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  1. Not small, even in 144, is it. Looking forward to following this build along with the Berievs. Might have to add one of these to the Christmas Wants List ! Rog
  2. No rain for 3 weeks ! Spring showers.......???? We'll be buying water by Christmas ! You anywhere near the bushfires' Mick ? If so, good luck ! Rog
  3. Something Modelling, Aircraft and many other publications still haven't worked out. Black text on a dark blue sky....? Thanks, Ed., article ignored !
  4. FWIW, I use grey as a general purpose primer [on most models] and black when I need a base for a silver coat or when the model colour calls for......black. Black also serves as a variation colour, among others, for a black-painted model. HTH Rog
  5. Woohoo ! I'll be following this ! What a great trio in the making ! I share your love of flying boats, Russian and other; in the last stages of completing the Amodel Be200, the 3 different versions of the Ekranoplan create a bend in the display shelf along with their mates the Be2 and the Beriev-Bartini BBA-14, both from Modelsvit. Others, of various nations, fill remaining shelves. One day, when I achieve a bit of basic computer literacy and a worthwhile camera, I'll have to share them on BM. The A-40 has just been ordered on the strength of your post, Julian: don't ya just love Anigrand's inclusion of bonus kits, minuscule though they are. Great progress on the Mermaid ! Keep 'em coming !! Rog
  6. No errors that I can see - that's a damn fine model. The "action" photos are particularly dramatic: you picked a great day for them ! Rog
  7. G'day, Matt, One of our club members used it on a model hot rod and, because of the amount of chrome to be covered, bought the Molotow refil unit as it contains more paint and is easier to airbrush than trying to get the paint out of their normal pen. Don't recall if he said he thinned it. I can find out if you like....... Rog
  8. Very nice job, Bruce !! We'll be seeing it at the next meeting, I hope !! Rog
  9. This kit is rapidly approaching the top of my stash, so I'll follow this build avidly. Dunno if I'll go to the lengths you're going to, Nicos, although it's certainly a model that deserves a full electronics job ! The end result is sure to be a stunner ! Also got the Bergamot decal set which provides 40 different liveries for the Halo [including the kit set]. Not quite sure where I'll display one Halo, let alone 40........... Rog
  10. My experience, when PPP starts to firm up in the tube, is to add a few drops of water which, over time, will help maintain its softness and usability. HTH Rog
  11. That's a relief. I had to buy the Italeri kit just for the decals to dress the Heller Cl-415. The advantage is, I can build another if I've a mind to, as the Italeri kit provides 4 decal options. The Italeri decals are printed by Zanchetti and behaved flawlessly, unlike their usual offerings which often have the quality of lino ! Rog
  12. A stunning model that deserves better than being boxed up and consigned to the gloom and darkness under the stairs, in company nevertheless. As observed above, a superb decalling job on unco-operative plastic, a beautiful paint job and intimate photography. A tour de force, Moa ! Rog
  13. Strange, so does mine........ Thought I was alone in the world.
  14. I've got a headache.............!
  15. roginoz

    The Weather,

    Rain ? Wassat ??
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