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  1. Picking my model up tonight if Mr Postman gets his act together and will update with WIP etc. Looking forward to this as my first build that will be shown. Academy model, ACA 13234, Pz.Kpfw.IV ausf.H/J.
  2. May I join. I will wait to see what is being modelled..as a newbie dont expect too much from me. Regards Gary
  3. Thanks for your reply. I will continue building the model and review how the supplied tracks look.They appear to be very tight . The reasoning behind your choices and advice regarding the later models is appreciated. Kind regards Gary
  4. " If you are starting with the hobby again, my advice is that before you see how you are "rusty" with your skills. If the result you get is to your liking / promising, later it attacks the metal tracks (without forgetting those of plastic link-to-link, of great variety/qualities/diffculty). I hope I have helped you with the matter, and sorry for the "brick of text" ... lol" Francis: Thank you so much for your comprehensive reply. Wise words which I will follow. My daughters are buying me a Christmas gift of a Tiger in 1/35th scale, with a reference book. This will be fun! Kind regards Gary
  5. Hi, Thanks for sharing this build, a truly brilliant model. I have asked another member what tracks were used on his build, (I assumed Fruil), I find the descriptions confusing. May I ask what tracks were used with the fruil part number please. If you have not seen it the other panther was posted by FrancisGL. I am looking at part Friul Modellismo ATL-021. kind regards Gary
  6. Hi Francis, your modelling is inspirational. May I ask what are the aftermarket tracks you have used. I am returning to modelling after many years making the Tamiya 35065 Panther Ausf.A. I am looking at the Fruil Tracks but am confused as to which set to buy. kind regards Gary
  7. inspirational modelling, thanks for sharing your work. I will now search out your previous models. Regards from a cold Norfolk, England. Gary
  8. Many thanks Andre, I have a lot of research to do to even scratch the surface of knowledge. Kind regards Gary
  9. Hi, I bought a cheap Academy F-16 A to practice building, filling, sanding an most of all airbrushing for the first time. The instructions are clear and easy apart from the colour scheme which is poor. Could someone point me to a colour schematic which would be suitable for this model please. many thanks Gary
  10. Hopefully someone can point me in the direction of what replacement tracks would be suitable for a Tamiya M4 Sherman. I see lists of tracks but have no clue as to the difference between them. Easy-ish to build would be good too! Thanks Gary
  11. I would like to join in please. The wooden spoon awaits! Tamiya M4 Sherman (35190). Thanks Gary
  12. Having toured the warehouse a number of times (its BIG) Its not obvious where everything is. Fortunately I speak enough Suffolk language to get by and the pickers will help if you are clear what you want.
  13. Hi, Introducing myself (probably again). I am a newish modeller from Norfolk UK, living about 5 miles from Hannants warehouse. Recent experience with repaints of Slot cars and building dioramas for my daughters school. Former wargamer, loved the detail and research around the Naploleonic period. Picked up a Tamiya Sherman to join the group build starting later this year. Hope to gain much from the experts on here to produce some models I can be pleased with. Gary
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