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  1. From this To this To this which dried over night Little H is now busy doing a few touch ups
  2. Ooooo an Egg plane. Good luck dude is a “cracking” little kit. Heres mine
  3. Little H has painted the pilot, completed the cockpit and now the fuse halves are joined and drying.
  4. With a start time of 1210 lets get cracking and 50 mins later is F1 time and time to stop I have drilled out the lightening holes on the cockpit Now the floor, ceiling, seats and engine bay are in the paint shop drying under some primer.
  5. Are you sure you can complete such a complex kit with such a high parts count in such a small time window? Good luck Pat
  6. That’s a great start and the pink primer looks very nice
  7. Ooooo this should be good. Good luck dude.
  8. Back again in the BlitzBuild and going rotary instead of Egg this build Eagle eyed amongst you will notice some bright coloured “back wings” time for a certain colour of primer. Will be fitting this around the F1 today and tomorrow, so not starting just yet
  9. It wouldn’t be a proper BlitzBuild without Little H. For this BlitzBuild she’s building the Hawk she won from Russ and his team @JadlamRacingModels In last years surprise GB. And with it being red, I’m sure a certain colour of primer will make an appearance. At 1051 it’s time off for Little H
  10. Another trucking masterclass will be forthcoming
  11. A big thanks to @DaveJL for egggscepting my entry. My plan is to make it into a RAF egggsample, a little surgery is required. Right where’s the carving knife? But I may go along the Wild Weasel route instead.
  12. @nimrod54 “Welcome to the Dark Pink side” ”Here’s what a dead one looks like” Well played Sir
  13. @DaveJL, I can’t remember if I asked earlier, are you happy with a Egg scale F4?
  14. Good to have you along for the ride @Dansk, @Colin W with your welcome blend of over easy yolks.
  15. All hail our Egggsulted Leader of the High Wing GB @CliffB Does he really know what he’s let himself in for? Many egg related puns are most welcome along the build. I didn’t shell out too much on this box set, and it’s a perfect time to complete the pair and add another to the growing Egg Airforce. Enouff waffle, time to crack on.... Any newbies to my builds, I always name the pilots if fitted, mainly joke names @Cookenbacher came up with Terri Fried for my Egg-16 Any ideas Cookie? I’m thinking Lt Sum Tin Wong
  16. Eggggggggggscellent news!
  17. A great project, good luck dude. Heres my 1/144 TSR/2 WHIF alongside my Desert Tornado GR1
  18. Hockeyboy76

    B-52 H

    He’s got you there dude. There’s always an option for a little primer of pink.
  19. @CliffB, are you ok with “Egg” scale? I have an Egg-15 waiting in the urm “High” wings
  20. Hockeyboy76

    B-52 H

    Ooooo nice choice Glynn. Looking forward to this one.
  21. I’m on it @Cookenbacher Just waiting on the coffee to kick in! Willard “Rattlesnake” Williams Clay “Wild” West Beau “Constrictor” Blackwood
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