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  1. Well I've got one ordered from my lms but wether I buy any others will be open to question and that is the big issue I think as the makers are surely looking for multiple purchases from interested modellers. My big gripe is the odd markings on the later version so yet again I plead for photo evidence.
  2. Late last week after visiting my LMS in West Yorkshire I discovered a Quinta Studios 1/32 detail set for an Albatros D1 and Ray's rag on a Fokker triplane in my bag. Don't understand how they got there!!!
  3. Just had to, so now expecting an Eindecker E11/E111 for my Wingnut Wings collection, Dear me the prices on Ebay are rising so this may be my last sortie. Should have taken the plunge at SMW where I could have got 1 cheaper!
  4. Aviatic decals seem a bit idiosintric to me and the colours look bright. Anyway I will be careful and hope Pheon release their Halberstadter decal sheets
  5. Ok yay but one thing I will buy one or two and I am looking forward to it.
  6. Uncle Vlady at Roden has announced that they will be doing another two WW1 kits despite the fact sales of the Spad have fallen a bit short. When will they learn, I mean the field is open for take off,
  7. Your'e dead right Paul, Mind this site seems to struggle to insert an emoji. Anyway lets agree to disagree. To finish' at SMW I displayed my 3 Roden builds 2 of which had Roden decals these being an Albatros D111 OAW with it's dinosaur motive and a Pfalz D 111 with the with the heart with an arrow through it motive, So they CAN provide decals that work so maybe they should test what they are supplied with instead of just shoving them into the box.
  8. You must be a brilliant customer Paul but me well I will never buy this kit but do hope it sells well and Roden release an Avro 504. I will take bets that if this happens we will get the trainer version first.
  9. This means I need to buy a few as just maybe Eduard step in too. happy days KITCAT
  10. It sure looks the part, lovely box art too. I'll save my money though as it's just not my type.
  11. Why not quote the full statement I did say it wasn't going to happen, So 200 paying towards a £1200 venue may cover £8000 with some leeway for other costs. Hard times KITCAT
  12. Well I hope all goes well, Strange days are afoot, maybe even Covid 4.
  13. Some of the costs for these venues would mean folks having to pay about £40 entrance. That ain't going to happen.
  14. Now some folk seem to holding events in 2022 the picture further up the M1/M6 is getting bleak. Bolton off Huddersfax off Keighley off All due to astronomical costs and that leaves Cosford where things are getting late for planning and no announcement. So that leaves Telford November 22.
  15. I was on the second shift but actually started at 15.00 and went on until closing at 19.00 but plenty of wrist band fitting.
  16. Well now another rock and roller. Thank all of you who behaved at the check in on Friday afternoon I didn't need my gun(joke), Now I think the Exec need a big cheer for putting the show on. As for the negative comments on an event that was always going to be different are not helpful. As Saturday was a bit of a blur I missed a lot but was rescued by my inter planetary pal. Sunday was quieter. So in closing I feel it was a good show and many a man now in bed will feel accursed they were not there. Good club displays and some excellent models in the competition. Looking back the comments that the entries were down might like to consider that in 1986 I had to contend with 485 models. We have travelled far. Looking forward to 2022.
  17. To all the stand donkeys don't despair, drive safely. Now if anyone gets silly with me on the check in desk this afternoon please note I am bringing my shotgun.
  18. Is this a reissue of the Admiral kit. I suspect it will be.
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