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  1. On 4/6/2020 at 12:20 PM, najkos said:

    That's what I thought. ūüôā¬†ūüĎć


    Trying to get hold of it, but shipping from the U.K. to Sweden is quite expensive, since it's shipped as dangerous goods..

    Can you get hold of Xtracolour somewhere locally in Denmark?



    Hi Niklas,


    I'm am unaware of places to get it locally in DK. I received my paint back when it wasn't a problem to ship,


    / Robin 

  2. On 3/28/2020 at 4:16 PM, najkos said:

    Really nice 737, looks great!


    What colour did you use for the blue? I'm in the making of one myself at the moment.. :)





    First of all, thanks to all for some kind comments! Highly appreciated, and motivating!


    Niklas, the blue colour is Xtracolors Enamel X030 RAF Roundel Blue. Fairly good match to SAS' blue. At least for me :)


    / Robin 

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    Hi all! Thanks for your really kind words!


    11 hours ago, Skodadriver said:

    Thanks for sharing your excellent model and collection Robin. The 70th anniversary 738 in the middle looks great - if I remember correctly Ruben leaves you on your own to paint the blue which can't have been easy.


    I really liked the Zvezda 738 when I built it in Malev livery a few months ago. It's in a different league from the Revell kit which we all struggled with for so long! The 737-700 is every bit as nice - I have one on the bench just now and I hope to get it into the paint shop shortly.




    Dave G

    Would have loved to say that I had built the 70th anniversery, but I haven't. It's a Gemini Jets 1/200 diecast jet. But yes, I think you are right - the blue needs to be painted on by the looks of it! Not anything that I am competent of doing!

    Keeping an eye out for the -700! 


    9 hours ago, Turbofan said:

    Hi Robin,

    Nice one and beautifully finished.

    Which colour did you use for the SAS red?

    I'm impressed with your fleet I reckon with a bit of juggling you could squeeze a few more in, how about some DC9s or MD80s?



    Thanks Ian. I used Xtracolor SAS Red X339. Primed with Tamiya Grey primer, then a layer of Humbrol 130, and then finally a coat of X339. The white coat is essential to get, what I reckon, is the correct shade. It can probably be done using a white primer, but I only had the grey one laying around. 


    6 hours ago, stringbag said:

    Hi Robin.

    We are certainly being treated to some lovely airliner builds here.  Another fine model.

    I noticed you are into gliding as well.  I repatriated a Grunau 2b to Denmark to be restored by Niels Ebber of the vintage flying group in Viborg.



    Hi Chris. 


    Thanks alot. Yes, I've been doing gliding for 9 years. Started when I was 14. Unfourtunately I have som medical trouble at the moment, which has kept me on the ground. A bugger since I almost had my CPL completed. 

    Niels Ebber,... his name rings a bell, but I don't think I have met him. Thats funny - you've more than likely passed right by that place I live.


    Cheers, Robin

  4. Hi Britmodeller.


    Zvezda's sublime 737-800 kit built OOB. As probably mentioned in other threads, this kit includes the correct shaped engines, winglets and correct height for the windows, as compared to the old Revell kits. It goes together really well. Added a wifi antenna.

    The reason for my choice of this livery, is because I flew this exact plane back in January 17', when I moved from Denmark to Northern Norway. Flew it from Oslo to Troms√ł.

    Painted with Halfords Appliance White, Humbrol and Alclad. The always brilliant decals, are from Ruben, LN Decals.

    Genereally happy. A few mistakes here and there, but luckily we all keep on learning from our mistakes! 













    Here sitting next to my other SAS builds/models.




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  5. Hi Britmodeller.


    Revell A319 built OOB. The Revell kit is getting old, and this was a bit more of a challenge to build, since I recently built a Zvezda airliner. 

    Painted with Humbrol, Alclad and Halfords Appliance white. Wonderful decals by Ruben at LN Decals. 

    Relatively happy - never stop learning though. 




















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  6. Hi all.


    I haven't posted anything on britmodeller for ages. But here goes my first helicopter build. Revell Merlin built OOB. Painted with humbrol and clear coated with Tamiya rattle matt. Had to strip the paint off of the rotor blades a few times, as I rushed the masking.. 

    Fairly happy with the result - I don't know if I will ever build a helicopter again. Who knows. 


















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  7. Well, I would suggest Gemini Jets for 'top of the range' diecast 1/200 models. They have a large selection, but are quite pricey as all their models are limited run (as far as I'm aware). Another great alternative will be Dragon wings. Herpa is also an alternative, but they focus mainly on 1/500 models. 
    For plastic desktop models, Skymarks have alot of different planes and airlines. 


    Hope this helps.



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  8. On 18/2/2017 at 7:44 AM, Artmaul said:

    I'd like to see this kits being made in 1/144:





    747-200 or SP



    Irkut MC21 airliner



    Only 3 of this kits(A310 and 742) have been poorly accurate made in the past, the rest have never seen the light in styrene




    Not entirely true...


    Minicraft 757 exists as well

  9. Hi all.


    Newest project has come to an end. 

    Revell CL-604 Challenger. 

    Great kit, added a few antennas, and an acrylic stand.

    Chuffed with the result. Painted with Humbrol, Alclad, and Mercedes rattle can clear coat.










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  10. Hi all.


    My most recent project has come to an end. Minicrafts little 737 kit is rather simple, but also a joy to build. Added antennas, and beacon lights.

    Decals are from Max decals. Paint from Xtracolor (Maersk blue) Humbrol ("Boeing grey", corroguard, nose) and Alclad for leading edges of wings and vertical/horizontonal stabilisors. 


    Here goes:













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  11. Nice job Robin, I really like that - excellent work on the lights!! :speak_cool:

    I wouldn't worry too much, we've got a real one in the garage with the left brake light not working - the wire has snapped under the fuel tank & we're going to have to take the tank out to fix it!! :winkgrin: As Vince1159 says, you have to love old Minis!! :rolleyes:



    Ah wicked stuff Keith! - and cheers!

    I need to get me education sorted out, and I've promised my self to get one, the day I get a job after my education!

    Hopefully, they've not all rusted away by then!

    Went to Beaulieu two weeks ago, and they have a few classic mini's in mint condition there! I love them!


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  12. Hi all.

    This is a first for me. My first model car. I usually build things with wings!
    The last half a year or so, I've really fallen in love with classic mini's.. As I cannot afford one at the moment, I simply needed to build a model of one! Not many BRG Mini's have the Union Jack on top, but I have seen a few pictures on the interweb, so I decided to go for it! Took a long time to mask off, but definately worth the time spent!
    I also challenged myself, by making an electrical circuit for lights. A little bit of soldering, and maths, did the trick. However, when I put the bodywork on the chassis, one of the wires snapped of the right hand brake light... Unfourtunately, I only discovered this, when the glue had hardened - bummer! Oh well, I'm pretty happy with the result. The paintwork is done with a cheap rattle can from Bahaus, and cleared with Tamiya's clear rattle-can. After that, it was handpolished with some ordinary car polish, and the job was a gooden. All chrome parts, have been painted with Humbrol gloss black, followed by alclad chrome. Great stuff!
    Comments appreciated!
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  13. Thankyou very much everyone!

    They look great Robin :thumbsup:

    Where did you source the stand for the 787?

    Hi TrojanThunder - the stand is in fact from Zvezda's A320/A321 - I quickly realised that I'm running out of shelves that are big enough for this beast.

    Here the NAX Dreamliner is parked alongside a selection of prebuilt diecast and plastic airliner models. On the bottom shelf, I have most of my fighter collection. The two 737's are parked by my window.


    So, where on earth am I going to place the 777 when it arrives :D


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  14. Hell fellow modellers.

    I have finally completed my Norwegian Air Shuttle fleet. A project that has lasted me far too long. The first model being the Revell 737-800, LN-NOL, was finished back in November 2012. The -300 was completed back in January 2014. Now, two years later, the Dreamliner is complete. My target back in the days, was to model one of each plane type in the 2012 fleet. The -300 has now been withdrawn from service. The Dreamliner has switched registration, so its now on norwegian registration; LN-LNA, and accordingly, the 737-800 has changed from LN-NOL to EI-FHC.

    After being three months in the Phillippines with work, I have now returned to Denmark and should be able to complete some more models in the near future.


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