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  1. That's a most convincing wif and an interesting departure from the usual livery. Is it just the angle [last pic] or is the engine cover a bit on the skew ? Good looking build, Dave Rog
  2. Great user name !! I'll bet the poster above mine would be in the market for it......... Welcome to the best modelling site on the net. Rog
  3. Many thanks, Julian @zebra, that's most helpful. While reading your advice and rotating the engine in the body of the HOK, I can see where I'm going wrong. The indentation in the top edge of the engine was flashed over and I totally missed its existence ! Doh !! Reckon you've put me on the right track for which, my grateful thanks. I reckon, even if it's not in the exact orientation, at least it's in the correct position, and if the destructions had been more explicit, we {I} wouldn't have these problems. One more off the Shelf of Doom ! Rog
  4. Love to know how you managed to fit the engine, Julian @zebra 'cos that's the bit that's holding up my model, still on the Shelf of Doom. Agreed, the instructions are as vague as #### , I've tried many orientations to make it fit but without success. Any extra clues that may have escaped me would be gratefully received. Looking great so far, completion not far off. Rog
  5. I don't think we need to go anywhere near the Martian convenience.............
  6. Another museum quality build from the @Bughunter bench !! Absolutely beautiful, Frank ! Rog
  7. Cheers Julian, no, there won't be a 5th, it's too far gone. Nevertheless, I manage a pretty active life [for an 80 y/o and just take it a day at a time. Agree about seeing so much before, another reason [excuse ? ] for my non-attendance, I HAVE seen so much before, and I wish HARS would put in an appearance. Lucky sod, getting to Fairford, still on my, by now somewhat leaky bucket list........... Rog
  8. Great photos Julian @zebra, keep 'em coming. Was all geared up to go but, seeing the weather forecast [hot] and knowing the photo difficulties in the afternoon, coupled with gradual recovery from my 4th spinal op, decided to give it a miss. Avalon really is one of the worst airfields for photographers, but your results prove it's more than possible. Would have liked to see the Black Eagles and the Canberra in flight, last time I saw it, at Temora, it had its engines out for maintainance/refurbish, great to see it back in the air. Cheers, Rog
  9. A good kit of a good looking aircraft. Built it myself and guys at the model club mistook it for a Sea Fury......... What ? with those markings ?.......oh well ! Rog
  10. 500 error loging in @ 12-01 AEDST. First one for a week.........a marked improvement. Rog
  11. Used AK True Metal on a spare fuel tank on your recommendation, @CedB and I must say I'm impressed. As suggested, a tiny amount well scrubbed in, it was dry in less than half an hour and no lifting or residue under masking tape. Won't be the last time I use it, many thanks for the tip. Thoroughly enjoying your B-17 treble build and the museum pair will, I'm sure, be much appreciated when they reach their final destination Cheers, Rog
  12. OH YES !! My second favourite of the early airliners, {after the Connie] and which we used to see at LHR in the 50's when the Queens Building observation deck was open. Gotta have one of these !
  13. Agreed ! The instructions are singularly vague about their placement, as I also found to my cost. Your build's progressing nicely though,Martin @Grandboof. Rog
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