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  1. Thanks for your reply. Yes the rallye version was running without a spoiler. My plans did not include an rallye escort until a guy ask about it. He wanted that minilite style rims and i included some street tires for him.Next step was the higher suspension and than some front and rear bumpers too. Thats all. Did not want to make a second body shell for it.I think every modeller who is willing to build a resin printed model has the skills to use a sanding stick and some putty to sand the spoiler in the right shape. It was only a customer question about rims. The spoiler i put on the Mk1 are from an Escort Mk2 version. "Dont say that to anyone,please" regards Christian
  2. No need to worry about hijacking this tread! An MK2 is also a great looking car in my eyes. In addition to other projects, I've been working on the escort lately. In addition to the racing version, a rally version has now also been created. The rally parts are still only available in CAD, but I will soon be able to show the real vehicle. Greeting Christian
  3. Thank you very much! Now the little one got his suspensions. Everything really fits without a lot of grinding. Simply plug it together and apply some glue. Done! All units are also housed in the engine compartment. Looks pretty good so far. And he's already standing on his fat little legs! I like the wide tires. Greeting Christian
  4. Thanks Guys! @Flying Badger: Never heard about that rubber like resin so far. But i tried different types of clear resin without any big beter solutions than before. I used some very expensive one but at the end i landed by my old small budger clear resin which was easier to produce prints. Dont know if i should try the rubber one? Formula One tires can be seen all around.These here are hidden mostly under the wheel arches. Will think about it.
  5. Thank you for the praise! We went a little further now. The engine is installed. Was quite easy. Everything was simply put together and fits without major modifications. The original engine mount of the suspension also holds the engine in place here. In the latest version, I added pins so that everything is in the right place. Tires and rims also fit without rework. Almost finished interior. I only have to make small changes to the gearbox and adjust some of the alignment when printing. Greeting Christian
  6. Hi there, Now the test phase is finally over. Version 3.5 is now the final. Now body and chassis fit together. I changed the whole thing again because I couldn't use the chassis as a whole in the body. Now it's still possible. I also printed a few small parts that now need to be fine-tuned. Here you can see the left and right hand drive version. Thanks!
  7. Many thanks for your comments! I printed the engine in one piece without the webers. Theses are separatly printed. Right now i am working on the front and rear suspension to make them fit to the chassis. regards Christian
  8. Could be possible in a couple of months. Just started the first test print of the engine - exhaust - carburetors and cooler. H Hope it turn out well tomorrow. regards Christian
  9. Just checked the Tire size compared to the original data. It looks massive on the tiny Escort!
  10. Well that's basically the same car. Only the front wing is missing. That's what I saw from the old black and white pics.
  11. Many thanks for showing my tiny Porsche. Have fun while building it. Regards Christian
  12. Wow that is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect! But now I am a bit scared if I can make it look like this.
  13. Now i got the spec2 body printed and glued together. I got some issues with the roof in on the front.Even i made some extra strives in it it still got some deformations. So i had to use some 2k putty for it. After some sanding i made the first shot of primer. Looking good so far. Still need some images from the rear trunk.There was this fast refueling thing and i got no clue how does that look.Any info for me? regards Christian
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