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  1. @Heather Kay, I usually print off a copy of the parts tree, to save the irritation of having to ".......flip back and forth......" Works for me ! Rog
  2. Wooohooo !! A @CedB build ! And I'm on page 1 ! What an iconic build for this GB ! Following. in spades !
  3. A brace of beautiful builds ! Congratulation ! Always thought the aircraft resembled a dejected spaniel with the dropped canards.......
  4. These little kits are great ! I received some with the Anigrand Ekranoplan and Kalinan K7 kits and they build up quite well.
  5. What a great job on the seats and beltage ! All looking suitably busy in there and the tail rejoin is a work of mathematical inspiration. Well, of course ! It's a Hendiebuild !
  6. Was wondering where this had got to, and I'm rapt to see it back in production. Not sure my mojo would have stood up to repairing the damage described, but delighted that your has. Onward and upward !! Rog
  7. Very nice indeed ! I built the Special Hobby version in 1/48 in the same scene. A striking looking aircraft. Rog
  8. 500's every third thread shift now. These have taken over from the 503's [said he, fingers crossed], but they're becoming a bigger bloody pest ! Surely, after 18 pages, there's something can be done or someone who can fix it. The novelty has well & truly worn off !
  9. Bloody Hell, Bill, and there was I thinking I was a bit special having had four spinal ops ! I reckon you should consult the Guiness Book of Records to see if you rate an entry. My last one involved all the screws, plates and bolts and, you're right, they only serve to aggravate the adjoining vertebrae while, admittedly, holding you upright. Nevertheless, I have good days & bad days, the latter generally depending on what I did the day before - like overdoing it, so I'm slowly learning to listen to my body. From a fellow sufferer, I wish you every success wit
  10. That's come up a treat !, Definitely a different variation on the usual dull green versions that grace [!] my shelf. I'm impressed with your delineation of the wing and tailplane ribs ! I'll be nicking your method unashamedly........ A stunning build ! Rog
  11. All I can see is a lot of grey squares............
  12. G'day from Victoria, the Lockdown State ! O:{
  13. My loss of innocence began the day I joined a club............ :o] Been all downhill ever since ! Now, where's my starter kit........??
  14. I see a definite business opportunity here !! Great work, Ced !
  15. Agreed !! Four in the last 15 mins !! Getting well beyond a joke !
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