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  1. The RFM ones look to be a lot more user friendly than the Bronco ones with jigs supplied and just by the way the guide horns are attached. But if they’re crap then it’s gonna be rubber band tracks for it Here are the blocks I’ve got: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00W9WVBUK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Sean
  2. Thanks Darryl. I had seen those AFV tracks but I just fancied giving the indi links a second chance but those AFV tracks are there as plan C. The block of foam is actually going to be used to create the front wall of a house with the rest based on balsa wood. I have another 5 blocks which will be used as bases in the future as they’re almost the perfect size for a small vignette. Sean
  3. I fine tuned the weathering on the hull today and then I added the suspension bogies and idler wheels. The drive sprockets and idler wheels are still loose to aid with fitting the tracks. Speaking of which, I was really not impressed by the way Bronco have the sprue attachments to the track guide teeth. The clean up required to get them to fit the tracks nicely is simply not worth it in my opinion, especially as there are 166 to do per side So after an afternoon of browsing I’ve ordered some Rye Field Models tracks which look to be a bit more user friendly after finding the instructions online. On a positive note I also got a flat coat on tonight and to say I’m pleased with the way it looks is an understatement, this is turning out to be one of my best models to date I’ll sort out the stowage and .50 cal while I’m waiting for the tracks. I’ll also use the time to start work on a base which wasn’t part of the original plan but I think it deserves one Sean
  4. Brilliant. I’ll have a look to see if I can find some elsewhere, I’m not sure about that website I initially found it on. Sean
  5. So I’ve been cracking on with the weathering. A little more work is needed to blend the dust/dirt along the sides although the actual fade is a little better in the flesh compared to the photos, but a bit more work is needed nevertheless. Sean
  6. Thanks John. Do you normally apply it before washes etc or after? Sean
  7. Is this the stuff you mean? https://www.models2u.co.uk/contents/en-uk/p2817_allied-green-fading-weathering-pigment.html Sean
  8. I’ve started the weathering today as well as applying the enormous number of decals (9 in total ). I feel that the chipping is a little much at the moment but I’ll tinker with it a bit more and I’m hoping washes and dust effects etc will help bring it together. Plus I’ll be adding stowage which should tone down the worst places (ahem engine decking... ). Sean
  9. Thanks Wayne. I enjoy this stage because I can do what I want and I’m not having to follow instructions etc. Just a few reference photos and away I go. Sean
  10. The Firefly was primed the other day and was then given a spray of Tamiya TS-5 Olive drab tonight. Next will be detail painting, gloss coat, decals then I can have some fun weathering it. Sean
  11. I think you hit the nail on the head there Darryl. Things seem to be going out of stock rather quickly on various websites nowadays Sean
  12. These goodies also arrived today. Well I had to get some in before the good folk of the Tiger super thread depleted the modelling supplies worldwide Sean
  13. I’ve been cracking on with this since Saturday and I’ve now completed most of the assembly of the hull. I ended up using the plastic tail light guards because I managed to duff up the etch ones. One of the headlight brush guards is also a bit wonky but I think I’ll disguise that with a bit of strategic stowage placement... I also added a few dents to the front mud guards because you can’t have a Sherman looking too pristine can you? Sean
  14. I’ve been busy working on the hull today and I’ve made a fair bit of progress with it. A lot of the detail pieces have been added and the upper and lower hulls have been glued. I’ve also made a start on the Bronco tracks which are going together quite well so far. Sean
  15. No progress, but our local DPD driver appeared to leave these at the front door this afternoon. I must have clicked buy now by mistake... Sean
  16. Thanks chaps. Here’s my previous two attempts at dioramas although those two were on MiniArt bases whereas this one was scratch built from balsa wood. Sean
  17. Thanks Darryl. The barrel is actually slightly skewed to the left when you look at it from directly above, so guess which angle you guys won’t be seeing... Sean
  18. Assembly of the turret is now pretty much done, just the .50 cal and antenna bases to add later. I’ve added some weld lines that appear to be missing from the kit using some plastic rod flooded with glue and then shaped with a blunt scalpel blade. I’ve also added the brackets to the turret bustle. Tomorrow I’ll turn my attention back to the hull. Sean
  19. Ah yes, the little Sherman’s that packed a bit of extra oomph. You must have used some pretty potent glue on those duckbills as you seem to have a complete set on that run. Sean
  20. This is the Firefly I’m trying to recreate: The tracks I have are the wrong type according to those instructions, but I can live with that. Any pictures of the real thing will be greatly appreciated. The kit comes with a little fret of PE with brush guards/grills etc The kit supplied springs for the hatches don’t actually look too bad but if they look naff under a coat of paint I’ve got some lead wire of various diameters knocking about so I can give your method a crack. Sean
  21. Thanks Bob, I’m working off the profile in the decals and also the kit instructions which I know is dangerous but I don’t have any pictures to work from. Even if I hadn’t been forewarned of the pitfalls of DS tracks I’d have had to get some new ones anyway as the DS tracks in the kit have become very brittle in the packaging and snap every time they’re flexed. Your Firefly is looking rather nice there, it doesn’t look like it’s far off getting some paint on it? Sean
  22. That’s the thing I like about Sherman’s, they had that many modifications and field add ons that it’s very difficult to be wrong. A quick browse on the web seems to indicate that Dragon did manage to give a fair representation of the antenna bases. Sean
  23. I’ve continued on with the turret and left the hull for now. I’m not convinced the cheek armour was on the particular Firefly on the Star decals sheet, but it looks good... Now I’ve got some etch to add as well as a little bit of scratch building for the brackets on the turret bin. Then it’ll be back to the hull. Sean
  24. It was a combination of vague instructions and vague fit, but I’ve cracked it now I think. The cutting mat is an A2 sized one so it is rather large but it’s helpful as my workbench is also the dining room table so it stops me covering the table in all sorts when I have a mishap... Sean
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