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  1. Maybe a right Royal boxing with a Blue Max included. Sounds good to me.
  2. As I wanty wanty these I went over to my favourite model; shoppe to get the 2 I ordered. I was not disappointed AND there is more to come as well. Folk may querie the lozenge decals but I would use them. Also you will get extra bits plus photo etch, markings for J19, J62, J12, J13 and J18. All for £12.99. What a bargain.!!!


    Good show, the Manchester Angels always like this so roll on next years. Got a few bargains, Sword Tojo and Tamiya A6M2 but good company and good exhibits lift this show above others, Well done to the organisers wahay Karen


    Cannot wait, my favourite show!
  5. Ooh, here come the little Fokkers. Hooray!
  6. Why why all this nit picking I just wanty wanty. Lozenge or no Lozenge I just could'nt care less. I will buy the whole lot and more. Bye bye Rodent.
  7. Great show again. It's good to see a brave decision paying of because moving to the Macron was a quantum leap from the old venue. Well done to Rob and the team. The Manchester Angels had a good time and the Cat spent too much money- tee he.

    Telford 2018

    I should think most judges at Telford are objective in the majority of cases otherwise a right mess will ensue. As for disqualification well all I can say is we were all told to enforce this rule to the letter by our long suffering comp sec. Trust you will not do this again so I do not explain. nil desperandum

    Telford 2018

    Hope everyone travelling today has a safe journey.
  10. Knocked off a local trader for selling dodgy novelty table lights. Duly found guilty under Electrical Safety Regulations and fined. At the end of the mornings proceedings one of the magistrates approached me and asked if he could have the lights for the boy scout jumble sale. gasp
  11. KITCAT

    Telford 2018

    So how many years have I put in from Stoneleigh, Peterborough, Donnigton, then Telford. What is it like on the exhibition floor on Saturday afternoon!? Luvies Karen
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