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  1. That’s cracking Pat. I had to reread the whole thread just to make sure it was brushed painted camo. I doth my cap in your direction Sir.
  2. Oh yes, just when you thought a GB was egg free!! Unlike @Hewy instead of simmering, I went for a rapid boil and got this Although I do have a love for Egg planes, in reality I’m allergic to Eggs!
  3. With the Harrier seriously draining the modelling mojo and being retired to mid term storage, @Col. had messaged me about the extension. I said she’s still going into storage, but something could be done. Mojo needed boosting, with good Ju-Ju needing to be restored to this modeller, it was agreed that an Egg needed to be cracked!!!! This should do.
  4. So the idea is, if it’s on screen in either Top Gun films then it’s in. That gives a bit of variety, Planes, bikes and automobiles. Any thoughts?
  5. Add me please. There must be something in the stash.
  6. Unfortunately the Klear I applied ready for decals has slightly reacted with the paint. @Col., she’s going on the back burner, to be completed at a later date and won’t be making the finish line.
  7. That’s another great Blitzbuild dude, but remind me to teach you how to restrain a load properly
  8. Great build Pat and what a weekend. I hope your new family is settling in.
  9. That’s a great build Steve. Another successful Blitzbuild.
  10. Eggggcellent. Just a gentle simmer here, but looking good. Hope you make the finish dude.
  11. These can be tricky little things to crack. I look forward to seeing what you can serve us up on Fryday.
  12. Looks like a well used VW, cargo fits nicely too
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