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  1. Thanks Kirk! But i have to say sorry.I`ve got the Moby Dick car allready in 1/12 scale.Its the CMR Version which is very good looking. https://ck-modelcars.de/de/cmr-1-12-porsche-935-78-moby-dick-no43-8th-24h-lemans-1978-schurti-stommelen-cmr12003/p-42823/?ref=gm&gclid=CjwKCAjwqLblBRBYEiwAV3pCJo9DERT3hq2f-GnuTfUYcq_B5RehSqUy33XwE4FtgmUaG2B31tvGAhoCwmMQAvD_BwE @Pocher Perfectionist: a Walter Wolf version is no problem.My buddy Michael who designs all my decals could make that version easily. I think every possible livery can be made.He got lots of 1/18 designs ready and only have to scale them up.The same way he did with my "numero reserve" and "apple" version.I only tested the correct size and made some adjustments. regards Christian
  2. I thinks its done now. The transkit is ready.Only need to make a little manual for the parts and were they should glued to. Time to go one with my build. regards Christian
  3. Hi,big step forward today. The Porsche stands on his own wheels. Was much more work than i first thought. The body was sitting much too high on the chassis.I needed to sand 3 mm from the Tamiya parts to get a better ride hight. The front shock absorbers had to be cut for round about 2,5mm . The rear wheels still needs 1,5mm more width to fill the wheel arches.Now i need some longer screws to hold them in place. The front wheels are perfect fit in my eyes. Here you can see the parts where i needed to sand down massively. enough for today regards Christian
  4. Yes, the transkit is designed for the Tamiya 935 kit. Lots of parts from the 934 kit should also fit. The primer is from Duplicolor. Standard basic Grey primer in the cheap, big bottle. Works great for the first coats.
  5. tiny update on the K3 the printed windows screens looks very good.Only the front window is not the best option in my mind.Its too flat,so i made a vac formed windscreen for the ones who dont got the tamiya original window. Decals are also looking great.Great job by Michael! tiny evolution of the K3 body work.... All transkit parts are made now.Have to find some more time to put them all together and start selling it. keep racing! regards Christian
  6. First two livery's are test fitted and can be printed for my now. The apple one needs two DIN A4 sheets because of the size of the stripes.Its the car driven in LeMans 1980. Here are the LeMans winner from 1979. Templates for the windows are also done.Michael will print me the windows including the logos onto a clear sheet.Excited how that looks at the end. regards Christian
  7. today was a healthy day. some have to be smaller but it works.
  8. looking good so far some spots still needs some sanding to get the chassis tighter into the resin body. will cast these inner structure to the small resin part for the inner mold.so i have it ready for other copies. regards Christian
  9. Just used the resin saw with the porsche today. Engine cover could take off now. Airintakes are open,need some sanding now. Front hood is open too. Position lights and turn indicator are done. rear lights are ready for casting. need some smaller parts and the transkit will be ready. regards Christian
  10. Thanks a lot. Today only a small update.The bigger parts are already done. Now i will take a closer look how to make the windows and stuff. All that tiny stuff like wiper,position lights and rear lights have to be made. regards Christian
  11. The rims are ready.I made a two part rim because of the painting job.Some cars needs a silver color and so you dont have to make a mess while painting it. just out of the mold look them like this. a bit sanding they look better. into the wheels they look even better i think. backside is not a beauty,but who cares. Its not so easy to get them out of the mold because they are very fragile.But it works with patience. regards Christian
  12. something to show for you worked very well and i am happy with the result.No big air bubbles.Looking very good. Only i have to be careful when i remove the inner core.The part from the roof to the rear wing is broken.But i will use a different way the next time.Should work better with more care. regards Christian
  13. First body was cast today. The inner core was sanded a bit.Not too much,just right for casting. First step is to lay the smaller part into to mold and than the bigger one.I secured it with the screws. Just made the first body.I needed 600g Resin for it and hope all smaller parts are filled with resin without big air bubble. Need to cure until tomorrow now.Its saver when its getting hard overnight to avoid bending. regards Christian
  14. Pictures tell more than my basic english. Last part of making the mold. Inner core was cast with resin. Thats how it looks when its pulled out of the mold. Take a closer look into the silicone mold. Think its looking really good.I am happy with it. Thats how the inner core look like.Ugly and rough.But at the end i will invest some time for smoothing it. Cut the rear end of and sanding the cut. Here is my guidance( dont know how to say "schwalbenschwanz-f├╝hrung" in english) for both parts. Ready for casting now. Thats it.Have to wait until its hard and than i start with smoothing the inner core. regards Christian
  15. Here it is,partially. The bottom was removed:You can see that the silicone looks good. The white plastic sheet was removed from the windows.That was something i feared a bit.But it was easy and with some fine work it will be ok. The grey ureol piece will be placed into the mold to save some resin. Will use two wooden bridges and hang them into the mold from above. Looks good so far.The windows are open now and i moved a bit step forward. regards Christian
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