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  1. Ignore first post. See if this works? http://s1063.photobucket.com/user/eddieadams2/library/Revell Williams FW19 Let me know how you get on!
  2. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1063.photobucket.com/user/eddieadams2/embed/slideshow/Revell%20Williams%20FW19"></iframe>
  3. Did you get anywhere with this? If not, I have them and could upload pics
  4. Got mine over the weekend. Not as good as the McLaren in my opinion. The bodywork looks amazing but the bits in part 2 are awful. Someone like Roy could work wonders on it but for a kit that's going to cost near £1000 once complete should include more detail. Will not be continuing with this. Glad I only spent £1.99.
  5. Hi guys, The tittle pretty much sums it up. I have a giant stash of models and haven't been able to do anything with them as I only use rattle cans and work outside. I cant remember the last time it was suitably warm outside to even consider working on one of my kits. So, ive been thinking about getting an airbrush. I've watched a few guides online but still not sure how much of a headache its going to be mixing paints and cleaning the thing afterwards. I remember seeing a guide on here once but cant find it. If any of you happen to know where it is could you possibly drop the link in the comments? Also, any advice would be gratefully received.
  6. Literally got my last delivery for the McLaren last week. Was going to wait a while before signing up to any new kits. Then I got the email from deag...
  7. Thanks, both kits are Revell 1-24. Their newer f1 kits go together really nicely. Roy: please go ahead and post pics if you have the time. I have seen your thread and it really takes the McLaren kit to the next level. I got the box set version of this so still have Jensons car to make and I plan on going the bmf route.
  8. I had one of these as well, but mine was the 250S. Have the kit in the stash but want to make a replica so lots of bits need chopping off. Great start, will be watching this one!
  9. Does this bring the DeAgostini Lambo back into play?
  10. Evening all! So I am trying to restart my mojo by trying to finish a couple of Senna's mclaren's I started a while back (mp4/7 & 8). I decided to try something new and get some resin wet weather tyres for the mp4/8 so I could base it in the Donnington car. The tyres arrived today and to my surprise, don't fit on the rims (not sure what I was expecting. Just didn't think of it). So my question is, do I need to make the centre hole bigger of try and make the rims smaller? Either way, can anyone offer tips on how to do this? Also, paint wise, what do you recommend? Many thanks in advance
  11. Ha, to be fair I make him right, there's not much of a description.
  12. I lost mine for about 3 years. I bought a cheap revell ferrari f2007 and just glued it together. It's the prep that puts me off sometimes. Anyway, once I'd stuck it together I just slapped some paint on it with the intention of binning it and funny enough it turned out to be one of my favourite builds. Ironically it has probably the best paint finish I have achieved...
  13. Surely they hope you stick with it and buy another once your finished? Wouldn't make much business sense to produce as many different models as they do if they hope no one completes it... maybe if they only offered one model bit still. Why does it wind you up?
  14. It's funny you should say that Roy, because I am in the camp of smokers who enjoy a drink down the pub whilst watching a game of footy! I too, have zero interest on Star Wars but do take issue with this companies perceived "taking the yellow stuff" reputation. I am an F1 fan so am extremely interested and excited to have a sub for the Mclaren. I fully intend on taking out a new sub on one of the other models as soon my current one is complete.
  15. A hobbies a hobby and people will spend what they can afford. Think of it this way, if your hobby is fishing, reels can costs thousands. If you enjoy playing the guitar, they can be equally expensive. I'm sure if they were able to get something that isn't ordinarily available for £40 a month over two years they would jump at it. Just because modeling is a niche hobby does not mean that companies such as deagostini are fraudsters and deserve to go out of business and that I, as the consumer are "stupid" for subscribing to them.
  16. Spotted this article on the Daily Mail website this morning: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2895714/It-s-financial-dark-parents-strike-900-build-Star-Wars-spaceship-toy.html Apart from the (as always) low standard of reporting by DM, my main issue with this is the ridiculous comments from people who clearly do not have a clue. I am currently subscribed to the Mclaren mp4/23 build and will be subscribing to the mp4/4 once complete. The people commenting that this company are conning people because they will NOT give you a complete kit and the others hoping the company go out of business really annoyed me. Although the kits are expensive, the price is clearly shown where advertised and the website is very clear.
  17. Looking good so far rick. Got a couple of questions, did you decal and then fix the rear wing together or did you bond it together, paint it then decal it? If you decaled it last did you have to alter the inner decal? What paint did you use for the yellow on the top air box?
  18. I'm about 6 months in on the hamilton car and mines not found out yet! If I get away with it the senna one will be next.
  19. I think its already here... http://shop.deagostini.co.uk/suzuki.html
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