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    NOW, your'e talking turkey oh what fun do the rib tapes along the trailing edge of a scolloped wing.
  2. Sorry fans but I think this is spurious could't they think of anything else? lovies Karen
  3. Finally got my mits on a Meng triplane but only one mind you as I will wait to see if things change and I don't have a fixation one these. So maybe another at a later date and praying for so interesting decal options.
  4. Oh dear spending again. Bought one of the last WnW's Halberstadts because I like these and it was standing lonely on the shelf. Now stocked up on these. Also a little Sopwith triplane and the Micro-Mir Fokker EV. The only thing on the want list now is another WnW's Albatros Dva( I mean you cannot have too many, can you). Not paying Ebay rip of prices- never.
  5. For the record I use Bayer ultima 0.06 mm (10 oz) fishing line which is thinner than the invisible thread I used in the last century for 1/72 builds.
  6. I use very fine fishing line which finer than invisible thread but can be fanifickanarious to fit because you can hardly see it , The trouble is that it looks realistic.
  7. When I phoned I got through to the Holiday Inn and was told the Ramada was closed but bookings could be taken but the HI could process my cancellation and booking for next year, Also they had all my details on hand so it seems these hotels are pooling there resources.
  8. Going forward( as I always do ) I've booked into the Ramada for the 21 event. Here's hoping.
  9. Be wary of SP kits like the Morane and the Nieuport. The Morane wings will be very fanificanarius to fit and as for the N 16 this just filled me with buyers remorse separate bottom wings coupled with NO location points for any of the struts means I will buy the Copper State model and maybe risk SP decals for a La Fayette scheme. I mean Roden don't even do this.
  10. Well it looks good with WNW's hallmark all over it but we do get decal options so my order goes in tomorrow.
  11. I think this a sensible move as recently I've been hunting these on Ebay and unfortunatly prices are going up.
  12. KITCAT


    Here,s a teaser and a history lesson, Once upon a story I went to IPMS Nationals at Stoneleigh . There was 1 trader present( Hannants ), flys round a jam pot. We were kicked out of the hall to watch a suitable film while a mottley load of judges issued awards with some very dodgy criteria. We were then lead back in to see the results after which there was a prize giving upstairs which we were expected to attend , after which we went home. This morphed into SMW.
  13. Looks like I will save loads of money. I don't trust Rodet with any of these and the choice of subjects leaves me cold, also at the price charged I would want decals that work. I want an Abatros!
  14. Time to get those magic glasses out!
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