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  1. That's a stunning Heinkel ! Don't often see them modelled with balloon cable cutters - impressive !! Rog
  2. Oh man !! I've gotta look out for one of these kits......... What a magic build in every way !!
  3. Very nice progress ! I built this kit last year and it scrubs up very well - agree on your observations re. the locating pins/holes. Indeed, Italeri would find an enthusiastic market if they put out more bike kits. What happened to the old Esci/Dragon kits they put out after taking over those companies, the BMWs,Zundapps, etc. The Triumph should be easy to find, Colin. I sourced mine from my LMS, a shop that was better known for specialising in the usual suspects. Rog
  4. roginoz

    Aussie wild fires.

    In last years fires, an Ericson Skycrane and a firefighting helicopter were lost. I believe the Skycrane crew escaped from the lake it crashed into. Grateful thanks to the brave men and women from overseas who are volunteering to assist our fire fighters in this mammoth task and to the Coulson crew, thanks and R.I.P.
  5. If I may make a suggestion, place no confidence in the vinyl masks that accompany many of the East European kits, MikroMir, Modelsvit, etc. My experience with them, on this kit and others, is that they lift off anything but an absolutely flat surface, will not accept compound curves and, where they have actually stuck down, come apart in bits on removal and leave a sticky residue on the canopy which is a b***** to remove. Masking the canopy of, especially, this kit, using Tamiya tape or your favourite masking tape, is a breeze, and lacks the certainty that removal may result in tears ! If anyone has had outstanding success with this type of vinyl mask, and can put me in the right direction, I would be most grateful. In the meantime, I will commit them to the bin where, imho, they belong. Rog
  6. Very brave of you to tackle a limited run kit like Mikromir put out, nevertheless, the model looks very nice indeed. After returning to the hobby 10 years ago, it was with a degree of trepidation that I approached my first limited run kit, but with advice and guidance from fellow modellers, I managed to get the hang of it most of the time........ Now I go out of my way to source the unusual models generally only available as limited run Kits. As a second kit since your return, I dips me lid to your result and presentation. Rog
  7. Wrong scale !! Wrong scale !! P'd off of Ravenswood.
  8. roginoz

    Aussie wild fires.

    Allegedly, we were offered a heap of CL-215's & 415's but our Govt decided it was cheaper to hire tankers from overseas......... :o{ They're still doing sterling service in France, Italy & Spain. I think the fear was that they'd be sitting idle for the 10 months of the year "we don't have a fire season......." I'll curb my thoughts on governmental action or lack thereof ! Rog PS yes, Coulsons are doing fantastic work with their equipment along with the Ericson Skycranes.
  9. roginoz

    Aussie wild fires.

    With the forecast predicting little or no rain in sight, this won't stop soon ! The rest Of January & Feb still to go, our traditional fire season over here, you could say it's hardly started. Fires in NSW have been burning since September and my daughter in Pt MacQuarie, northern NSW, was evacuated twice in October. These fires will not be extinguished without heavy and persistent rain which, of course, will then cause its own issues - landslides, polluted drinking water, etc. Watching my favourite part of Victoria, the Upper Murray and High Country burn again ; when we left there 10 years ago, we'd just finished fighting fires.......... Rog
  10. Quality over quantity, PC ! We've ridden every build with you, and enjoyed the asides. Happy New Year to you. Rog
  11. The Millennium Bug, 20 years late.........???
  12. Quality over quantity, Bruce ! Love the ZM Mustang ! I've built the Tanmodel Thunderflash [twice}, but they don't stack up against yours, by any stretch. Must be a thing about Norwegian decals. I recently built the Italeri Arado Ar 196 and the Norwegian decals for that were also too pale, in my estimation. Hope your workload over the rest of the year and beyond is as low as humanly possible. Happy New Year & see you at a meeting when you can make it. Rog
  13. Don't need any extra heat in this neck o' the woods - just park it outside for a while.......a short while ! Ya don't want the plastic to melt !! Looking forward to following this build. Rog
  14. No big white space that I can see..........??
  15. 11pm, just about gone for another year over here; a cloudless 35 deg day with lots of relaxation and occasional plastic fondling [when I could escape]. Wishing all at and on BM a safe and happy Christmas and a plastic New Year. Rog
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