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  1. She's 19cm in length from exhaust to end of pitot & 9cm wing tip to wing tip. Sorry for delay in getting measurements.
  2. I have one of the TSR2 books & they have a very nice sand wrap camo pattern for a what if Red Flag detachment & also a variable geometry TSR2. So that's the plan for the next two sorted!!
  3. Went together very well. Only issue I would say is the wing undercarriage doors. If you want them down u need to cut the doors in half which can be a bit tricky & also to large in scale. Would definitely use some thinner plasticard next time I make one.
  4. Got a couple of these 1/48s in the stash. Hope to make them as good as yours
  5. Thanks for all the views & comments. I do usually paint the canopy. I did make her a couple of years ago. ( not a good excuse I know!) Such a shame we don't fly them anymore. Was on Cottesmore just before it closed & saw so many harriers with wings off getting loaded into ISO containers by the Americans. (Cheap at half the price)
  6. As I said having a few issues with the fit. Finally managed to get the tanks on the side. Now some filling to cover the gaps. Also fitted left side torpedo pylons & runner along side of tub. Managed to snap it during sanding?!! Oh well all glued in place now. Hopefully will get to work on right side tomorrow.
  7. Do I buy a Tamiya RC lunchbox or Pit Road 1/144 LCAC?

    1. chrisrope


      Radio Control lunchbox sounds awesome. Mobile sandwiches or am I getting the wrong end of the stick

  8. Greetings fellow modellers, Along with my 1/144 Harrier GR7 Lucy, just posted in RFI, Here is the replacement. Its an early Kit of the JSF so the hover engine intake doors are different along with the front undercarriage. Enjoy the pics And here they are together, JSF & Lucy Thanks for looking, comments welcomed. Hockeyboy
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