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  1. Oh YESSSS ! That moves to the top of the wants/needs list !! Question, Ken, Radleigh. Have either of you built the, allegedly, 144 K-7 ? It builds up smaller than the Revell Bear in 144, so I'm guessing that it's closer to 1/200. Any thoughts ? Rog
  2. I would just about sell my soul for a B-10 ........and a Bv-138 in 48 !! What a stunning collection !!
  3. roginoz

    What Scale and Why?

    Mainly 48 but, like Wez, if it's a model I'm interested in, scale is irrelevant. I have builds in 144 - Ekranoplans, Tu Bear, Kalanin K-7 [although, compared with the Bear, it's more likely 1/200 !], 1/72 - Dakotas, Beriev-Bartini VVA, 1/32 - DuoDiscus sailplane, 1/9 - motorcycles I guess any sort of yardstick I might apply is - 1/48 for single/dual seat aircraft, 1/72 for bombers and airliners, 1/144 for enormous and unusual [usually Russian] aircraft. Nevertheless, I don't pass a kit that interests me because of its scale. The drawback is, of course, storage and/or exhibition space. A large kit in 48 [Warthog] can, and does, take up as much room as a medium size kit in 72 [Dakota]........and I'm running out of space. Might have to , like the OP, resort to shed storage, but summer temps in the high 30's - 40 might provide the models with some interesting anhedrals !...... Cheers.......Rog
  4. roginoz

    Lanchester Armoured Car

    That's museum-quality modelling if ever I saw it !! Lovely job, Andy !! Rog
  5. Thank you, yes, of course it is. I get Anigrand and Amodel mixed up, so much wonderful stuff coming out of the Eastern Bloc !
  6. That is absolutely MAGNIFICENT !! Words fail me !! I'm guessing it's the Anigrand kit...... I've got the G-1 on the bench and the TB-1 in the stash. I hope I can get mine to look half as good as yours, Yury. Rog
  7. roginoz

    My kit was stopped by Customs.

    Being a frequent buyer of kits from the Ukraine - Modelsvit, Sharkit, etc, I was only somewhat amused by discovering that a recent package arrived bearing an Australian Customs stamp, the package obviously having been opened for inspection, despite the attached customs declaration. Wondering if Big Brother has me in his sights........!! Rog
  8. roginoz

    Special for Irish, look for a breeder,

    Tully, our Great Dane, has her own single bed mattress in the spare room, a pool recliner [padded] outside as her day bed, and a thick blanket in front of the fire for when it gets cold. Now 11 years old [5/5/2007], she's arthritic, incontinent and gaseous........!!! The time is therefore fast approaching when a decision must be made - this brace of 70 year olds are hard pushed to get her up during an episode and when the time comes, the vet will have to dispose of her. T'would need a backhoe to dig a deep enough hole down the paddock to bury her ! Good luck, CC with your mission ! Rog
  9. Too Small !! Too Small !! But nevertheless......Click !!......Buy !!...... A definite "must have" !!
  10. Very nice JP duo, Martin. Love the camo !! I'm intrigued.....how come they were languishing on the Shelf of Doom.......? Cheers, Rog
  11. roginoz

    HobbyBoss 1/48 F-14A Tomcat x 2!!

    Ooooh !! A Bruce build !! This'll be good, I'll hang around and poach ideas ! Rog
  12. That's very nice indeed !! Memories of Halton Camp and the instructor going up with newly licensed cadets to shoot hares from the back cockpit with a 303 !! Probably not very oh& s !! The wheat fields of the downwind leg always seemed to attract courting couples - don't know what they were up to but it seemed a bit of horizontal jogging was involved....... Must look out for this kit and the Sedburgh !! Rog
  13. roginoz

    Northrop's AX Contender, the YA-9

    We NEED that kitted in 48 !!! Anigrand......where are you ??
  14. roginoz

    Martin Mars JRM-3 Coulson 1/72

    Hi, Jan, - thank you for your explanation of vivak, sounds a most useful product - I'll look out for it , thanks for the link. Hi, Zeb, yes, of course I meant the Be-200.......doh !.......allowances for senior moments sought and appreciated ! I'm looking forward to tackling it.