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  1. roginoz

    BoB 1968

    Thanks for that, Noel. I'll look out for it, probably arrive over here in time for Christmas........ Rog
  2. roginoz

    BoB 1968

    When Bovingdon was an airfield, my brother and I cycled over as rumour had it that the participating aircraft were stored there over the weekend. There were lined up the Bouchons, CASA's, [or dinkum He111s ?], a couple of Spitfires, a butchered Proctor designed [badly] to imitate a Stuka, we were allowed to get up close 'n' personal with them, examine and photograph them, the only thing we couldn't do was get in 'em......... Seem to remember, and subject to correction, that the camera ship may have been a Mitchell. I'd love to be able to put the photos up on the 'net, but with so many moves in my career, they, and many other a/c photos of the 60's have got lost, to my eternal regret. Nevertheless, I've seen the film so many times that swathes of footage have been printed on my corneas.......Susannah York in uniform, anyone ?? That's a very evocative build - love it !! Rog Eric Mc wrote "...initially shown in 1969" Believe it may have been earlier than that, Eric. We shifted to Oz in 1969 and I'm sure we first saw it in England, unless it was shown early that year.
  3. I spy a Pitcairn Autogiro in the pics on table #1, possibly the Williams Bros model which currently clutters my work bench.......although as you mostly build 1/72, Moa, may I assume that you've built your model in that scale.......?? If so, I duly dip my lid to your efforts, because the model in 48 is small enough, the prospect of one in 72 makes my eyes ache ! I can only echo everyone else's admiration for your collection, beyond expletives !! Many thanks for sharing them with us. Rog
  4. roginoz

    Vote Grump!

  5. Without wishing to divert this excellent thread with inconsequentials, and in hopes that the Hon. Member from NSW will accept advice from a Victorian of Pommy birth, I am certain that the surname "Gruntfuttock" on the aforementioned radio show was prefaced with the forenames "J. Peasemould". Rarely could a Sunday roast be consumed until the conclusion of "Round the Horne" or Beyond our Ken" returned the family to respite from the preceding half hour's hilarity. Moa, another masterful build - another museum piece ! Rog
  6. That's an absolute museum piece !! Can't even begin to think of the imagination that went in to the building of this model ! Beyond superlatives.........!!!! Rog
  7. roginoz

    Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF VIII

    Excellente, Bruce !! You'd better bring it to the meeting on Saturday so we can all drool over it.........and/or pick it to pieces......... You can give us a weathering tute !! please....... Cheers......Rog
  8. roginoz


    I hit mine with a lighter or match. De-clogs in seconds !! The usual warnings regarding flammable materials and naked flames apply, but if you're quick, it's not dangerous. Rog Oh, and put the cap back on after use.............
  9. roginoz

    Tamiya paint issues ?

    Unusual to have this happen, but I don't use Windex except in my ultrasonic cleaner when my a/b has its half yearly bath. For a cleanup after spraying, I merely flush it through with Tamiya or Gunze [Mr Hobby] thinners, cleaning the needle and jet likewise, and it's good to go. For more persistent grot, or after using Ultimate [Stynylrez] primers, Isopropyl Alcohol [IPA] is my go-to cleaner, followed by a flush with either of the above thinners and the airbrush is as good as new. Have never had a problem using these methods and I can start a painting session with total confidence. Cheers........Rog
  10. roginoz

    Hi All

    That's the makings of a worthwhile stash !! Probably bigger than mine !! Looking forward to seeing some finished models. Rog
  11. roginoz

    Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Me262

    Tamiya decals are, in my experience, the general consistency of lino. I always junk the kit decals and go aftermarket. Been bitten too many times, despite all the traditional preparatory steps........ Rog
  12. Are you using the kit masks, Bruce, or making your own ? I've had mixed results from kit masks, but yours look very good indeed. Since you've passed no comment on them, I'm hoping they are as good as they look. Great progress so far ! Cheers.........Rog
  13. Another Modelling News follower here, who has unashamedly cribbed the tips contained therein. Fiddly.......Nah.......not b. much !! A bit like trying to handle a butterfly !! The handling and clean up of all the struttery is an exercise in breath-holding, especially for a fumble fisted, short sighted old git like me. Using the rudder as a 'handle' has resulted in its departure from the fin at least twice thus far, and I've only got as far as joining the cockpit framework to what passes as a fuselage. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating and challenging model and if I can get half as close to this and that elsewhere modelled by Brian [Mr.T], I will be more than happy. Great builds, both ! Rog
  14. roginoz

    Thinking of changing paint, need some advice please.

    Tamiya, along with Gunze, is my go-to acrylic paint for every model I've built in the last 5 years, since returning to the hobby, in fact. Never experienced, ever, any of the problems described in the OP; I rarely wash kits before assembly, apart from resin kits; a spray of the frames [sprues] with Tamiya rattle can primer, then in to it. Thinning [of paints] is with Mr Hobby self-levelling thinners. The only occasion Tamiya acrylics have caused irritations, no more than that, is upon removal of masking tape over their aluminium or chrome silver [XF-16 and X-11 respectively], some light residue is left on the tape, probably through my not waiting long enough before masking. Something radically wrong with the damage the OP describes which, thankfully I've yet to experience. Good luck with your investigations, Rog