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  1. Hello, I managed to buy a resin AEW kit on Ebay. I don't know who the manufacturer is...the box says it's from Iceland. Nick

    1. SleeperService


      Hi Nick


      The manufacturer is Iceland Models. One of our Club Members saw him at a recent show and will pass on the details at the next meeting.

      What's it like? I hope the fuselage is hollow as it will be challenging to get it to stand properly otherwise....



    2. NickOnai


           Hi, the kit  looks pretty nice, although it's awfully heavy. The fuselage is hollow, the radome is solid , as well as the wings. They do reccommend using metal landing gear due to the weight of the aircraft, since it's resin. I was planning to rob the metal gear from my Dynavector kit and substitute the gear from the resin kit in the Dynavector kit.  I'll probably build the Dynavector kit aas anCOD aircraft. I have the Airwaves wing foild set...I really don't know if I'll use it though. I was going through my stash and realized that I've got quite a few models of British aircraft that I'll never build. I'm seriousl considering offering them for sale on Ebay. I'll have to determine how much I want to charge for them. Thanks again, Nick

    3. SleeperService


      The AEW Gannet has a completely different undercarriage to the AS/COD air-frames. You might be better going through the Albion Alloys list and making your own. SAC make some British undercarriages but IMHO they are pretty useless. Tony O'Toole has had issues with them bending as have I. 


      Airwaves wing fold DON'T DO IT!!!!!! One of our club members has given up on one project in his life the Dynavector  kit with the wing fold set. He is seriously good to the stage of designing his own photo-etch.


      I'd try the For Sale section here on BM rather than eBay. As a club never had a single issue on BM but too many on eBay. One of our members died suddenly 4 years ago and we were asked to dispose of his stash. Good job I could get a Class 2 curtain sider as there were several thousand. The money handler recently mentioned that we'd gained 3K from commission savings and were down to less than a hundred kits.Better in your pocket than eBay's.


      Thanks for the information about the AEW, I think I've been persuaded now.




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