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  1. capri-schorsch

    1/12 scale Kremer K3 Porsche 935

    Hello, i want to show some progress on the Porsche.Even when its not the Kremer K3. It takes a lot of time to create the 3d parts and so i decided to start with the standard Tamiya 935 Porsche. Dont want to start a third wip thread beside this K3 and the MFH Gulf 917.So i will put the pics in this thread. Chassis was painted matt black. small parts strictly after the manual done for primer. Decals are enough for at least two Porsche. On the left you can see the Decals printed by Wim. He got the right fluo red colors like the real car was showing in LeMans. Nice job Wim! regards Christian
  2. capri-schorsch

    BMW M3 E30 DTM "FINA" in 1/12 scale

    Hi Jim and all the others for the comments. Just find it today. What's next? I was building the Zakspeed C1/8 group c racer and started with the Tamiya Porsche 935. But will also do a conversion to a Kremer K3 . That was an awesome car. Keep racing Christian
  3. capri-schorsch

    Ford Zakspeed C1/8 GWB Livery in 1/12 scale

    Thanks a lot! Tast very good.
  4. capri-schorsch

    1/12 scale Kremer K3 Porsche 935

    Roger you are welcome,of course! And schwarz-brot you are also welcome.Great name by the way.Love it. I do think about selling copies of the kit.But first it have to be ready and must be good enough. Could take a while. regards Christian
  5. capri-schorsch

    1/12 scale Kremer K3 Porsche 935

    Yes,you are right.Forgot that McLaren F1 who also won. Sorry!
  6. Hello, i try to build the Kremer K3 Porsche 935 in 1/12 scale That famous cars was the winner of the 1979 LeMans race. It was the first,and only as far i know,sportscar who could reach the first place overall against the prototype. Try to create an good enough model out of the Tamiya Porsche 935 kit. Major changes have to made to the body work.Mainly the whole body is different.The engine and interior needs not so much attention. But here a pic to show which car i mean. source: Bruce Canepa Autokollektion USA http://canepa.com/1979-porsche-935-k3/ Got an old build Tamiya Porsche 935 and lots of new sprues at home.Should be possible to build something K3 like out of it. First step will be some templates for the wheel arches and the fenders. I was sure my next build would be an oob build after the Zakspeed car. And i put my new Tamiya Porsche 935 onto the bench. But when i searched the web for reference pics,i stumbled over that beautiful Kremer Porsche. And thats it. I have to build my own one. The very successful "Numero Reserve" car is a must.But i also like the "Apple" livery car a lot.Will try to create a mold for these. And the 1980 "Jägermeister" car is also possible.But the 1980 cars needs even more changes to the body. Regards Christian
  7. Hi, something new from me. Its the Ford Zakspeed C1/8 in 1/12 scale. It was the contender for Porsche 956 in Group C racing. But the car was not good.Bad vibrations and a soft chassis. Zakspeed did an better job with this version2,but still not good enough to challenge the Porsche. But i always loved the shape and the livery. It was a scratchbuild with the old Tamiya rc body as starting point. Here is the result. Color was Tamiya white primer with zero paint 2k clear coat. decals are made by Michael from scalegrafixx. regards Christian
  8. capri-schorsch

    Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri D&W 1/12 Scratchbuild

    New pics added.Thanks!
  9. New pics since the old ones are lost. Thanks!
  10. capri-schorsch

    Sunoco Ferrari 512M in 1/12 scale

    Hello, i added some new pics since i lost all my older pics. Thanks to Vodafone for your great service. regards Christian
  11. Now its done.The Zakspeed C1/8 ist finished. Thanks to all who posted comments or looked in this wip thread. Thanks! Always motivating to read a new comment. I started this at October 2017 and wanted to build two versions. At the end its only one.Sorry! Now i got another unique model in my display cabinet which made me very proud. Maybe i find some time tomorrow and make some better pics. Thats all for now. Hope you like it like i do? regards Christian
  12. Some more progress on the group c racer. The cockpit is done.Seat was installed and added the seat belts.Also the fire extinguisher found his place. The engine was glued into the place and i made the radiators in the front. Window and wiper are there. Here you can see the front radiators and the brake cooling ducts. The air intake are now filled with mesh. The mirrors and the lights are in the make. The rest is only adding some rivets,screws and the rear wing. Thats all. But i will show some pics of the complete car when its done. regards Christian
  13. Thanks guys,and thanks for the link. https://www.ebay.de/itm/10-1000-Stuck-unisolierte-Aderendhulsen-mit-Querschnitt-von-0-5-mm-50-mm/282753352143?hash=item41d569c1cf:m:mAKUt-Vrhm9F1zMAMhcyHGQ The resin inside comes from me.Its easier to create the gauge with it. The MFH 917? Maybe after this,maybe not.Dont know right now.Wants to tackle a GP 500 bike.
  14. Some new tools arrived today. The Dremel is hopefully helpful with the scratching parts of modeling.The others was used to create the gauges. Dashboard is finished.Used some screws,dips and other stuff from the spare box.And finally with Wims decals the dashboard get some life. regards Christian
  15. Next step was the cockpit. Here are the best stuff for scratchbuild gauges.Ader-Endhülsen are they in german.Great stuff. In the making. ready for some color Tamiya semi-gloss.black did it Bestbalsakits decals are the right ones! windows are glued in place looking good,or? Next will be the dips and some other stuff from Wim. Exhaust was made. A look under the rear end. thats all Christian