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  1. Has any one noticed that in the instructions for the recent release of the 1/600 RMS Mauretania kit # AO4207 that the steps go up to number 12 that shows the assembly of the funnels. Missing assembly details are for the Life Boats, Davits, Ventilation intakes, where the funnels are supposed to be fitted. Talk about an incomplete set of instructions from Airfix as you can not complete the model before the painting stage.
  2. I had the pleasure of an internal examination of this machine when they moved it from the old museum to the South Bank site during the 1980's. No-one around at 2am in the morning and a circular hatch was left off on the rear of the machine, so I crawled inside to have a stickybeak and unfortunately I did not have a camera with me ( impromptu visit ) at that time. I was amazed how they managed to fit 18 grown men inside this tiny space.
  3. Hopefully they will do a set in 1/72 ( for my Special Hobby Firefly Mk 1 ) at a later date.
  4. I have the book by Ian Buxton plus the book on the HMS Roberts by Profile Morskie # 57. I feel the kit is quite sound as building her in a 1944 fit ( without the 40mm bofors ) should not be all that hard as there are enough twin 20mm gun mounts ( E10 and E19 ) to convert her to that year. I need a good magnifier before I tackle the Master Model set SM-350-050 for the 20mm Oerlikon guns.
  5. What were your references for this review ?
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