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  1. Thanks, re the rivets and panel lines: I drew them in individually with a pencil, then dry brushed dark olive drab over them. Cheers Russ
  2. Nice Kate there, I like the flaking `in service applied paint job.
  3. Really nice `Demon Slayer there, beautifully finished, great job
  4. Hi Tim, sorry for the late reply. The base colour was Humbrol 63, weathered with dry brushed areas of Humbrols 93, 110 and 140 Thanks Russ
  5. Looks great Steve, unusual markings too, really nice work
  6. Excellent, really nice Herc` there Gazza, always liked that scheme too. Nice one
  7. Really nice I-16 there Jon, cool scheme. Great job
  8. Great looking MiG there Bryn, nice scheme and never seen those markings before. Really nice work
  9. Hi, I`ve really no idea. I came across the story of Lima Site 85 and started researching it with an eye to making one out of Hobby Boss 1/48 kit. They were supposed to have been armed with rocket pods and a down firing mortar set up in the fuselage. I never found a definite answer to any searches or queries. a few none matching paintings, box top art, opinions, etc In the end I gave up and just built it as a generic transport aircraft. In the absence of any photo`s of the real thing prior to crashing, I suppose if you really wanted you could just do your own interpretation of one, as per paintings and box arts BUT then someone would find or post some actual photo`s and post them somewhere and you`d have to do another one Good hunting Cheers Russ
  10. Really nice Fencer there, great job with the camo`!
  11. Wow! wasn`t expecting that, great scheme and build. Really nice work
  12. Thanks Nicola, The kit`s OK- not perfect though. things to watch out for are: trailing edges a bit thick need sanding, leading edges of main planes and fin a bit blunt- sanding again. Out of the box the spinner doesn`t sit centrally on the nose- just chop the shaft off and glue straight on or drill and add your own. The doors are fiddley to fit after you`ve fitted the canopy- either fit at same time as canopy ( best ), chamfer edges until they fit snugly if the canopies already fitted or fit in open position ( it looks like an elephant if you do this ). If you have one open and one closed- the pilot usually got in through the starboard door so he didn`t get knee-capped by the throttle quadrant on the port side of the cockpit, that`s why most P-39 art work is on the starboard side. I used a nose weight off a `culled` P-39 so couldn`t tell you how much to use- sorry. Hope this helps Cheers Russ
  13. Superb job on a difficult kit, amazing work
  14. HI Everyone, Finished this one about the same time as the VLR Mustang so thought I`d share some photo`s My latest go at Eduard`s 1/48 Airacobra kit Built from the latest Weekend Edition boxing Finished as `PAT-RIOT II` of the 46th FS, 15th FG, 7th AF Built from the kit contents but with a few small additions and tweaks Namely: brake pipes, splitter plate in the dorsal intake, some wiring for the radio in the rear cockpit and aerial wires Also drilled out all the gun barrels and exhaust pipes Decals were from the kit Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  15. Hi B.B. Thanks for the photo, now all we need is to work out what the numbers on the tail are and a shot or two of the mortar set up. Cheers Russ
  16. Hi B.B. I got a photo of a crashed one if it`s any help, I was going to try the same thing but couldn`t make out if the markings were over painted or the areas cut out by souvenir hunters? Good luck with yours Cheers Russ
  17. Really nice pair of Hellcats, weathered to perfection
  18. Stunning work, looks real in the first few shots, great job and pic`s
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