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  1. Big Brother is watching you... https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/PIC/PIC_1-P-3491-64.jpg https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/PIC/PIC_1-S-1300-10.jpg Please note that the oil tank is only on the left, on the right it is an ordinary canvas cover.
  2. NMF is a natural metal finish, but what does BNF mean? After all, the whole hull was fabric covered, with several metal inspection covers (or a luggage up the hull).
  3. The model was developed in the early 1990's, so it was possible that the colors from the instructions are incorrect. Surely twice used in the table of color descriptions "G" - once as a black color, and the second time - as brown. And here it should be "H", as in the drawings. When describing the colors of the seat can the letter "H" is the color of the belts? Because the seat itself is marked with the letter "C". Seats (armchairs) were completely metal, without upholstery. Instead of soft upholstery, parachutes were used ... I hope this picture will help you choose the colors of cushions and other elements: ++
  4. Did you paint the seats brown? That's how it looks, but should be a light-plated. Both seats were made of aluminum. If you have any other questions - ask you boldly. RWD-8 is one of my favorite aircraft. rgds, KF
  5. Hi, When You taking pictures of the model, You have strengthened color saturation? Your Boom looks quite unnaturally, such "vivid" colors are exaggerated. In my opinion, it would be appropriate to try to desaturate colors, use more gray, dirty shades than such strong colors. But this may only a matter of processing and preparing this photo. How does your model look really? Rgds, KF
  6. Thanks, gentlemen. As I thought - probably there was no one, a particular color painting of postal aircraft in early years (ie until 1925). Because in 1925, the United States Congress passed that Federal Mail could choose the arbitrary commercial suppliers (different on different lines), so after 1925 it was definitely not possible to unify painting.
  7. Hi, I have a question - I know a bit strange, but I can not find information about it in any book or on websites. Are U.S. Mail airplanes around 1920 have some common, fixed color of painting or, however, planes were in their natural paintings, given by the manufacturer? If the color was specified - what exactly? Health for everyone ...
  8. The morning mail continues. D260 from the left Here is a float from my catalog called "Junkers F13". Is it exactly as you need - I am not sure, something was constantly changed during production and it does not have to be the same as your planes had. In my opinion, it should have four fittings for fixing the supports connecting the float to the hull, here you can only see three clearly, the fourth is almost invisible, but if you look carefully - it's there. The photo shows a view from the back side, the structure should be common to both floats - symmetrical.
  9. And morning mail ... G-ACDP on the shore of a mountain lake.
  10. Additional fuel tank behind the cabin? And this is fuel filler?
  11. Surprise... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LgaTA2w2V6Ms8OJEdL2YgRVgmLFm38q2/view?usp=sharing I don't remember the source very well, but Avro was building Cadets and Tutors (?) at the same time, which they painted with the Titanine. So why shouldn't Cierva be painting this paint too?
  12. Hello, hello Cierva fanatics. As for the blue shade - found it (on ebay?) once photo of Titanine Emailite blue paint cans. Old, dirty, but I think it shows the right shade. Pete - since our last conversation I changed Cierva SP-ANN, first of all she got a silver tail and some brand new operating inscriptions. More is in the thread on the Polish forum. cavebloke - do you have the option to print decals nearby?
  13. Hi, I sit down and watch with interest. Do you know what it is? The D-260 had this thing mounted on the right side of the fuselage.
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