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  1. Love it, The Bacardi and Coke will certainly be shaken not stirred with those rims and tyres on an H.
  2. Looks great. I'm never sure if I like the looks of the XJ200 but the colour and the wheels make that one pop!
  3. That's a nice build, I remember seeing the real thing on the Kenmore Forrest stage back in the day. I think your comment about the lowering kit is spot on too, the Model looks to ride just a bit too high.
  4. Don't look at - I did and to modern eyes it's pretty awful. Avoid it and keep the good memories.
  5. Looks great and I have to agree on the de-chroming - what you use to repaint the parts? I also hate Revell's European packaging, the boxes seemed designed to fall apart. I wish they would use the US style boxes with proper lids.
  6. Lovely little model, I remember seeing some of these in the 80s. I've never heard of AKAN paint but that finish is great.
  7. Looks great. Sounds like an enjoyable build, the size and number of pieces puts me off.
  8. It's not one of my favourite subjects but that is a nice build. The unpainted shell looked like a bit of a "blob" in the WIP thread but you've got it looking much sharper now.
  9. Thanks for this. I'll give it another try. I think the long cure times could be the secret, I need to be more patient.
  10. That's a lovely finish. Can I ask how did you do the TS-13 clear? I've always struggled with it.
  11. I haven't seen one of these in years. That's really well done, I like the finish, I can almost get that "museum smell" from it. I think it might actually be 1/32. although Airfix scaling of the time was maybe not as accurate as we expect today.
  12. Hello again, I thought I would add a follow up to this thread. I have now hud the cutter - actually a Cameo - for a couple of months now and beginning to get to grips with it. The first completed items were the fascias for a set of pumps in 1/24 scale for a petrol station diorama. In addition to taking the repetition out of cutting the panels the accuracyis far better than I could achieve by hand and enabled the small vents to be cut individually. . The pic shows a cut fascia, what isn;t easy to see on the pic is the half etch type panel lines. The second pic shows a complete
  13. Well that's it - just purchased a Silhouette Cameo. Should arrive by the weekend - gives me a few days to read the various articles and tutorials.
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