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  1. I can't say because I don't know. The photos were enlarged by my friend who works for You-Know-Who. When I asked him, he replied: something like Photoshop + two plugins + one specialized program + 30 seconds of work per "cluster" + 20 years of experience. Don't ask me what a "cluster" is. I just combined the pictures sent to me into one. BTW - any suggestions for the inscription on the oil tank? KF
  2. OK, but I think SUPPORT HERE is more likely. Judge for yourself: https://www.diomedia.com/stock-photo-hawker-hurricane-iic-pz865g-amau-image25031507.html You have to press the magnifying glass icon (left) and then zoom to the maximum. Other photos, of course, too. My friend, who sent the enlarged fragments, made a joke for me. I suspected that it was impossible ;)) But I'm still waiting for attempts to guess what is written on the left wing.
  3. Good morning... I woke up in the morning and found a picture in the email, that explained, what was written on the rudder in a later version of TLoTM paint. At this point I marked. Big thanks. I got others too, but this time it won't be that easy. The plane also had a three-line inscription on the left wing, next to the oil filler cap. Typically, the following text was placed there: OIL 9 GALLS AIRSPACE 1 1/2 GALLS But there are only three lines here. The most probable version seems to me: OIL | ??? | 9 GA
  4. Thank you. I know this site, but there is no information about these subtitles on this page. I hope that somewhere in local collections, difficult to trace from the net or in some old books or magazines, there are photographs or even the content of these inscriptions. And that's what I'm looking for. ---------------- One hour later... Surprise!!! Do you have any ideas for reading these inscriptions? My suspicions here (I wrote it in WHITE color ) ---> FIRST AID + SUPPORT HERE + EMPTY WEIGHT / MAXIMUM LOAD WEIGHT PERMISS
  5. Not necessarily. Look here - this plane is painted in the museum, but maybe ...
  6. Ya, I know it... Rather TARE WEIGHT... It's possible that this short text is TRESTLE HERE ?
  7. Hi I'm looking for information on small inscriptions on the Hawker Hurricane G-AMAU ("The Last of the Many"). I mean these two inscriptions on the port side, rear, bottom of the fuselage. One is above the lifting area. I thought it was just LIFT HERE, but the first word is longer, maybe six or seven letters, the second one - maybe four or five letters. The arrow below text, ofc. The second description looks like a weight description, but only two lines of text. The first one is probably FUEL & OIL and then their weight in LBS, but this one is lower? Three
  8. Yeah, I added stencils, a revised version of the lettering on the door (because Eduard made what is on the number 741, not 739) and the squadron emblem - they're on the sides of the cockpit.
  9. Maybe this is enough for you? https://muzeumlotnictwa.pl/index.php/digitalizacja/katalog/889 https://muzeumlotnictwa.pl/index.php/digitalizacja/katalog/900 https://muzeumlotnictwa.pl/index.php/digitalizacja/katalog/914 https://muzeumlotnictwa.pl/index.php/digitalizacja/katalog/887
  10. It's just one tiny, round window at the bottom of the hull ... First look at the selected camouflage - QE-J (A46-209) did not have a camera yet.
  11. Yo. From A46-211 to 249. Under the fuselage, right behind the wing Camera: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F24_camera
  12. Warning! Jpthedog and everyone else who builds Cierva or Rota. Here is a photo taken 20 years ago during the construction of a Spanish replica. The original Avro ROTA K4232 and the C-30 MZA under construction stand side by side. And what are the colors of the propeller blade on the pilot's side? Regards...
  13. BTW Anyone have the original paper edition of AeroModeller 1962-09 and can send me a scan of this page with Cierva's plans? There are scans on the web, but quite low quality. And it does not even have to be a scan - photos taken with the phone would be enough. kayfranz (at) wp.pl
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