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  1. This bike has been on my wish-list for a very long time! But ... the stash is already too big! I need to finish the ones I have already started first! Cheers, Alan.
  2. Love the idea of the SD1! However, I'm not sure of the nose profile. It looks a bit 'blunt' to my eye. Cheers, Alan.
  3. Lovely job. Look weirdly naked without the stripes on the body! Cheers, Alan.
  4. Looking forward to this. Cheers, Alan.
  5. It's amazing the difference that the primer colour makes! I have heard that to get a good red, paint the model yellow first. I have seen this on one of the builds here, but not sure where now. Cheers, Alan.
  6. Today on the A350 near Chippenham, A Marcos V8 of some kind. No pictures as I was driving at the time. Cheers, Alan.
  7. That is epic! Wouldn't want to meet that in a darkened alley.... Cheers, Alan.
  8. Didn't the Miura in that film get trashed by a shovel truck in the tunnel?
  9. Hi Neddy, That is a very nice rendition of a classic US automobile. If my first build looked that good, I would have been well chuffed! Seriously good. Cheers, Alan.
  10. Hi Spiny, As soon as the kitchen is fitted, I will make a push to finish this, the XJR-9 and the CLK-GTR. Then it's on to the Razor Crest! A bit different for me, the only space/sci-fi stuff I did was way back in the 60s & 70s. Airfix LEM, Airfix 2001 Orion and Airfix Saturn V Apollo Rocket. Cheers, Alan.
  11. Not recently (Around Christmas), I got these: A Christmas present from my daughter. Here being used. And finally: This looks like a nice kit. However, it does look as if it may ride a bit high. I'll see if I can address that when I come to build it. Cheers, Alan.
  12. Morning all, Another update. Earlier, I mentioned that the seats looked a bit to "matt", well: Now I think that they are a little too glossy. However, I am not going to fuss too much about that. Once it's all buttoned up, I don't think that it'll show too much. This is the fire-wall. It looks a lot blotchy. I think that the plastic has reacted rather badly with the Zero paints stuff. I can live with it, especially when I have 'weathered' it a bit... I painted the body parts with Mr Color 'Burnt Iron'. It looks a bit like Tamiya Metallic Grey. I had previously sprayed the body-shell with satin-black (A Tamiya based home-brew cocktail) before spaying the metallic grey. I think it came out really well. As can be seen on the last picture, there was a minor imperfection, that I sanded out and re-coated with the metallic grey (No picture, I'm afraid) I am going to use bare metal foil for the chrome-work, but I think Ill gloss coat it first. More soon, I hope. Cheers, Alan.
  13. Morning all, Only five months for this one! I made some good progress on this until the winter/kitchen upgrade got in the way! I managed to get the underside painted semi-gloss black, using Zero paints Semi-gloss Black: They haven't turned out too bad. Still, lots of detailing to do to these (If they weren't in the loft!) I sprayed the body with some Zero Paints "Ingot Silver" left over from my Ford GT build. There's a small mark from overzealous sanding prior to putting the silver on, but it's not as obvious as the camera makes it out to be! (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!) The camera can be harsh. On this picture, you can see a definite demarcation between the body and the air-scoop that's not visible to the naked eye, and this wasn't yet washed after some sanding/polishing the paint. There was a definite seam line here that I managed to completely eradicate. Well chuffed. Silver is a bit of a problem for highlighting tiny finish issues! I remember now that after the first coat of silver, there were a number of finish issues, so I sanded it back where necessary and then re-applied another couple of coats of Ingot Silver. Then, I started the decalling progress. As with the XJR-9 the decals had become somewhat brittle. Fortunately, I had two sets on one of the decal sheets, so I was able to pick the best decals from each sheet. I also covered some of the more fragile ones with decal film. I used a combination of MicroSet/MicroSol and a hot hairdryer to settle the decals down. I got the idea from the "Scale Modeling Channel" YouTube channel. You just have to be a bit careful not to keep the heat on any particular area for too long. I never dwelt on any area for more than a few seconds at a time. The decals certainly settled well, conforming to the surface well. The next stage is gloss coating the body to seal the decals in. More soon (I hope). Cheers, Alan.
  14. Morning All, Only six months since my last update. I must be getting quicker! Anyway, this delay was caused by a combination of the winter months being too cold to do anything meaningful in the conservatory and a new kitchen being fitted with all of the stuff being stored in the garage and conservatory. Consequently, all my stuff is in the loft at the moment! Anyway some decalling progress was made: The decals were extremely fragile and broke up in many places, as you can see. The yellow decals were pretty thin as well, you can see some of the Lilac (?) colour bleeding through on the last image. With some care, and a very fine brush (000 i think), i was able to touch up the damage. Not perfect, but acceptable. Was never going to be a show winner anyway. I'm just not skilled enough for a competition. I do this for relaxation, I get enough stress with my day-job (Software engineer). The yellow was an almost exact match for Tamiya flat yellow (XF-3) and the green of the striped matched Tamiya XF-5. Funny, that! I can also see some overlap of white on the '2'. I'll deal with that later. Still lots to do, but I think I have broken the back of this one. The body needs to be clear coated. I might try some of the Mr Color clear coats. I've heard good things about this stuff. Maybe the UV stuff might be a good idea. More soon (after the kitchen is finished!) Cheers, Alan. I managed to
  15. I have certainly used Appliance White on car and aircraft models in the past to good effect. Give a good glossy finish. Cheers, Alan.
  16. Lucky beggar! My first car was a 1963 Mini 850 (Austin seven version, I think) Probably worth a fortune now, if it still exists.
  17. Cameras can be unfairly cruel!
  18. Absolutely wonderful. It captures the 'soul' of the MGB. It's a shame that BL (BMC, Leyland ...?) had to raise the ride height for the rubber bumper MGB for the US market. (Surely they could have kept it lower for the domestic market?) It's a lovely rendition, anyway. The photography looks very good. I need to get back to the bench myself, but the man-cave is stuffed full of kitchen units ready for a re-fit next week! (YAY!), so models are all in the loft/garage/under our bed ... Cheers, Alan.
  19. Absolutely wonderful! I assume the little v-twin at the front of the engine is the A/C compressor? Cheers, Alan.
  20. Lovely, scruffy, but loved T1. Makes me want to get one! Cheers, Alan.
  21. I couldn't put it better myself. This is a hobby we do for pleasure, after all. Great build, by the way, Pat. Keep 'em coming! Regards, Alan.
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