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  1. roginoz


    "........wildlife which seems actively hunt you out and kill you........." :o} Pretty bloody slow, then. We've lived here 50 years, half of that on a bush block, so there's plenty of wildlife around here, all starving to death since we are both in the prime of health. Even the legendary redback has a body the size of a pea with mandibles to match, not big enough to take a chunk out of my hide ! White tails........can be a different story......... :o{
  2. The one sure result of pet ownership is a broken heart. We lost Tully, our Dane in August, quickly followed in Oct by Teddy, our Golden Retriever, so we're a dog free household at present and haven't got over it yet. Sincere condolences to you and your family, Edward, her memory will be maintained in your avatar. Rog
  3. roginoz

    Airfix 1/48 B.P. Defiant Mk.1

    Good to see you cleaned up all the drool and slobber stains rained upon it when you displayed it at the meeting last weekend, Bruce !! Other models cringe in shame when a 'Bruce-Build' is on the table ! Looking forward to your next effort......a Caribou in 48, perhaps....... :o} Rog
  4. roginoz

    HIJMS Kongo 1-350

    That's one hell of a battlewagon....bloody lovely !!
  5. roginoz

    MiG-21F-13 72nd scale Modelsvit

    Yeeee-Ha, a Geophysica !! That'll go nicely alongside my Stratosphera M-17; and a Be-12P........ Oh, Happy Day !
  6. roginoz

    The Weather,

    Yeah, saw it on the news all day. A years rain in 7 days doesn't bear thinking about ! We get excited if we get a 25mm dump ! Of course, the contents of the dam doesn't help, but the alternative would be even worse. Great to see everyone bogging in to help, gawd knows what the cleanup job will be like. You OK, Dennis ? Reckon if you are, you'd be one of a few. Floods in the tropics, fires in Tassie; they reckon it's gonna take 6 weeks to control it, no rain in sight. I'll see your one croc and raise you a couple of hundred kangaroos ! Good luck, we're thinking of you down here. Rog
  7. roginoz

    The Weather,

    Yeah, we could use a bit [a BIG bit] too ! Almost no rain since early December. 39 today, mid to high 30's forecast all week......starting to get boring ! Webbed feet yet, Dennis ?
  8. That's a very nice example of a Luftwaffe aircraft which I've never seen modelled on this site. Sounds like it was a flying death trap ! Rog
  9. roginoz

    A day of mixed emotions.

    Like John [OP], I have been twice clobbered with this email and, I agree, the emotional rollercoaster is heart-stopping. Logically, I was sure that they couldn't have obtained/concoccted evidence of me watching porn but "could they ?". Again like John, I've consider myself reasonable computer savvy, I have suitable anti-virus protection in place and take care with my passwords, but I'm certainly no expert and have no idea what the ultimate capability of a professional operator extends to. Checking the above suggested website, I, too, have been scammed on 3 different lists, so I obviously need to rethink my passwords and effect a few changes. Thanks, everyone, for your input, there's always something to learn on BM ! Rog
  10. What a pretty little aircraft and, as usual, a great model. The boundary layer step is an intriguing and logical looking innovation. Rog
  11. Photo No 1, thought I was looking at the real thing ! Magnificent ! Rog
  12. roginoz


    Heading to the Isle of Man for the TT Races back in the 60's, my brother and I overnighted in Liverpool to catch the ferry the following morning. Stopping in a dockside pub for a couple of cleansing ales, we observed a pair of gents of Chinese extraction having a heated discussion in broad Liverpudlian. Yhe discussion was getting more and more heated to the extent that fists were raised, but one wasn't interested and headed for the door. His mate, keen to continue what had the potential for a bit of a scrap, shouted at his mate "The trouble with you, wack, is ya yella "* Not sure which of us exhaled a mouthful of beer first......... Quite made the day ! * Apply your own Liverpudlian accent.....you had to be there !
  13. Having been involved in weed spraying, although not by air, I'm horrified at the lack of protection those guys use. A local farmer is in terminal decay through failing to "cover up & clean up" over countless years of farm chemical use, and he ain't a pretty sight. Can't imagine how those guys will end up in a few years time. Anyway, we're moving [as usual] off topic of Moa's inspiring build.
  14. What a stunning model of an iconic crop-duster ! My immediate reaction was "father of the Airtruk" which we used to see crop spraying on the Upper Murray. Moa, are you aware that Sharkit have developed a resin model of the Airtruk, but in 1/48, so I'm sure you'd prefer to apply your scratch building skills to a 1/72 version which, by comparison with the 48, would end up the size of a large wasp........ Must get mine out and build it ! Rog