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  1. There was definitely an Icelandair 757-200 on one of the pages.
  2. @26Decals, has there been any progress on the Instone / Atlantic Biffo decals please? I’m really keen on doing a Mk.31 but G-BISU and G-AMLK are really the only subjects I’m interested in.
  3. Skymonster


    You may be right. However, since IPMS made it clear that there were financial implications associated with cancelling SMW before the end of August, this change may open the door to there being a contractual obligation to continuing with the show. or at least making it not so easy for IPMS to back out.
  4. Skymonster


    PM: "From October we will start to allow conferences and business events to resume in a COVID-secure environment" Hmmm... That could create a conundrum for the IPMS!
  5. Nice collection - I think you need to do the F-107 to complete the set though!
  6. Skymonster


    IPMS UK has made it pretty clear that one of the reasons the show is still being planned at present, is that to cancel now would be very costly financially given the contract with the International Centre. Reading between the lines I presume this means that there are penalties for cancellation of the event, and at present covid gathering and social distancing guidance / regulations that would make it impossible for the event to go ahead do not extend to November. I guess that if and when government advice is extended to rule out or severely restrict events such as SMW in November,
  7. There are a few other differences between the 727-100 and -200 in addition to the fuselage plugs. Noticeably the centre engine intake is round on the -200 whereas it is an oval shape on the -100. Furthermore you will need different number 1 and number 3 engines as G-OSRA and G-OSRB were fitted with upgraded and quieter outboard power plants (JT8D-217s instead of JT8D-17s] that have a different cowl shape and different reversers.
  8. So you’d happily scratch build the centre engine intake and duct, rear fuselage and centre engine exhaust, vertical and horizontal stabs, etc.? If you were already prepared to do all that then maybe the wings wouldn’t be too big of a challenge as well. Otherwise I really think a 727 kit is best.
  9. I think there are more major things to think about than the fuselage cross-section, which strangely enough I believe IS the same in the 707 and 727! Seriously, the 727 wing is completely different to the 707s (span, plan view, overall shape, gear location and bays, and high lift devices are different - as is the wing centre section around the lower fuselage), as is the vertical stab. About the only usable things in the Heller kit would be the main forward fuselage section, I'd have thought.
  10. That Herpa isn’t really a kit it’s just a model of a KLM 777. It’s a pre-painted fuselage with separate wings and horizontal stabilisers and a stand. That’s about it - seven parts at most and it can be assembled in a matter of a couple of minutes. If that’s what you think your friend needs fair enough. But such items are more likely to lead to the start of collecting such models than they are able to occupy anyone for a period of time.
  11. Great... But please include G-AMLK in the Instone / Atlantic sheet
  12. Sadly she doesn't race anymore, but having watched her at close quarters going round the pylons in Reno at <150ft and 350mph+ - along with as many as seven other former warbirds - she was a true sight (and sound) to behold, something I will never forget. The model captures the essence of the Super Corsair very very well...
  13. In a similar manner to that in which many bricks and mortar model shops have been challenged by internet retailers with low overheads, magazines are challenged by internet websites and bloggers that have lower costs, less risk and more immediacy. Producing each issue of a magazine, which has a fixed budget for photographs and features, can definitely be a challenge. Bear in mind that typically 50% of the cover price goes to the retailer, and of course in many high street magazines are supplied on a sale-or-return basis leaving the cost of any unsold stock at the end of the month with the pub
  14. Thank you everyone for the welcome... I am going to do it - airbrush or hairbrush - and I think I'm going to enjoy it, thanks to this great group. Andy
  15. Thank you Dennis, wise and encouraging words. The piece about building for oneself is particularly poignant, as I have been into aviation photography for a long time and right now that is becoming a bit of a dogs breakfast as far as comment, criticism and personal agendas are concerned. So as with the photography, I plan to do much as you suggest, and hopefully that way I will enjoy myself. Envy of the amazing skills of my peer group will, however, almost inevitably intervene from time to time. As to what exactly is in the stash - maybe cataloguing it might not be a bad idea, but that woul
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