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  1. Yes, you are right in case of the non-tapering cowling of the Amodel kit. But thankfully the diameter of the front cowling ring is sufficiently larger than the one of the fuselage, so you can get a tapered shape by thinning the rear ends of the cowling parts. Unfortunately (as the kit and the real plane are designed) this also demands a reshaping of the fuselage profile on the underside plus an almost total reconstruction of the cowling underside. I actually did this, but it has been a real chore. I really can't wait to see the a finished example of the Clear Prop kit.
  2. Yes, it's a slight offset to the port side. Massimo Tessitori documents it well on his site: https://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/i16/details/structure/structure.htm I have incorporated this into my Amodel kit by cutting off the fin and re-adjusting it at an angle (with a lot of Milliput and sanding fun afterwards). But to be honest: Don't build the Amodel kit. There is so much wrong and bad about it. And even though most of its faults can be corrected (thanks to Quickboost, Res-Kit, Falcon, Evergreen, Trumpeter and lots and lots of Milliput) there are two major problems which have beaten my patience: 1. The surface of the plastic is so grainy that you loose almost every detail while sanding it flush. Particularly affected by this are the ribs of the fabric-covered parts (which are moulded pretty poorly anyway). They will have to be reconstructed on the whole model afterwards - which is a very difficult and time-consuming task. Did not want to do it, now it bugs the hell out of me every time I look at the finished model. 2. I don't know how exactly to describe it in English, but the "hump" on the top of the fuselage between the cockpit and the tailfin is much too wide on the Amodel kit (and in almost all the other I-16 kits on the market as well). This creates some very noticable shape problems in the rear fuselage area. To correct this, you would have to remove and re-sculpt the "hump" as well as large parts of the fuselage upper side. No thank you! Thankfully, Clear Prop got this right (at least in the CAD renders). I will buy and built the Clear Prop kit just to get peace of mind BTW: The best rendition of the AII Green used by the earlier I-16 variants I could find is Vallejo Model Air 71.410 - and 71.414 Grey for the undersides. My struggle with the Amodel kit did save me some research time at least.
  3. OMG yes! I have spent a good part of the last year sculpting a half-way decent model out of the Amodel Type 5 kit so I know this variant in and out - and I am speechless looking at what Clear Prop has done here. If the kit is half as good as this rendering it will still be very close to perfect, as John said. The accurate shape, the details, the canopy, prop and gunsight options, holy hell. This blows every other I-16 kit - any scale, any variant - out of the water. EDIT: Seems like they even got the asymmetrical fin, wow.
  4. As the thread title was changed to "(incl. Ta 152)" - was there any official announcement by IBG I missed? I thought it was established that for now there will be only the Dora-family..
  5. Ta 152 tail coming. A full Ta 152 would require an almost completely new tooling.
  6. Even though I don't get my Stuka this is still great news. Even the best Fw 190 D kits in 1/72 are a bit dated now and pretty basic (Hasegawa/Academy and Tamiya). A replacement engineered to modern standards is very welcome. Well done IBG
  7. Ju 87? Four versions: A, B, D, G Five major manufacturing plants: Dessau, Lemwerder, Bremen, Tempelhof, Bernburg Three-blade propellor Two engine types: Jumo 210, Jumo 211 Sounds like a good fit to me. Stukas would also fit IBG's usual field of interest. Plus, a new Ju 87 in 1/72 would sell very well.
  8. Yep, that's right. Does anyone know if there are any good detail drawings and photos of the GL.VII in the Windsock datafile on Late Gotha bombers?
  9. Not from just one photo - We have the picture of the assembled model in N├╝rnberg and the CAD model (on the box art and the Airfix homepage). The landing gear always looks too short. Just sayin. It happens to the best ones..
  10. I don't know...looks to be very short in the legs. That's a little dissapointing; perhaps I can recycle an old Italeri landing gear. Everything else looks ok, though.
  11. @Andreas: Thanks for the link! That was I was looking for @Mike: You are right, I forgot that AZ improved the awful RV fuselage - but the Hasegawa offering is interesting nonetheless. Their D-9 had always been a good competition. Cheers and thanks for your help again! Christian
  12. Gentlemen, on its October newspage Hasegawa announced this Dual Combo-Kit: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/e-w/NEWDETAIL/1410/02115.html Their D-9 would need some new parts for this - Does anyone know if Hasegawa includes them here? Cheers, Christian
  13. Hi Troy, thanks for your hints, I have changed the title a bit. I did not ask for any other units though, because I was specifically interested in those two - but you might be right, of course. Let's see what comes up. And I am happy to have gotten you interested in this topic - from a modeller's point of view, there should be some interesting possibilities out there
  14. Gentlemen, basically, the title says it all. Do any photos exist which show their Bostons, Spits and Mosquitos during 1944-46, while they were involved in the Greek Civil War? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Christian
  15. Hi, Aleksandar, and sorry for my belated reply - got no e-mail notification! Nice to know the underpants gnomes manage your accuracy checks The Academy kit is basically good - I built one when I was younger and now I can compare this still surviving example to photos of the real thing. I can't help it but there always seems to be something wrong with the general appearance, even though the scale plans tell otherwise. Perhaps it's my main gear adjustment? Anyway, I look forward to your build with the shortened fuselage; maybe you found the solution! BTW: May I point you to the Rob Taurus canopy for the Tempest? -> http://www.rob-taurus.cz/ It's the best replacement canopy for the Tempest in 1/72 scale and can be used for your Typhoon also. Will improve the look a lot! Regards, Christian
  16. I know, an older thread - but did this one ever get finished? And two additional questions if I may - I used the Bentley and Caruana drawings to measure the Academy Tempest, and the fuselage is rather spot on with the Bentley plans (wing span seems to be to wide in comparison to both). Now I wonder which one of these plans is more correct? Aleksandar, could you provide a photo of the Quickboost exhausts you will use for this project? On the photos offered by Quickboost they are modelled incorrectly, with a rim at the tip of every exhaust stack. Their 1/48 counterparts are correct, however. So perhaps they just posted wrong photos on their homepage? Regards, Christian
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