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  1. Cant find any decent figures, and the drivers hatch has the Castoff drop, in cab with scratch built extras cant see any of it though!
  2. Just finished her Great Kit very accurate and detailed and a breeze to build, only a couple of minor problems full build review on http://leicestermodellers.weebly.com/ Im pleased with how it turned out.
  3. The Mk 11 has 5 different marking options, 3 Batus and two BAOR One is plain green the other (1RTR) is green and black. The decal sheet includes both union jacks and scottish flags if you want to use them, the 1 RTR BAOR scheme should have a union flag on the left front mudguard. No Chinese eyes as they hadn't yet amalgamated with 4 RTR. The kit builds beautifully and is very detailed as fore the lower hull as far as Im concerned the lower hull shape is correct. As for the Meng kit well looks like they suddenly decided to bring it out to spoil Takoms sales no love lots between the two companies they had the info they needed to produce one in 2012 and did nothing.
  4. The warp Eagle is an absolute Pig but it can be done Ive done two and they are the most accurate Eagle out there. In the end of the day its just as much work to fix the MPC kit and it will still be inaccurate. Ive seen your Sky one and if you can build to that level you can build the Warp eagle.
  5. The original filming miniature/cad render is very light grey but I agree it does appear white on screen so the choice is yours paint it as per the Original or as it appears both IMO are ok. The great thing with Sci Fi is it isn't real!
  6. You get a spare head and hand in the Stallone kit and I always wanted to get the original Dread and create a diorama with the original Dread pushing stallones head under some mega city ooze with the title "the helmet stays on perp"
  7. starshipmodeller.com will give you all the info you need on the JJprise. and it is grey.
  8. I would like to join in got a whole stash to choose from but fancy a B5 Thunderbolt or finally finish the Meteor sweeper
  9. I would buy the deluxe issue keep the spine booster and RCS jets and junk the rest and it will still be cheaper than buying the Warp spine booster and not made from cheap nasty resin
  10. Tom Baker, Ecclestone and Mat smith are my favourite Doctors. Couldn't stand Tennant all that bloke does is run around and roll his eyes never acts just plays himself. Talking of milking it there is a mini episode available if you press the red button which explains what happened to the 8th Doctor. Richard
  11. I know they were at Shuttleworth earlier this year measuring something a biplane, they did say what but I like armour and Sci Fi so Ive forgotten the name of the wingy thing. Richard
  12. The Registration you need is 01 EB 07 We named all the tanks but you wont find lettering small enough and we didnt use the Chinese eye until after amalgamation with 4 RTR. Also each squadron had its own variation on the green and black camo scheme. After all that work you dont want the easiest scheme you want the best. "If it dont wear black it counts for nowt" as we used to say. Richard
  13. Amazing painting and weathering it really looks like the real thing. Richard
  14. Great work, I have a soft spot for the old Chieftain Stillbrew with TOGS as I used to work on them. Your scratch building is amazing. I will be doing a conversion to represent my old tank but I will be buying the cast off conversion as my skills are not up to yours. Cant wait to see you finish yours but please make it an RTR tank too many cavalry pretenders out there! Richard
  15. Hi, The build was generally ok but getting the hull parts to fit square was a pain and the steering gear for the road wheels needs lots of dry runs or you end up pulling it apart two or 3 times and the instructions are designed to stop you building the kit! Overall with a bit of work like foxy says they make a reasonable model. Dont understand your comment about other scources all the figures are masterclub, thanks for the positive comments. Richard
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