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  1. Another Modelling News follower here, who has unashamedly cribbed the tips contained therein. Fiddly.......Nah.......not b. much !! A bit like trying to handle a butterfly !! The handling and clean up of all the struttery is an exercise in breath-holding, especially for a fumble fisted, short sighted old git like me. Using the rudder as a 'handle' has resulted in its departure from the fin at least twice thus far, and I've only got as far as joining the cockpit framework to what passes as a fuselage. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating and challenging model and if I can get half as close to this and that elsewhere modelled by Brian [Mr.T], I will be more than happy. Great builds, both ! Rog
  2. roginoz

    Thinking of changing paint, need some advice please.

    Tamiya, along with Gunze, is my go-to acrylic paint for every model I've built in the last 5 years, since returning to the hobby, in fact. Never experienced, ever, any of the problems described in the OP; I rarely wash kits before assembly, apart from resin kits; a spray of the frames [sprues] with Tamiya rattle can primer, then in to it. Thinning [of paints] is with Mr Hobby self-levelling thinners. The only occasion Tamiya acrylics have caused irritations, no more than that, is upon removal of masking tape over their aluminium or chrome silver [XF-16 and X-11 respectively], some light residue is left on the tape, probably through my not waiting long enough before masking. Something radically wrong with the damage the OP describes which, thankfully I've yet to experience. Good luck with your investigations, Rog
  3. Oh, nice ! I've got the GWH Fw189-A1 slowly rising to the top of the stash, so I'll be watching this closely. Dunno what the differences are - not many, probably, but I'd be grateful,Bruce, if you'll point out any greeblies thrown up by the kit, for my education and edification. Good luck with the build. Rog
  4. roginoz

    Grump Britain replacement

    Console yourself that only gentlemen have daughters ........!! Rog [father of two lovelies ]
  5. roginoz

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Best wishes for the investigations, Tony. Hope they find nothing dramatic ! As a fellow sufferer [aren't many of us as we put the years away ?], and following a recent cortisone injection and various scans, I'm looking down the barrel of yet another spinal op, my 4th, after a water skiing accident back in the 70's [the year, not my age.....] Having to re-join a private health fund, having given it away after the kids left home, I now have to wait another 10 months before cover kicks in for an existing condition.......or pay up front........or go public and wait ......for however long it takes. So, good luck and best wishes for the BEST of outcomes, and get back to this masterful build as soon as possible. While not having passes comment, apart from 'likes', I am enjoying and continue to be amazed by, the masterful and detailed work you are performing on the Iron Chicken. Rog
  6. roginoz

    1/35 Kolibiri

    That's a really nice little diorama, and an excellent build of the Kollibri. Like the subtle weathering and chipping, makes the model pop ! Just making a [very slow] start on mine, and fiddling with the engine......... Any tricks for the unwary [me !], Brian ? Cheers, Rog
  7. roginoz

    McDonnell Douglas MD-11- 1:144 MikroMir

    I hope there's been some improvement in the masks. While MikroMir can be relied on to issue kits of some of the most interesting and unlikely subjects [imho], they are let down badly by the quality of masks that accompany the kits. A stiff plasticised material which point blank refuses to conform to the slightest degree of curvature, often will lift, in all or part, especially in cockpit canopy areas which often require filler and subsequent sanding. The lifting will, of course, encourage paint creep which, as the reviewer observes, will occur with brush painting and, in my own experience, with the airbrush. Come removal time, those masks which have achieved a proper adherence will be a fight to remove, and will often leave much of the adhesive on the clear part necessitating a clean up with e.g. IPA and risking damage to surrounding paint. Such a let down, because I love MikroMir's catalogue of subjects - just a shame about their masks ! I look at the masks above with a degree of trepidation.........
  8. roginoz

    I realise that this is not the right spot, but

    Lucky load of sods !!! Need any porters/slaves/factotums [factotii ? ] or other such freeloaders........?????
  9. roginoz

    Percival Proctor IV

    What a great build !! Very smart indeed ! Well remember seeing Proctors in numbers at Denham Airfield during the 60's. Also saw the Junkers Proctor at Bovingdon Airfield along with CASA's and Heinkel 111's during filming of the "Battle of Britain". The former was sacrilegious .........!!!!
  10. roginoz

    Help! Building Eduard Resin Propeller Kit

    Can I suggest you don't despair. While the difference between the kit prop and the resin version may be insignificant [I don't know, I haven't seen them to compare], when your skills improve to the extent of seeking to improve wheel wells or cockpits with resin, you will notice some significant improvements. As Mike suggests, a razor saw is a valuable part of any modellers armoury and has uses beyond fettling resin, and they are not expensive. Mine is over 30 years old and is only on its third blade, and despite only returning to the hobby a few years ago, I have used it on kits completely of resin. I had to walk before I could run with all this new stuff, but with encouragement from fellow modellers, including from BM, I have been able to tackle aspects of modelling previously completely foreign to me. Good luck and keep at it !! Rog
  11. roginoz

    Help! Building Eduard Resin Propeller Kit

    The lumps attached to the spinner and prop base are what is known as casting blocks which enable the originals to be completely covered with resin and still able to be handled. Ha, Mike beat me to it, and far more clearly than me. Good luck and welcome to the mysterious world of resin. Rog
  12. roginoz

    Bedding decals in Klear/ Future or equivalent.

    Wish I'd tried this idea on my MikroMir Tu G-1 !! Tight corrugations in wings and fuselage [tighter than on the Tante Ju] and decals the consistency of lino, despite buckets of warm soapy water followed by Microset/sol, virtually ensured the decals would not bed down.....and I wasn't disappointed ! Some of the worst silvering I've ever experienced on a model ! Always reckon decals [and transparencies] are the makings of an aircraft model....... and they've made this model.......s$$t ! Oh well, too late to do anything about it now, the decals are well sealed with varnish, and any attempt to re-do will end in further disaster. Write it off to experience and bookmark your great tip, Steve. Rog
  13. Best laugh I've had all day !!!! Classic, and almost plausible........!! Rog
  14. I'm impressed !! I found the Esci/Italeri BMWs with/without sidecar, solo Zundapp & solo Harley WL fiddly enough in 1/9, so I'm super impressed with this example in 1/35. Still got the 1/9 Esci/Dragon Kettenkrad lurking at the bottom of the stash.....must get it out and fondle some plastic, although the kit critics don't rate it. We'll see........ Rog
  15. I like that !! Much nicer than mine for which I just used Trainer Yellow - the orange sets it off much better. Found it a fairly straightforward and rewarding kit which stands out nicely in the display among a host of camo models. Rog