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  1. Alright little kit for being from the 60s, even though it was a pain to assemble and I lost the headlights
  2. Thanks guys. Nope, full plastic. (I think that's what you meant?)
  3. Pretty nice little kit! I should get more of these 48 scale things sometime.
  4. Thanks guys. http://www.culttvmanshop.com/T2-Aerial-Hunter-Killer-from-Pegasus-Hobbies_p_2674.html This!
  5. My folder-and-three-pieces-of-paper "studio" doesn't work so well with something this big! Had some issues with the decal that went on the bottom there and it ended up not going on.
  6. I think I must have gotten the wrong kit, this isn't a tank! First car kit! Quite different from building a tank... although I did somehow manage to lose the rear view mirrors and had some accidents with the windshield...
  7. That worn effects fluid looks like it works great! I'll have to get me some of that.
  8. ...Maybe. Maybe it deserves better. I decided on a whim to strip all the paint off my first model, the Trumpeter 1/72 King Tiger: (Thinning paint? Hah! I didn't even stir it...) And repaint it. Ended up with this: Couple things got added or replaced from the spares from a Dragon 1/72 Jagdtiger. Some things also got lost... haven't the faintest idea where the other exhaust went... Might not be the best but at least it looks better.
  9. Ah, thanks guys. Makes me feel a bit better about it Would have been better if I had gotten aftermarket tracks and decals... although I looked around a bit for decals and I couldn't find any.
  10. Eh, not my best work. With the tracks it was either so tight I couldn't get them on or too loose... they aren't stretchable like all the other vinyl tracks I've used. No decals because they all fell apart.
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