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  1. Brilliant !! The bench is far too clean .........and the cobwebs really set it off. Love the coke stove. This will be a fascinating diorama ! Rog
  2. Pressure 20+/- psi; .4 needle & nozzle through an Iwata HP-C Shake the s... blazes out of the bottle and spray fairly close up. Works for me ! Good luck ! Rog
  3. I always use Stynylres {sp ? I'm away from the bench} straight from the bottle, unthinned. Never had any problems and the primer covers more than adequately. Rog
  4. My first record was her "Deadwood Stage" c/w "Secret Love", both from Calamity Jane, on 78, remember them ?? Think she had the same effect on many pre-pubescent boys as Kev shared.......[#4]. She cut her singing "teeth" fronting big bands, Dorsey and the like. Average singers didn't last long in those environments. R.I.P. Rog
  5. roginoz

    The Weather,

    We got rain last week ! What a novelty !
  6. A Heron would be nice........in 48, said he, hopefully......
  7. AModel's Beriev Be-200 has fibreglass fuz and wings. Great stuff to rescribe...........NOT !
  8. Nice one, Bruce ! Will expect to see it at the next meeting........no pressure ! Rog
  9. .....and it's in the right scale ! Suitably bonkers ! Don't tell Martian...... Rog
  10. I had no issues with taking photos at the RAF Museum at Hendon when I visited a couple of years ago. Can't speak for others. Rog
  11. Thanks, Renek, didn't notice the cross. Most imaginative !
  12. What a stunning example of a great subject!
  13. There's got to be a backstory, surely......... Renek, did you park the car on the sand and the tide came in........? Desert bashing over quicksand ? Caught in a sandstorm ? Don't keep us in suspense....... Rog
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