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  1. Wot no DC-3 ?? Even my wife can recognise that, just by the engine note !! For shame !!
  2. You could try wrapping a bit of tape round them.........sods of things !! Rog
  3. That's great, BK @Black Knight, love the pig in the "boot' and the passengers, all practicing social distancing. A close up of some of the passengers would be great, they look to have their individual personalities. The venerable DUKW was a fairly common sight on holiday beaches providing sterling service for trips 'once round the lighthouse'. I remember one at Lancing on the south coast from my early childhood. Rog
  4. Make sure you post plenty of pictures for us.......please....... Rog
  5. My last flight to the UK was with Royal Brunei who don't serve any alcohol on their aircraft for cultural reasons ; possibly there are other such carriers I'm not aware of. No doubt I or anyone else could have boarded the flight three sheets to the wind but I saw no sign of it and the flight was as comfortable and uneventful as sitting in a tin tube for 27-odd hours can be....... Other flights in the past have not been so peaceful, for all the reasons stated above......... Rog
  6. Any room for me ?? I've got one on order and I'll look forward to your ironing out all the gremlins before mine arrives. Thanks in anticipation, Rog
  7. A clean build of an infrequently seen aircraft. Very nice indeed ! Rog
  8. Oh nice !! Can I follow along, pick your brains and copy your methods !! Just started the Revell DC-4, [ or was, until the dog got hold of one of the fuselage halves........], hopefully doing it as an Ansett-ANA Cargomaster, using the Hawkeye decal sheet. Lots of filling and sanding in front of me. Oh, and I managed to repair the fuzz half ! Hope I can build it in a bit under your 5 years.......not sure I've got that much time ahead of me....... Rog
  9. You're cracking along with this build, Laurie, sounds like you're having more fun with it than with the Aerovan........ A belated Happy New year, Looking forward to your next posts. Rog
  10. "..........a study in weathering." ? ? ? I'd say you've achieved a master class in the result of your build ! Totally spot on, as I look out of my window at my old ute, as we from Oz call them, and observe the self same "ageing process" as reflected in your model. Excellent ! Rog
  11. That's come up a treat, @CedB and the ability to view the aircraft's entrails takes it to a higher level. Clever stuff ! Painting orange is great fun, eh ! Rog
  12. Another great build of an essential service vehicle back in the day. We've still got one of those old pans, sans lid, which Mother Bear uses to keep fertiliser in.......still being used for the job it was [almost] designed for. It's heavy enough empty, Lord knows how heavy it would be with a full load......... Rog
  13. Just a suggestion Martin @RidgeRunner, - for small windows like that, I tend to use an initial fill of KK to block the egress of paint and at the end of the build, cut out the now painted over Kk and replace it with a new filling to dry clear. Enjoying your build and gonna have to find a kit of this interesting aircraft. Best.......Rog
  14. I'm here, late to the party as usual........and a good start has been made to this excellent kit. Now I've got 3 Hind builds to enjoy. Might just have to get one myself, you two guys are having too much fun, I wanna see what it's all about. My Mi-26 is positively yelling from the stash, it will have to wait. I'll take a seat in the front stalls and enjoy the progress, snow matter how long it takes......... Rog
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