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  1. That all looks a bit nice !! Looking forward to getting mine ! Rog
  2. roginoz

    Something strange going on?

    Thanks for that bit of info, Dennis. Can't sheet it home to the snowstorm then. As no-one seems to have experienced any computer issues, guess I'll just ignore it. Rog
  3. This will be a great accompaniment to my Fokker D-23 !! Bring it on !! Rog
  4. roginoz

    Something strange going on?

    I'm also getting the same warning message as Dennis [sloegin] post no 5 above, and, like him, am using the same Mac program and capacity. Indeed, BM has slowed markedly over the past week or so - suppose everything slows down when it's snowing......goes with the territory....... Rog
  5. That's one great-looking MiG !! Rog
  6. Very convincing conversions - a lot of work gone into a good looking trio. However, with the greatest respect, all photos and reports I've seen of the Falklands conflict suggest rain, mist and typically South Atlantic weather. The likelihood of mud, not dust, might be more appropriate for such a scenario, methinks. Regards, Rog
  7. Doesn't look so complicated that a bit of scratch building wouldn't fix it........I don't think........ Rog
  8. roginoz

    Models of Late Victorian/Edwardian things?

    Oldmodel Kits frequently lists the Gowland "Highways" series and many others - just can't find their link at present........ Good luck, Rog
  9. Some good looking work on what looks like a fairly challenging kit which will build up to a nice result. Mine arrived last week and, for some unknown reason, promptly installed itself at the top of the stash, so your dad's modelling and your photos will provide me with some ideas about what to look out for. I had already noted that the booms might require a bit of internal strengthening; it seems I must check my supply of filler too. Looking forward to making a start when I've cleared the workbench of works in progress. Cheers.........Rog
  10. Great looking build ! Useless information.......my godfather was production manager at Scammells in Watford in the 50's, possibly earlier, didn't know him that well........ He obviously made an impression...... Rog
  11. Wish I'd seen this before I cammo'd my Stranraer.........gorgeous !! Rog
  12. roginoz

    1/48 Tamiya Kettenkrad SdKfz 2

    Nice bit of diorama'y stuff, very "Better Homes & Gardens", Mrs R would be most impressed ! You've given me the incentive to drag out my Dragon/Esci Kettenkrad which keeps muttering "build me...build me..." from under the stash bench. Might pass on the diorama though, at 1/9, it might take up too much room. Looking forward to seeing what you do with Uwe and his mount. Rog
  13. There's another thread on this topic ? Haven't seen it. Well, my kit's on order !! Rog
  14. roginoz

    P-63 Kingcobra wing root intakes

    So does the 1/48 Hi-Tech kit.