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  1. So the kit is now ready. I created all the silicone molds and added a few small parts that weren't planned yet. But was so "in the flow" that something was added. Here is an overview of all parts included in the kit: The roll cage consists of only two side parts, the cross braces can be easily added by the inclined buyer himself from plastic tubes. I made a few small parts for the trunk, but to fill it properly you have to scratch a few parts yourself. Then there were pedals and I "bent" two coolers in front of the rear wheels. I also made an exhaust. Unfortunately, the dashboard was not quite as hoped. I took the original ferrules and it looked really good. Unfortunately, these sleeves are so thin that they cannot be molded properly. Too bad! Either drill holes or install them with ferrules. That's it for now. Now I have to see if everything fits so far. Oh yes, there should also be a motor kit with gearbox, but I'm honest, I have already announced this with other buildings and did not pull through in the end. After such a long construction period, you will be happy to have everything ready at some point and the motivation to make more shapes has dropped significantly. greetings Christian
  2. Hi Dave, I think your achieved look is right. It looks very real to me. The right balance of dirt and washing. Just like you took the body of the real car off. Great job!
  3. Next update on Capri. The dashboard and parts of the cage are made. The cage only made a few problems in terms of impressions. After a night of thinking about it, I found the negative form with which I can take it. I'm just going to make the two sides in resin, you can just make crossbars out of round tubes. greetings Christian
  4. The result of my silicone work can be seen here. The windows were closed from the inside with wax plates which fit nicely on the contour, but can later be easily removed again. Ready for the first silicone layer which I applied with a brush to have all the details with me. And the result of it all: the silicone mold and the core for the interior of the car. Before that, the first cast of the Capris v2. Small air bubbles on the window panes and the small wheel arch vents. Must be a little slower the next time you pour. The window panes and the air intakes are now shown as open and the tedious filing and grinding is no longer necessary. Quickly put the chassis underneath and you can see that everything fits as far as possible. I am very happy with all the work. Next up is the wing. The largest construction site will probably be the roll cage, so I don't know yet how I can really depict it. greetings Christian
  5. @Mr Mansfield: thanks for that comment!Yes the tires are resin ones.And i made a 2 part rim so you can paint it easly. .....continued on the Capri. The chassis is ready so far that I could think of taking the impression. after the silicone delivery arrived, we started immediately. The back is poured onto the plexiglass plate with resin. Done. Today, the first cast was quickly made and molded with resin. Fits! Now the grinding on the Capri continues so that I can also create a new shape there soon. greetings Christian
  6. While my 3D printer is busy printing, I was not completely inactive. The Capri has now received its road situation. So far it looks quite consistent compared to original pictures. The "front axle" is only provisional. I will build something in the engine compartment so that you do not distort the entire front section when taking the impression. The interior is also not yet finished: the transmission tunnel and some details on the floor are still missing. The rough shape fits now. You can see the position of the wheels from below, so I have to work on them a bit to get a version that can be casted. The engine and transmission are already ready, but still need small parts to give the engine more life. Does anyone have any ideas? greeting Christian
  7. Not really a model,but got something to do with it. Still working on the set-up before i will start with some modeling parts. Should be good enough to start this 3D episode with some body parts in 1/12. regards Christian
  8. Thanks Vesa,but as you mentioned i allready know them. We continued on the chassis this week. For the first Capri, I didn't quite divide the trunk. Now it will look a little better, I hope. Still a lot to do until it fits. greetings Christian
  9. @Cosmosman: Thanks for the pics.Thats a nice kitcar. some guy in Sweden made a Zakspeed Capri a while ago and it looks real at the end.Most of them. So now comes version 2 of the underbody. After a member of the model board made me aware that my floor is completely wrong. At the first Capri I had done it right, but now I only looked at the Minichamps and it is wrong! I think that comes closer to the original. Now I continue at the front and lay the subframe of the engine which will later be covered. To do this, I need a fastening or support surface on the front of the spoiler. Unfortunately there are very few or almost no pictures of the underbody. The best still comes from the Zakspeed Mustang in 1/24. But that only shows the middle and rear area, I think it was a little different in the front. I made the area of the gearbox from Minichamps with the help of the gearbox of the Caterham. regards Christian
  10. Have used the week vacation and continued on the Capri. The base plate consists of 2.5mm plastic sheet. The Minichamps Capri and my first Capri serve as a template. Nevertheless, you have to look diligently at the pictures and keep an eye out for small things. greetings Christian
  11. Some primer to the prototyp body. Still some work to do. regards Christian
  12. In the meantime I have continued to build something on the Capri. I now like the windscreen much better and the roof has also become a bit rounder. The fenders have also been revised and as far as possible everything that can be molded is opened. The prototype of the window is vacuumed and will serve as a template for the adhesive edge which is still cast on with resin. If that works? We will see. best regards Christian PS: stay healthy!
  13. Hi there, It has been a long time since I started building the Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri from scratch. Just saw that it was the 01.09.2011.Wow. Now I thought it was time for a version 2.0 of the Capri. I would like to eradicate some mistakes and at the same time present the finished cast with more details. Now I have a little more experience with silicone and know what works and what doesn't. Since my last project of the Porsche 935 K3 still doesn't go on (lack of motivation) I liked the idea of a "new" Capri. Here again the old Capri in pictures because the originals have disappeared thanks to Arcor. Since I had no experience at the time, I have shown all openings closed. But it is extremely annoying when you have to open everything later during construction. So I casted a new body and started opening it. Since the body has some inconsistencies in terms of windscreen, roof and other small places, I will do something better here. The Minichamps Capri in 1/18 serves as a template for me. The height of the windscreen in particular is too small for my construction. In the meantime, I have changed that and I am in the process of creating a template for vacuum deep drawing. The v.2 is now around 150g lighter than the old one and will be a little bit less because I want to thin out the wall thickness even more. I am currently working on the roof where I want to make a larger curved surface instead of the rather flat roof of the first variant. Tires are already adjusted in thought because my version was not the best. But one after one. regards Christian
  14. Thanks Kirk! But i have to say sorry.I`ve got the Moby Dick car allready in 1/12 scale.Its the CMR Version which is very good looking. https://ck-modelcars.de/de/cmr-1-12-porsche-935-78-moby-dick-no43-8th-24h-lemans-1978-schurti-stommelen-cmr12003/p-42823/?ref=gm&gclid=CjwKCAjwqLblBRBYEiwAV3pCJo9DERT3hq2f-GnuTfUYcq_B5RehSqUy33XwE4FtgmUaG2B31tvGAhoCwmMQAvD_BwE @Pocher Perfectionist: a Walter Wolf version is no problem.My buddy Michael who designs all my decals could make that version easily. I think every possible livery can be made.He got lots of 1/18 designs ready and only have to scale them up.The same way he did with my "numero reserve" and "apple" version.I only tested the correct size and made some adjustments. regards Christian
  15. I thinks its done now. The transkit is ready.Only need to make a little manual for the parts and were they should glued to. Time to go one with my build. regards Christian
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