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  1. The English language does not contain enough superlatives with which to praise this marathon effort !! Those chairs look absolutely stunning [as we would expect, given the rest of the build] and will set off the interior magnificently. I, too, will be very sorry to see your build reach its final conclusion as, without much comment, I have nevertheless watch each development with awe !! Thanks, Hendie, Rog
  2. Hope the decals are a bit better than those issued with the Amodel 1/72 version which were absolute rubbish. Talk about 'disintegrate when wet' ! So was the set Amodel replaced it with - the self-same set ! Hmm, see they're Zvezda prints, should be ok. Had to resort to the technical wizardry of a fellow modeller. Despite that, it's a lovely looking aircraft. Rog
  3. Mithril Silver - perhaps @CedB should paint his thumb with it before undressing anymore chairs............ Just a thought......!
  4. roginoz

    Those Lockdown Blues

    Large areas of Melbourne have seen recent spikes and whole postcodes in the northern and NW suburbs have been returned to Stage 3 lockdown, the virus believed to have been shared among family groups. There is no sign of the virus having been imported. Also, all incoming flights to Melbourne have been diverted to airports in other states. Guess I'll have to wait for my overseas orders........ The psychological trauma on those residents of the affected suburbs has been intense, small businesses which re-opened, those that were able, forced to again close and wondering if they will have a second chance of saving their business. All state boundaries are heavily policed and anyone from the lockdown areas foolish enough to travel interstate and get caught risks a heavy fine and/or imprisonment. Up to now, this country has been not only very lucky with infections [still only 8000+/- and just over 100 fatalities] but our Federal and State govts were quick off the mark to take defensive action ; it was termed a pandemic here before the WHO declared it as such. The likelihood of a second spike was included in the planning and was not unexpected, no doubt it will flare up in other cities before it's all over. I look on in horror at the effect the virus is having on the country of my birth ! Feeling quietly confident in our neck of the woods, but nevertheless, taking every precaution when having to go out. Stay safe, folks, Rog
  5. Loving this build - she's certainly a putty monster !! A Freighter is high on my "click !!.....buy !!......." list. Just checked my Observers Book of Aircraft - 1961 ! Beat you by 6 years........but I think I must have been 18........ Keep up the good work. Rog
  6. We had a dog named Brandy ; he was good at disappearing too................
  7. Doh !! A senior moment........! The retractable undercarriage on my model is staring me in the face !!
  8. An excellent build of a fairly complex kit ; I found the most difficult part to be the join between the two main fuselage pieces and the single piece lower front hull. In hindsight, I should have used some scratch tabs, then I wouldn't have had such an enormous filling job. @kapam, the pods between the inner and outer engines are torpedo pods. I did read up on the boundary layer system but it's a bit complex to explain, best ask Google. Also, check out some youtube vids of the aircraft taking off from a heavy sea.......the thing just about stands on its tail, most impressive. @vivkulan I wonder why you didn't use the beaching gear for display purposes...... Regardless, it's a stunning model ! Rog
  9. Agree ! Max has done a heap of research into the history of the various model companies and presents in an entertaining manner. Much of his background music and "bloopers" are equally entertaining. A great set of videos for when you want something a bit different, but still model related. Rog
  10. What a great subject and impressive presentation ! I was unaware that the Indian Navy operated this amphibian. The crew, odds 'n' sods on the tarmac and the waterside impedimenta sets it off nicely. I'm gonna have to make the acquaintance of Lift Here Models, a new one on me, but if this is an example of their output, they could be getting some of my business. Apart from being a great model, you've provided a great advert for their product. Thanks, LS. Rog
  11. I would suggest a galvanised tin bucket ! Try dull aluminium.
  12. That's certainly scrubbing up well, @Spec7, the work you've done on the spokes is a vast improvement. Shame they don't lend themselves to replacement. Agreed the instructions are a bit vague but, having owned the real thing in the past, placement of parts held no questions. My kit was an old Esci kit and the instructions were, if possible, even more vague ! You're making a nice job on this model, a bit of oily weathering on the engine will probably be enough, the old flat head was not the most oil-tight of engines ! At least the left side of the tank provided an ample oil supply. Looking forward to the end result. Rog
  13. Great shots, thank you for sharing them with us. Only today, I picked up Revell's AH-64 in 1/32 at a bargain price, so these pics will be invaluable, just gotta work out the differences between these and the US version the kit represents. Oh,, and some suitable decals....... Rog
  14. I'm still trying to rid my mind of the mental picture of @Martian nicking into @Heather Kay's hose..........[post#95]. Note to self - must concentrate ! Rog
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