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  1. Nice, but do yourself a favour and turn the stand the other way around, since your way round is wrong
  2. Okay guys, this is my conclusion. I have been looking around the net to find prices and kits, and this is the list I have made. 1/72 Spitfire project: Prices from Hannants unless other is stated. Airfix Spitfire MkI = £ 6 Airfix Spitfire MkIIa = £ 7,50 Airfix Spitfire MkVb = £ 7,50 AZmodel Spitfire MkVI = £10,66 AZmodel Spitfire MkVII = £15,99 Azmodels Spitfire MkVIII = £15,99 Airfix Spitfire MkIXc = £ 7,50 MPM Spitfire Mk XI = £11,99 Xtrakit Spitfire MkXii Academy Spitfire MkXIV = £ 6,99 Heller Spitfire Mk.XVI= £ 7,99 Az Models/Fujimi/MPM Spitfire Mk XVIII, AZ=£15,00 Airfix Spitfire MkXIX = £ 7,50 Az models Spitfire Mk21 =Counter rotating=£12,99, 'normal'=£15,99 Airfix Spitfire Mk22 = £7,50 Adds up to be: £141,1 (£144,1) I've primarily been concentrating on getting Airfix ones, as they are pretty straight forward and cheap to build, and not too bad Robin
  3. That's the one! This was what I was planning to do! Going off to the uk from wedensday, will try to hustle some of the kits! And slowly build me way up. Thanks for the great links and pictures so far, been really nice! Robin
  4. Thanks. for the quick replies. I'm thinking of doing like a MkI and not all of the different versions in between if you know what I mean? Just one of each of the Mk's Robin
  5. Hi I'm thinking about building one type, of each Spitfire that was developed. I was wondering if anybody has a list or something where you can see all of the types?? And how many of these can be bought from Airfix/Revell/Tamiya? Does one of the companies have all of them perhaps?? Cheers! Robin
  6. The amount of detail that went into this build is absolutely mental! Job well done! Robin
  7. Very nice, and very clean build! Looks fantastic! Well done! Robin
  8. Exceptional Lancaster! Well done there mate, good job! Robin
  9. Very nice Harrier! Job well done!
  10. What an absolute mental build until now!! Only just found the thread today, and I do not know why I haven't found it before that! You have done an exeptional job on building this model! The details, and the effort and time put into it is absolutely amazing! Good luck with this one, I sure will be following! But if all of your kits are this good? I'm really looking forwards to seeing the models off all of the other planes you have flown! Job well done! Robin
  11. Absolutely fantastic! I can really feel that I need to go and get some of that fancy grass soon! Really want to make one of those bases/dioramas. They are great, and this one is no exeption! Really nice build, and paint details are brilliant! Well done! Robin
  12. Looks really nice! Good job on the rigging!! Robin
  13. Awesome! Can't wait to follow this build! Which colour did you use for the BA blue?? Robin
  14. Hi everyone! Found this very sad video of a crashed Spit. But it seems to be fairly new, so the quality is quite good, and gives you a good amount of vital details for, lets say, a diorama! https://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=fvwp&v=2i_oKRMCt3Q Robin
  15. Maersk Air 737-500 Maersk Air 737-700 Sterling 737-700 Cimber 737-700 Cimber Sterling 737-700 KLM 737-400 KLM 737-700 Air Baltic 737-500 Air Baltic Fokker 50 Gliders: ASK-21(soloed this) ASK-23 (one seater) LS4a and LS4b (One seater) Astir CS (One Seater) Duo Discus XLT (Two seater, been out in it twice as a passenger) Bergfalke III (My very first flight in this old lady was back in 2010. Also my first ever glider flight. First time in control of an aircraft too!) Motorglider: SF25C (Rotax Falke) Will start the mini education for the SF25C soon. Robin
  16. Absolutely brilliant paint job, and stunning weathering! Job extremely well done! Robin
  17. Well done mate! Both planes look brill! I really like your paint job taken into perspective that it's hand painted. Well done, Robin
  18. Yeah right! It\s a 1/32 and a giant coin next to it! Outstanding job on that model!!!! Robin
  19. Brilliant job. I really like the camo scheme. And excellent weathering! Robin
  20. Yeah, mine doesnt have that, so it must be the new ones
  21. Was thinking of Ruben too! I'm visiting him soon, so maybe I can talk him to sense! Robin
  22. Thanks Pat! I actually dont remember, I think I used the one from the kit
  23. DAMN! Yes they are! Oh well, too late! Thanks for noticing! Robin
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