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  1. Oh WOW !! What a great model of this unusual aircraft ! I'm building the same model, and in the same livery and if it comes out anywhere as good as yours, I'll be pretty pleased. Wish you'd do a "work in progress" for your models, @Fuad. Rog
  2. Very nice Stringbag ! Blimey !! I've just finished one of these in 1/48 and that was tricky enough ! No way could I fiddle about with rigging one in 72. And next time I'll fold the wings too. Rog
  3. Further to my post above, Eugen @ Dora Wings advises that the pedals part was not formed, by error but a p/e part was included instead. My kit is missing the p/e part and a new part is on its way. As suggested above, other purchasers might like to check their kits. Cheers, Rog
  4. Purchasers of the 1/48 kit may want to check if part A9, cockpit control pedals is missing from the sprue. Before contacting Dora Wings, I checked with a fellow modeller who, I knew, had bought the kit and he too was missing the part. I've just pinged an email to Eugen and hope for their usual good service in supplying the missing part. Rog
  5. ........and the humungous red phaeton ? Looks like a Duesenberg. Rog.
  6. I use two Iwatas, for general use, and the most used, a HP-C Plus with 0.4 needle/nozzle, works first time, every time, totally reliable [said he, now touching wood........] and an HP-B Plus with 0.3 n/n for fine and detailed work. The former I've used since I came back to modelling over 10 years ago and gets used at least 3 times a week, if not more. Gets a full strip down and clean once a month in an ultrasonic cleaner and has performed faultlessly. The latter has less use but again, performs faultlessly. Cleaning is done on an "as required" basis. I've tried many different brands of friends airbrushes and come back to my Iwatas every time. Said friends always swear by their own brand, of course, but they have yet to convince me to change brands. HTH Rog
  7. Looks pretty damn good from where I'm sitting ! Surly looking sod ain't he ! I doff me hat with deep respect for those who can make a bust, especially of this size, looks even remotely "humanoid". I can tackle 1/72 & 1/48 aircrew, they need little more than a relatively accurate job considering they're generally an adjunct to the model. Proper figure work demands skills beyond my shaky arthritic hands and feeble eyesight, not to mention aptitude. On the strength of that, I'll give it at least an 8 ! Rog PS I'm guessing the "P" is silent, as in bathwater..........
  8. G'day, Russ, from Victoria, the Lockdown State ! Seems so many of us sing from the same song sheet regarding our modelling journey, juvenile glue fingermarks and slapped on decals, then the trials of teen years, marriage, mortgage 'n' kids, and finally, in later years, a bit of time on our hands to rediscover this old hobby of ours, only to find the whole show has changed out of sight ! My main interest is aircraft, the more obscure the better, plus motorbikes from the days of yore. Thusfar only been able to track down Esci/Iterleri wartime and the odd race bike; I know my limitations when it comes to getting the right finish on modern bikes. Rog
  9. The finishing line is in sight, and what a good result on the decals ! Rog
  10. I sincerely hope that only your stomach was " going to be hard"............ And I bet you enjoyed every minute of it !! Great to see you're back.....and front ! You've got a hectic social life lined up for the next few weeks. Rog
  11. Echoing the recommendation to reserve the use of these cutters for styrene, and not heavier plastic, may I add to the latter the plastic that holds clear parts. It's much heavier than normal sprue plastic as I found to my cost, having used new Godhand cutters to do just that, and was most put out to see the thinner of the two blades sitting on the cutting mat and separate from the body of the cutters. Best part of A$100 down the drain !! :o{
  12. Yay !! the Martian's back ! All's right with the world. What a great looking bit of continuation.
  13. Another masterpiece from your bench, Julian @zebra, and , for a so-so kit, you've made a great job of it. The Britannia has such a classic and elegant profile, imho. Rog
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