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    8 hours ago, John Laidlaw said:
    9 hours ago, Natter said:

    Pixie. Gone to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. There's more room to move in the bed at night now, but it is a much emptier place.




    -I know all too well what you can feel in these circumstances, I lost my Tomy few monthes ago, your Pixie has gone but she remain by your side what ever you do she will never let you down...

    Keep safe

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  2. 18 hours ago, PattheCat said:


    French people are renowned for their love of cooking and good food but French cats are like every other cat around the world, they care only for the latter.

    Bon appétit!

    - What else to say ? They just are CATS.......A world in itself we cannot understand, may be is it why we love them so. 

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  3. 14 hours ago, Pete Robin said:

    I can feel your pain. I presume that you have some left on display elsewhere. If so that at least will ease the loss somewhat I hope.

    At least you didn't lose all your work like I did. As some of you may know, I had to give up physically making models through ill health. I had saved about 80 models, mainly 1/35th vehicles etc. However, fate dictated that the place where they were displayed for several years was now deemed a war zone. A shelf collapsed (why? Who knows) suddenly, which caused a cascade and demolished the lot. Any idea how many wheels there are on that many German vehicles? Or individual track links? It was carnage. Couldn't bring myself to even try and begin to sort it. Just collected the lot into bin bags and off to the tip. Can't even access the photos of them now either as photobucket seems not to like my sign in details anymore. 

    Still, I get to see you guys work and admire the finished products.

    Stay sane fellas, keep up the good work.



    -Thank you Pete, I understand too well your ordeal, different reasons leads to the same result, fortunatly I still have enough in different show cases to please my eyes and memories





    - I faced the same problem with Photobucket some years ago so I changed to imageshack and no problems since

    Thank you for your words , Keep safe my friend 🍻


    12 hours ago, SAT69 said:

    Which B-58 kit is that. I like the looks of it.

    - It was the Italeri Kit with scratch made  decal scheme and paint

  4. 15 minutes ago, JWM said:

    I am thinking on this and what can be said, the temperature was not thst high that foamed poly is melted together, it only (!???) glued to surface of model, so it is just a question of debonding surface of model covered with varnish and foamed poly. The alcohol shoul help, do nt give up....

    -Thank you my friend for your idea, it's a tip to be kept in mind for the next models I will built. On the other end the age is coming........

    - Some models were in boxes for almost 20 years; it is probably why, as they were constantly exposed at rather high temperatures during spring and sommer monthes that made the chips to stick to the varnish. Last sommer, temperature rised 40°under shadow for two or three consecutivs days, which means 50°+ for the less, under the roof in the attic for hours, the nights being not sufficiently fresh to cool the space. I noticed that matt acrylic paints were more sensitive to this phenomenon than gloss and enamels.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, exdraken said:

    Your hobby us modelling, not model storing and hoarding, no?!


    Keep up building and showing please!




     - That 's what I'm doing  Werner.   with some small problem by the way.......







    With  TRUMPY at rescue



    - Such is life otf the modeller.......



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  6. 6 minutes ago, Roman Schilhart said:

    Due to limitation of display space, my glass showcase gets a clean-out every other year.

    Those models who do not match my current standards are removed.

    Most of them end up at my Local Hobby Shop as free-takeaways.

    I'm quite strict in this regard, as my aim is quality, not quantity.


    Maybe you get the chance to replace the lost models with new built kits?

    I'm sure you have improved your standards over the years and can build even better models now!


    - Vielen Danke Roman 

     - Your idea of the take away is excellent, I won't have think of it - I have the same philisophy, once my show cases full I used to pack them and to the attic. But the space became limited, and added to this, the problem with polistyrene so the only way was the scrap yard....... As I'm keeping on modelling, so one day or another, I will have to cope with the same problem but I will make your idea in good practice this time ... if you allow it ......🍻

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