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  1. - In the days these Trimaster kits wefre realesed, they were the best on the market , I remenber having built an entire Tagjagd to me alone.....
  2. -Excellent.......They are irresistible......
  3. - It's a true beauty, The buckles facilitate greatly the task, seeing the splendid result you achieve, I've made my mind I will not use the photoetched rigging but buckles and wire system... -I'm eager to see your Strinbag... J.M
  4. - Thanks to you, Patch has found his refuge, I guess this goes with some fooding, be sure he will reward you with his indefectible friendship. -In the same way, we opened a free self-sevice. It's a great success for our "out-doors" -I can't tell wether they are migrants or not ? but they all belong to the same tribe with only two "caucasian". black&white "Kiki"like Patch, and an unnamed tigerstriped grey & white...we even have an hedgehog !!......., here three of them, but they are more numerous...." -With the restaurant, they can enjoy some shelters but not as sophisticated as Patch's one... In the Middle-Age we would have been sentenced as witches and burnt on the bonfire......with all these black cats.. -We have identified :, "Trumpy;" "Bo Jo", "Ourska", "The Uncle", "Cosette", "Ely", "Jack beau regard", "The Guard" ,probably the Great Chief, it seems to watch after the others, remarquably, he never eat before the others have eaten, sense of reponsablity or the certainty to have fresh foods ?.I won't bet....He probably noticed we are around there.....
  5. - As I do.......Sometime...but hushhhhh
  6. - Baby Ely and mother........I can't resist sharing with you this moment of quietness ........... (A bit blurry but I ouldn't be closer - sorry)
  7. - Nothing new about rigging your beautiful Glad Dunny?
  8. - The best tctics to grap a target - First: Observation phase.... Second: Cautious aproach march... -Third : Attack - Retreat..... - BEURK......... very strange smell these saussages.......... - Young Ely 2 monthes kitten .......
  9. - Something to remind us our young years. In those days, even AIRFIX was pleague with missing parts from time to time. With Marcel, my pal both beginners in modelling, having previously suffered this horrible and incomprehensible trouble, something coming from England could only be perfect, each time we bought a kit, we turn the first corner of the street, opened the box and made a scrupoulous inventory of the parts, if ever one was missing, immediatly back to the shop for an exchange of the box, dewly checked this time in front of the poor puzzled "dealer"...
  10. - Camo oustanding mastery, The Great Jaennot is back again......!
  11. -Uschi thread looks, to me, more réalistic than P.E parts, that don't ease my dilemma for my Glad to come...... Congrats for your excellents Stringbag and Walrus
  12. -Any troubles with P.E bracing,?
  13. -To illustrate my previous post, the bracing wires were made of fishing wire
  14. -Fishing wire has very interesting properties. I use it each time when I need some wiring, notably for antennas wires, and rigging at occasion.; It is sturdy and can be tensed without problem, this gives you a perfectly straight line, insensitive to humidity which means no slackness, can be easily fixed where you need with a drop of C.A glue, it is cheap and can be found everywhere,a reel is enough for your life you may find different thickness according the scale you are working, it can be slightly green or blue colored, or not, but you can paint it. In this case it may looks oversized, just use lower gauge wire. I often use it natural, at small gauge the color is unnoticeable, and remain perfectly visible, On the wrong side it has no elasticity but this capacity is not really usefull with this matérial... Just try it and make your mind......
  15. -I have Gaspatch models given for 1/32 metal buckles ,they look very small, I even don't know if a 0,8 fishing wire may go through and I have doubt about being metallic, hence strength , if some one knows more about these..?
  16. -All my best for the rigging, -After the Saab 29 from FLY MODEL I'm working on , it will be this ICM beauty to invade my work bench. My biggest worry is that damm rigging..... -In my glorious 72 days I developped a rather strange process wich proved successfull..... to my own sense...... First I drilled holes were they should be on the upper lower wing and glued through the fishing wire, with a sufficient length, assembled both surfaces after having made a bundle wtih the wire to avoid problems as much as possible during the building steps ......then after the usual assembly and painting process. masts inclued, I drilled the corresponding holes on the lower duly painted upper wing, in those days I didn't worry that much about weathering......settled it in place over the masts...... after some struggle as you may guess, the wires can be stretched and secured with a drop of C.A glue on this upper lower surface, and cover the whole with the upper part. -It works reasonnably well with a kit offering separated half wings and gives the model with and interesting strength, btw I didn't built a lot of bi-planes, and I'am still reluctant with them but I may change my mind wih this Glad which as I can see with yours, is really promising....But the rigging... - I bought a set of etched metal bracing wires from AIMS,( 32 PE009 ) I think I'm running toward another kind of troubles, I still don't know wether I will use them or not; on the + side they are streamlined........Let's see
  17. - The problem with Marijuana is that passed Midnight the pink elephants turns into straycats.......or not.. This phenomenon is called the Cinderella complex......
  18. - The "Black Cats "pub ,no age limits... .
  19. - Superb work Jeannot, may I say as usual, the resin kit looks top notched, it spare a lot of scratch job with a very nice rendering, I remember your first SM 79 with the inside tubing structure entirely "hand made".This gave me the idea to built the same using yours as pattern but it never concretised........
  20. 6 Lovely little boy, you've got a keen technical adviser.....I know what I'm speaking of. - Have fun with your strange sea cigar
  21. -I think in "their" community we are considered as a very convinient training ground
  22. -He've seen something I dont understand - What the hell is this? (Ears pointing backward, piercing gaze), who dare bothering me ?
  23. - I didn't knew this scheme as well as the F6 derivative , thank you for sharing Jon
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