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  1. Can't believe that this is a 1/72! Brilliant job!
  2. Brilliant! I really have to find out how to do those fuel/oil stains! I love the fact, that it looks like it's leaking through the panels! Robin
  3. This is an absolutely stunning model! NOW for a question that I always forget to ask! What is the purpose of of the gap between the fuselage and the leading edge of the wing?? I really can't figure out why the wings can be moved into this position! Robin
  4. Looks ever so nice! And I really like the pilot! Job well done! Robin
  5. Brilliant scheme, and very nice weathering! A keeper! Robin
  6. I don't know if I'm to keen on these 'what-ifs' gliders... Nice build though, but not too keen on the colour schemes (Real world glider pilot beeing fussy haha) Robin
  7. Like the RDAF one Only because I live here lol
  8. Tiny update: Maersk Air 737-500 Maersk Air 737-700 Sterling 737-700 Cimber 737-700 Cimber Sterling 737-700 KLM 737-400 KLM 737-700 Air Baltic 737-500 Air Baltic Fokker 50 Gliders: ASK-21(soloed this) ASK-23 (one seater) LS4a and LS4b (One seater) Astir CS (One Seater) Duo Discus XLT (Two seater, been out in it twice as a passenger) Bergfalke III (My very first flight in this old lady was back in 2010. Also my first ever glider flight. First time in control of an aircraft too!) ASH-25M, had a backseat ride in this huge glider with a wingspan of 26 metres. Very cool experience, where I also learnt how to fly gliders with flaps! Motorglider: SF25C (Rotax Falke) I haev now accumulated 1 hour and 30 minutes in the SF-25. Halfway to solo already. Now I just have to wait till I turn 17 -.-.... It's the age that gets (restricts me) every time! Robin
  9. Really nice job on this one! Especially taking into account that you have brush painted it! One little thing that I note, is that you should keep the canopy off when you are clear coating it. Unless you are using Johnsons Klear or something else that doesnt harm your canopy. Robin
  10. Amazing job on the overall, but really like the paintjob and weathering on the metal exhaust area! Well done! Robin
  11. Thanks Joachim. I do not know what has happened with the airfix at that stage, because the landinggear was a very poor fit, and not very precise. I will try to see if I can get them straighter at another point, but totally know what you mean! Thanks for the kind and usable comment! Robin
  12. Thanks guys! Really pleased with the results and looks great next to my mk I!!
  13. I have this week finished two Spits in 1/48 and must admit that I'm pretty chuffed with the results! This time it was Airfix' new tool PR.XIX _DSC0780 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0781 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0782 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0783 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0785 by Matcham11, on Flickr Robin
  14. I used Humbrol enamels, HU86 for green, and HU118 for brown. The colours are not correct, but were the closest match in my little stash of paint Robin
  15. Sad with Modelzone. I'm from Denmark, but born in the UK. We went on holiday to the UK to visit family and friends three weeks ago. Went into the one at Guildford, where I got this kit for -30% off which was quite nice! Doing my second year at college now, and busy with the gliding, so not too much time for modelling. But I get some done occasionally! Robin
  16. Lovely plane! And lovely photos with loads of BOKEH! I guess that you have a 50mm lense on?? Robin
  17. Thankyou very much Joachim! I got hold of two bottles of Humbrol Clear from Alton Modelling centre, obviously in Alton. I think that the different modelshops are starting to stock up on it. I personally liked it but I cannot directly compare it to Johnsons since I have never tried it. I can just state that looking at the way it acts, it is very similar. You can for example also dip your canopies in it to clear them up. I'm really happy with the result on this thing, and definately my best model to date! Robin
  18. Thankyou very much! Means alot to me that I can motivate other people into getting their kits started! And especially wanting theirs to look like mine! Can't wait to see the results mate! Won't be doing any modelling for som while now, as I have started school again, and also being busy in the weekends since I have started my training on our clubs SF-25C Rotax Falke registration OY-XYS. But as soon as the gliding season is over, I will sure do some kits! Keep me updated on the build, cant wait for it! Robin
  19. As it was my first attempt at doing washes myself I was quite surprised with it. Clearcoat everything first though, since it is (what I think is) Humbrol 33 thinned down alot! It goes on well, but does need a few layers before it goes really black. Comes off like a charm, and best of it all is that Humbrol have put tutorial videoes on youtube on how to use them, which is good when you are a first timer with the stuff. I highly recommend it, and I think it is good, but since I haven't tried any other washes, that is what I can say about it! A bit smelly, so remember to pop the window open for some fresh air! Robin
  20. Thanks Stig. Yes they certainly do! Very impressed! Robin
  21. Hello guys and girls! Just finished what has to be the best model I have every built! Ever so proud of it! Also first time I tried out using Humbrol weathering wash, (First time using a wash at all!) Also first time using Humbrol Clear, and it works a charm! The clever people say that it is basically the same as Johnsons Klear. Anyway, back to the model. It went together ever so nicely, and only took a few days to complete, and that was to my own surprise rather quick compared to what I normally do! But I just could not leave this model! So, this is how it turned out. _DSC0774 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0775 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0776 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0777 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0778 by Matcham11, on Flickr _DSC0779 by Matcham11, on Flickr Robin
  22. This is one splendid build. Love everything, cockpit, roundels, engine(The best part of it!) and several other things. Well done! I like the fact that I have seen this one at Duxford too! Robin
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