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  1. I quite agree on the one with the panel lines! It looks rather silly with too much of a black line Thanks for the ''like'' Robin
  2. Where did u get it and how much? Haha, congratulations mate! :goodjob:
  3. Happy to know that you all find it nice! I think one of the things that helps your builds is the possibility to find loads of reference pictures on the internet rather than lending/buying a book. I will post my F-15 as soon as it's done! Robin
  4. Wow! Brilliant build mate! I'm gonna build Trumpeters 1/32 Flanker soon. Can't wait! Robin
  5. Cheers mate! Appreciate it! At the moment I'm building a Revell 1/32 F-15D. Alright kit, but it has some missing parts and so on. But it's from 1984 or something like that. It's gonna be painted in the scheme of 86-0182 / LN from RAF Lakenheath
  6. Hello everybody here on britmodeller! I'm one of the new dudes, and don't have a big amount of experience. But I have built quite a few kits. I went to an airshow earlier this year and a fellow plane builder was selling out some of his kits. And one of them was this brilliant kit! It was damn cheap so I had to get it! As I've already said, i'm still new to building models, done it for like two years now. I'm 15 years old Build thread is here : http://www.danskemodelbyggere.dk/forum/index.php?topic=2665.0 I'm very proud with the results! Yes I know I weathered it a bit too much and there is silvering, but the silvering is fixed. Here follows : Robin
  7. This build is absolutely mental! The size of it is incredible! The detail, yes, EVERYTHING! The amount of work is amazing! Keep it up big time mate! Looking forward quite alot to see the finished build! Robin
  8. I must admit, i'm damn impressed about this build! Keep it up Timmie! Really looking forward to see your finished plane! Robin
  9. Wow! Looking brilliant already! Keep up the great work Robin
  10. Astonishing detail on this plane mate! Great job!
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