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  1. Here’s my second entry. It’s Kinetic’s 1/48 F-16A/B boxing converted into a RNoAF BM using various bits of aftermarket. Sean
  2. All decals on. The tail and missiles have also been glued on. Now I need to sort out the landing gear and a few other details. This could possibly be completed tonight Sean
  3. All stripes are on. Now onto the monotonous job of stencils. Sean
  4. The missiles got painted today and the exhaust nozzle got finished up. I’ll get a gloss coat on it tomorrow ready for decals. Sean
  5. Thanks guys. I’m going to leave the colour as it is, I think it’s as close as it’s going to get to be honest. Sean
  6. I think It should be ok once the decals and weapons etc are on. I’ve also repainted the nose because it looked a little too dark compared to photos. Sean
  7. Here’s a better picture of it in daylight. What’s the opinion on the colour? Sean
  8. I applied a coat of Tamiya AS-16 this afternoon. I’m not sure that this grey is correct, it looks a little too warm so to speak. For reference, the nose has been painted medium grey and the drop tanks are still in standard Tamiya primer. I’ll try get a picture in natural light tomorrow. Sean
  9. The seats got painted and fitted, but I stupidly forgot to take a picture of them. I then sorted out the canopy and applied the Daco reinforcement plates which were quite fiddly. Sean
  10. Thanks Col. It doesn’t put up too much of a fight really, clamps soon put it in its place Sean
  11. Got the nose pieces on today. I made sure the gaps were at the bottom and they were filled with pieces of plastic card. Sean
  12. Fuselage is now together and the intake section has been fitted. The intake didn’t fit with the fuselage as well as it did on my previous builds, although I think this may be due to the second cockpit slightly interfering. Sean
  13. After looking at pictures of Norwegian BM’s, it would appear that they don’t have the HUD repeater. So I took a razor saw to my nicely painted cockpit and removed it. I’ve also started assembling the tail, wheels bays etc. Sean
  14. Plodding on with this. The join between the forward fuselage and rear fuselage is the best I’ve seen on the various Kinetic F-16’s that I’ve assembled. The cockpit looks a little rough, but it’ll tidy up. Sean
  15. This piece of German excellence was a nice present on Thursday. Sean
  16. This is it here: https://www.diecastlegends.com/f1-models/spark-mercedes-f1-w10-1st-2019-monaco-grand-prix-44-l-hamilton-1-18.html Definitely not cheap, but it is a very impressive and quite intricate model. Sean
  17. This beast arrived this morning. It looks good with the others. Sean
  18. Thanks Mike. I do like the aggressor schemes in the kit, but the thought of all that masking after dealing with the various shortfalls with the kit makes me want to curl up in a ball and pretend it wasn’t there Sean
  19. Another Kinetic F-16 because I’m mad... And a nice new cutting mat because the last one had seen better days and I fancied a bigger one. Sean
  20. I’m sure you have some space on your bench next to the Super Hornet that you’re building.. Plus there’s plenty of time left before the deadline too. Sean
  21. For my next trick I shall be attempting to turn this: Into something that looks like this: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/788271/692-norway-royal-norwegian-air-force-general-dynamics-f-16a-fighting-falcon/ Sean
  22. Build about 4 or 5 at once no doubt..
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