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  1. Happiness is Melbourne in the rear view mirror !!
  2. Wot !! no bass sax !!!! No bass anything !! For shame !!
  3. Not sure whether to give this imaginative build a "like" or a "laugh" so I gave it the latter as your posts always give me a grin. And I like the novel Spitslayer. RJ would have approved, I'm sure !! Rog
  4. How did I miss this great @russ c build !!?? Must'a been half asleep. Never mind, everyone above has echoed my admiration of your build, presentation and photography, excellent as usual !! Rog
  5. Absolutely !! The plethora of WW2 aircraft being issued in their various guises by every second manufacturer on an almost weekly basis can surely be uncompetitive, IMHO. Anyway, my kit of this aircraft arrived today, and it's well up to the standard suggested above. The decal sheet is possibly a bit overboard; I won't be buying enough kits to cover every example. Looking forward to the international decal sheet which I hope is available separately as well as in the new kit. I suppose there's no excuse not to build my Airtruk to go with it now........ Rog
  6. Not only great photography, but a suitably restrained number of photos showing the Gannet in all its glory. As others have said, an eye-catching and impressive build of an iconic naval aircraft. And we didn't have to wade through 48 photos of every last panel line, rivet and stencil to appreciate what a nice job you've made of it, Pat ! Thanks for that ! Best, Rog
  7. The media would deal with it not unlike the way they deal with the knowledge that there is stored in Northern NSW a stockpile of ammonium nitrate several times larger that that which blew up Beirut. Total apathy !! One can only hope that it's in better kept condition than in Beirut, otherwise the coastline of Oz will be seriously re-formed. And it's not far from where my daughter and her husband live........... Rog
  8. Very nice !! Ya can't have too many Talons !!
  9. I suppose, being socially distanced by a mere 14,000 miles, I'm safe for a long range lurk into a very welcome Ced-build, suppose i'll have to get my own drinks 'n' chips though. Too far away for @CC's chimay........[why didn't that notification work ?...oh well... I hope I sensed a return ing of the mojo - I noticed a ripe "fnaaar" towards the end of the Hurricane trio build, albeit with some prompting......... Also hope that your build,@Ced, will contain much of the jolly banter which make your builds so enjoyable and put a grin on this gnarly bemasked phizog.
  10. Looks like a load of faffing about for little extra benefit. Better try them for myself before condemnation. Rog
  11. That's a great build of a beautiful aircraft, Chris ! Wholeheartedly concur with foregoing comments of admiration. There's one on my display shelf along with its brother in AAF Trainer blue and yellow. I nearly built the blue and white version but decided the red and cream looked more cool. Rog
  12. I've got nothing in my stash made from Bakelite.........
  13. Now THERE'S a couple of potential "what-ifs" crying out to be ........errr......scratch built !!
  14. So....the model is where, Andy ?? No good posing by your Moth and trying to tell us that's a model. Ya can't fool us, we can pick the real thing ! Rog
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