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  1. NO NO these are all 1/32 scale
  2. It looks as the the late series Spad is due to be released at the end of the year and work is well on with the 1&1/2 strutter and Avro 504. Lets hope the decals work. Anyway the Spad is my least favourite byplane but the 504's should be interesting.
  3. Think it will be a 1/72 Pfalz D111a to go with their lovely Fokker EV
  4. HA ha just another excuse not to build one!

    Cosford 2023

    As I am eating my toast I just started to wonder if anyone had heard anything about Cosford 23

    Bolton 2023

    Bolton 23 is now being advertised, Jan 22nd at the Macron, Good news or what!!
  7. Don't bet on it Duncan, as things stand for next year there's only Bolton on so far.
  8. Well it appears to me that any attempt to re do an ex Wingnut Wings kit brings problems. Salute Wingnut Wings quality and weep. Oh and by the way it took me 10 minutes to sort out out my Meng triplane but will I buy another?
  9. When Wingnut Wings ceased trading Hannants were selling these @ £85 IE at a dsicount. Now the buy it now brigade are asking £300. So I doubt the sincerity of the latest buyers.
  10. Bristol Fighter!!!!, Only in America-what?
  11. I hope Arma Hobby don't use this tactic again it's just BORING
  12. I hope this gets sorted out but just for info , if you buy from Hannants or your LMS your contract is with them. Please Border ride to the rescue.
  13. Limey pilot did a detailed build on the Revel kit on this site about 3 years ago. A good article, dig it out. Oh and thanks Paul for your honest article but will I ever be able to use my Pheon decal sheet. Dreams dashed.
  14. Well you've frightened the Kitcat but it does seem to me that every time I do an allied aeroplane I end up cross kitting so do you think it could work in this instance?
  15. Pleased to give it a good home. With Airfix and ICM I've got plenty of Gladiators.
  16. Don't use photo etch rigging it just looks so wrong. I was too busy selling but would have bought the Junkers-oh well
  17. Just another addition to the stash. NO regrets.
  18. Wingnut Wings kit?!!!!!!!!
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