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  1. Paulownia, sometimes called powton, is a deciduous tree of Chinese origin often grown, as @Bandsaw Steve suggested above, as plantation timber. There are, or were several such plantations here in Victoria but I've heard nothing of their success as an investment, which I believe was the object, apart from the timber harvested. It's an attractive tree, we have one in the garden, deciduous and forming horse chestnut-type panicles of blue-mauve highly scented flowers, usually prior to leaf formation. It is indeed, very light and ideally suited to models such as this......said he, hastily returning to topic. Here endeth the horticulture lesson....... Rog
  2. Yet another tour de force from your bench, russ @russ c. Presentation and photography always stunning. Thanks for displaying your usual unselfishness......... Rog
  3. I think it's far more likely that the aircraft hit the bird, not t'other way round @Mark Harmsworth ! :o} Great effort of the pilot to get himself and the plane down in one piece. Rog
  4. That's it, gonna have to build another of these fascinating monstrosities. One's never enough !!!! Click !!...........Buy !!.......... Rog
  5. roginoz

    CP Air DC-8

    Oh nice !! I remember watching the DC-8s in the livery of CP and others in my spotting days at LHR [when it was just known as London Airport.......} Gonna enjoy following your build Julian @zebra. Rog
  6. Just completed Arma's 1/48 version of this aircraft. What a great kit !! My first Arma Hobby kit, but it won't be my last !! Rog
  7. Brilliant ! Gonna have to try this on my next motorbike model. So much more accurate looking.
  8. Fairey Firefly drones appeared to retain all [most ?] of their normal cockpit equipment. No doubt others too. Always struck me as strange......... Rog
  9. This should cover my breakfast to smoko reading ! Looking forward to it in spades !!
  10. " OOOH look, that funny looking thing's having pups ! "
  11. Another vote for the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS ! Brilliant tool, still working like new after 20 years use. Rog
  12. What a lovely build, Roger @Dunny ! I especially like the "shadow" cammo on the lower wing, and the cockpit is stunning. Recently completed ICM's Sea Gladiator in the livery of 813 Sqdn HMS Eagle. ICM issue some great kits in this scale, imho ! Rog
  13. Mate of mine had an Ariel Arrow. You knew not to get behind him for fear of burnt oil suffocation. AIRFIX, ya know ya want to release this old kit.........yeah, in my dreams ! Beat me to it spotting the Leader ! Rog
  14. Very nice indeed, Julian @zebra, Chipmunks deserve dayglo 'n' silver. Good idea Airfix providing a jig for the clear parts. How did you find the fit of the engine panels over the engine ? Mine [ representing the RN Historic Flight ] gave me a bit of a fight. Memories of ATC flights out of Little Rissington and following a cadet who had thrown up and had only half cleaned it out............ Rog
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