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  1. Cans done!! They are not painted on the inside, as this is where the stand is gonna be ''shuffed'' up
  2. Thanks Phil! I used the ones, suggested in the manual. Apparently Airfix' colours are quite accurate Robin
  3. 4 hours in the shed, and the paintjob is completed!!! Robin
  4. 4 hours in the shed, and the paintjob is completed!!! Robin
  5. Finished the underside now, plus I tried out airbrushing humbrol 11 for the first time, and I'm very pleased with the result! No problems with the paint at all! Robin
  6. Brilliant prop scratches! Well done mate, and nice weathering! Robin
  7. Oooooh, very nice and clean build!! Robin
  8. JESUS!!! Well done!!! Crackin' job on the weathering, chipping, everything! Robin
  9. Finished off the bottom, and the weapons, and I did the silver area at the business end Oh, and the pictures will be up tomorrow! Robin
  10. You know what, nevermind about the mistakes, it's a terrefic build anyway! So many danish Drakens popping up on here, very nice to see! Robin (- from Denmark)
  11. Absollutely exeptional! What a lovely paint job, and I love the weathering! Brilliant job mate Robin
  12. Brilliant build mate! Saw it when you showed it on youtube too, and I'm really impressed. Great job, and congrats on the win Robin
  13. It does look brilliant taken into perspective, that it's your second model. A cheaper alternatvie, would be to use humbrols decalfix, which I have used quite a few times, and it works brilliant! Robin
  14. We are pretty close to each other mate! But you've definately done a great job!!! Robin
  15. Cheers guys! Just started my winter holiday, so I might get some more stuff done! Hopefully, I can start doing some cammo work! So, if I'm not working, or going out, I will have a go at this one! Robin
  16. So, long time no see! I havent had as much time lately, but I've been to the shed (painting) and I've done most off the underside, until I ran out of paint! So, have to get some more of that then! Anyway, done some of the bottom, and some of the weapons. Only thing that got 100% painted, was the droptank, which also has had a clear coat, in preperation for decals. So here goes: Robin
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