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  1. -He've seen something I dont understand - What the hell is this? (Ears pointing backward, piercing gaze), who dare bothering me ?
  2. - I didn't knew this scheme as well as the F6 derivative , thank you for sharing Jon
  3. -The Great Jeannot is back on the scene again....To be noted the subtile weathering......
  4. - O.K sorry .......The age my friend, the age..!!!!!!! Gross malheur
  5. At first I wonder if it was a photo of the real thing or a model...! I've been blown away
  6. - After an unschedulded first flght, this is my last built arrived to fruitition -The only damage is a cracked left quaterlight on the windscreen impossible to cure without a new one The decals are from Cuting Edge
  7. - My last Flanker built just finished before that unsane war in the Russian Knights scheme -I have aborted my photo session owing to a collapsing left gear leg seen on the first photo....
  8. - He is as tall with a same weight as an adult cat -Don't worry sonny you are in the right hands, you will be a magnificent lion very soon
  9. - WOW.....So beautiful....!!!! So young and already a TIiger
  10. - You told me you were going to the pub, it is already closed?
  11. - Truly outstanding work - Impressive result
  12. - What else to say ? They just are CATS.......A world in itself we cannot understand, may be is it why we love them so.
  13. DINNER TIME Menu of the day :Steak and french fries Starring : Left Erwin -The alien- Right Roro
  14. -Looks good, deserve to be seen in natural light on a table in a show.....
  15. -Thank you Pete, I understand too well your ordeal, different reasons leads to the same result, fortunatly I still have enough in different show cases to please my eyes and memories - I faced the same problem with Photobucket some years ago so I changed to imageshack and no problems since Thank you for your words , Keep safe my friend - It was the Italeri Kit with scratch made decal scheme and paint
  16. - Good show Jeannot. - I just have an idea for the fun, try a black & white or sepia photo and I'm quite sure it will be very difficult to sort your kit from a photo of real WWII machine
  17. -Thank you my friend for your idea, it's a tip to be kept in mind for the next models I will built. On the other end the age is coming........ - Some models were in boxes for almost 20 years; it is probably why, as they were constantly exposed at rather high temperatures during spring and sommer monthes that made the chips to stick to the varnish. Last sommer, temperature rised 40°under shadow for two or three consecutivs days, which means 50°+ for the less, under the roof in the attic for hours, the nights being not sufficiently fresh to cool the space. I noticed that matt acrylic paints were more sensitive to this phenomenon than gloss and enamels.
  18. - That 's what I'm doing Werner. with some small problem by the way....... With TRUMPY at rescue - Such is life otf the modeller.......
  19. - Vielen Danke Roman - Your idea of the take away is excellent, I won't have think of it - I have the same philisophy, once my show cases full I used to pack them and to the attic. But the space became limited, and added to this, the problem with polistyrene so the only way was the scrap yard....... As I'm keeping on modelling, so one day or another, I will have to cope with the same problem but I will make your idea in good practice this time ... if you allow it ......
  20. - Thank you my friend , whatever, I keep on modelling
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