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  1. Thanks guys,safe to say I won't forget which is which now
  2. Ah, thanks for that, I know finally understand what people are talking about...
  3. Update time (again), put a wash on the interior, Then I joined the fuselage together, However gaps appeared, mostly around the intakes and nose although the nose was pushed apart from by the cmk replacement part. Intakes, Nose, Updates will probably slow down now, may have one tomorrow but if not should have one next Friday. Cheers Sean
  4. This group build should be called the academy F 15 group build
  5. The kit would be better if it had engraved panel lines, but considering its from a mould from 1986 it's not bad.
  6. I've just built the 1/48 one and I used model master neutral grey for the upper surfaces, it looks ok too comparing it to other photos.
  7. Small update today, got most of the interior painted, and because I don't have access to that weird Russian green blue colour, it has been painted using xtracrylix intermediate blue. I have also cut out the troop door on the left fuselage (I don't know what port and starboard is other than the former being a strong alcoholic drink....) Anyway, on to the pics, Unfinished cockpit,and cabin Left fuselage half Right half The cut out left troop door and on of the cmk resin pieces Next update soon.
  8. For my second WIP I will be tackling this beast, Along with some linden hill decals And another cmk resin set that I don't have any pictures of yet. For those who saw my Gripen thread, this build will slow done after Sunday to updates at weekend with a-levels restarting and all that.......... Anyway should have an update tomorrow or Saturday.
  9. And while I remember here's a comparison between the aires and kit exhaust Kit part Aires part
  10. The gripen is now finished, it went together well apart from the canopy (both parts fitted like s**** especially the rear part if it was to be closed) but I think I rescued it. Overall shot: Canopy cover and front end in general Excuse the messy work area, Better pictures will appear later in the RFI section.
  11. I would have had a side by side comparison but I seem to have misplaced the kit one..... In other news I unmasked the canopy to reveal a mini disaster, the canopy is knackered. So a quick mooch in the kitchen cupboards revealed som foil, so a quick trim and a coat of tamiya raf green 2 with some 30lb fishing braid glued to it, I now have a canopy cover that is sometimes seen on these things. Not quite finished here but will be fine when I have done a second coat. Should be ready for the RFI tonight.
  12. Update time! Finished the decaling and I have to say the placement guide ( or lack of) made it difficult to place the stencils correctly so I may have missed some out or misplaced others. But apart from that the decals worked well. Pre wash Wash on Wash off and humbrol matt acrylic varnish And finally a slightly better shot of the aires burner Should be finished and ready for the RFI section tomorrow. And a happy new year to everyone.
  13. Major decals are on. Overall shot Canards Tail and aires exhaust (can't see the detail really here but it is a vast improvement over the kit part) Should be finished in the next few days
  14. This one has to be built fast, I've got this and a revell 1/48 Hind (and a long term special hobby seafire mk xv) to do before I get back to school. Got one photo of it glossed using revell aqua (great stuff) Decals tomorrow.
  15. Gloss coat on, ready for decals later, ejector seat also painted, just waiting for an Aires exhaust to replace the ridiculous kit part. Photos tomorrow hopefully.
  16. Not much done today, wheel wells and landing gear painted white, then gear doors attached. Sorry no pics at the moment, may have some later.
  17. Update: Primed, Neutral grey on top, Then canards and tail painted black as a base for the decals (plus I wanted to see what the finished thing might look like....) I have also painted the underside light ghost grey but I haven't got any photos at the moment. It has also sprouted a set of legs since yesterday
  18. I'm doing it in this scheme by the way http://www.airliners.net/photo/Czech-Republic--/Saab-JAS-39C-Gripen/1957795/&sid=c4d44c730a7afbe063c25e8774961b72 I don't think that breached copyright, but if it does I'll remove it.
  19. Small update: Filled, Gun added, Etch then the front screen Apologies for crappy photos
  20. It will be nice to see another one of these even if it will take 20 years for a dry day before you can take any photos.................... I've just used the cmk c conversion and left all but the wing tip pylons off. Update this afternoon hopefully.
  21. Oh yeah, the exhaust needs replacing, the kit part is pants to say the least
  22. I've seen it described as clunky on other builds and I agree. The main problem is the wing to fuselage join the rest is ok. The cmk resin doesn't fit well in some places too.
  23. My first in progress with this, I'm guessing its going to be a filler monster Box top Guide: And where I've got to now: I just hope the pics show, if they do I apologise for the quality they were taken with an iPad camera Update tomorrow hopefully.
  24. Are there any after market decals available, or will I have to try and scrounge some?
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