extra shine
  14. A true flame spitting, fire breathing, missile firing, Lamborghini Reventon and it’s ORANGE!!!!!
  15. Pink is the word! This is looking great dude.
  16. That’s another cracker from the King of 144. Great work good buddy.
  17. Just caught up on great build Craig. Really nice.
  18. That’s looking good Pat. I was concerned you had turned all those lovely parts into a keyboard until I saw the fuse under it
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