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Status Updates posted by Hockeyboy76

  1. Just how long do you leave oil paints on for weathering before brushing off?

    1. Nomore Shelfspace

      Nomore Shelfspace

      Oil paint can takes days to dry, but I'd get the xcess off as soon as possible.

    2. Mitch K

      Mitch K

      Just about enough time for the thinning solvent to flash off. If you don't wait till the solvent goes you pull the paint out, but it dries sooner than you think!

  2. What an F1 race! Congrats Max, youngest F1 race winner.

  3. Evans to replace Clarkson. Will you be watching new Top Gear?

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    2. SleeperService


      I think it will work actually IF the co-presenters aren't treated as stooges. Jodie and Suzi should be the other two. Clever, knowledgeable, great on TV and good at getting the best out of those they interview.

    3. Miggers


      No thanks.I'll wait until the Three Amigos rock up on Channel 4 or ITV.Evans waffling on the way he does on the radio won't cut it for me.

    4. Martin @ RAM Models

      Martin @ RAM Models

      Has Suzi improved at presenting the BBC F1 coverage ? Only caught her the once after moving to Sky and thought she looked rather awkward and out of place.

  4. Sea King, last week, Spitfire this week, Hawk next week & not the model variety

  5. Spent most of yesterday deciding which 1/44 Typhoon to make, so why have I started a Victor?

  6. 2 1/2 completed builds so far. Who would thought egg planes could be so challenging.

  7. First go at re scribing panel lines. Happy with results. It's a Harrier Eggplane so not many to do.

  8. On a roll. 2nd build of 2015 complete. M16 half track too. Classic kit.

  9. First build of 2015 completed.

  10. Wonder what Santas bringing me tonight?

    1. foxy


      Hope its what you wish, don't allways

    2. Darby


      A moot point

  11. Just seen a video of a Vulcan doing a complete roll & a Victor breaking the sound barrier!! Gobsmacked!!

    1. Duncan B

      Duncan B

      Well do share old chap, or else we'll think you've made it up just like that daft story about Airfix making a 1/72 Shack.

    2. Hockeyboy76


      Was on Discovery Chanel. Victors vulcans & Cuba. Worth a watch.

    3. Duncan B

      Duncan B

      Aye right! You'll be telling us that Airfix are doing a Beaufighter next!

  12. Lost 1 x mojo. If found please return. ( no reward other than satisfaction)

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    2. Pete in Lincs

      Pete in Lincs

      Probably hiding in a kit at the bottom of the stash!

    3. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Worth going through every kit then!

    4. Darby


      Just lost mine. P40 on the bench no longer. Paint disaster, irretrievable.

  13. Not nearly as talented as I look!

    1. Procopius


      Appearances are everything in this game, my son.

  14. Pit-Road 1/144 Victor, due Dec14. Now that looks cheeky

  15. Completed my first Group Build. Chuffed to bits

  16. Just inhaled a lethal dose of helium. So happy I could float away

    1. Brad


      That's one way to get high.

  17. One door opens when another closes. That's bad kitchen fitters for you.

  18. F1 Driver shake up. That will make things interesting.

  19. Half way through two weeks leave. Euro stubble coming on nicely, new scooter album downloaded. Bliss!

  20. What is the best Flanker in 1/72 scale?

    1. Paul A H

      Paul A H

      That depends on the variant! For a straight Su-27, the new Trumpeter kits are pretty good. For newer variants, try Hasegawa or Zvezda.

  21. Model desk tidy at last. Bulldog to back burner as 1/144 F18E retakes mojo. Well until all cmk starfighter detail kits arrive.

    1. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Good news indeed! My Mojo has stirred, nearly finished K5054!

  22. Models4hobby 50% airfix sale. Well that's the daughters Xmas pressies sorted & a harrier for the stash. Sorry too early for Xmas??

  23. Oh dear. My new airfix Blenheim has a big gap behind the glazing were the roof joins the cockpit

    1. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      That doesn't bode well. Just your kit or all kits?

  24. Tamiya's Ducati Paningale is mine. Lots of lovely detail inside the box but is my modelling mojo in their too?

  25. Very tempted to buy Eduards Longest day Spitfire. Only downside is having to sell my car first!

    1. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      It's not that expensive, is it?!?

    2. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      You seen his car?

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