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  1. Alan R

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Seen on Sunday up near Newcastle, an off-white E-Type Mk III V12. Beautiful!
  2. Hi All, I found this one on the same shelf as the RGB500. I have been making steady progress on this as well. So, pictures: First, the inevitable box top: The model has a clear cowl, so that you can see all the beautiful mechanicals underneath. However, I will be painting it white as I want it to look like a bike not a toy... The engine. A proper little gem: The instructions suggest that you mix aluminium and Red Brown (XF9) to paint the engine. That came out as a rather odd looking metallic medium pink. Whether it's right or not, I don't know, but to my eye it didn't. So, I painted it semi-gloss black. The engine in the frame. This fitted rather well. The frame at the back looks a bit delicate, easily broken and hard to repair. So I cust a piece of styrene tube and popped between the lugs on the back of the frame. So far, no problem. Add the wheels: The rear shock: I painted the spring gloss red with Humbrol Hu19 acrylic over a grey acrylic primer coat. It seems to have come out ok. I'm hoping that the grey may help the red to adhere better. Who knows. It'll be hidden in the guts of the model when complete, so no one will be able to tell anyway! The exhaust and chain guard: The exhaust has given me the most trouble, as I wanted the silencer to be chrome (Molotow), but whatever I did, It wouldn't work well. It looked rather lumpy on the silencer. So, in the end I painted it silver (X11). I did consider spraying it with Molotow, but I don't have enough to spray. It's mounted on the bike now, so no going back. Chain and swing arm attached: Starting took like something. The exhaust assembled and installed. I thought that this would be a real problem, especially the rear pipes, but I took a deep breath, read and re-read the instructions many times, and followed them. After a brief tussle, they popped into place. After that, fitting the front piped was a breeze. Ther was a small join to make good with filler where the front and back systems met. That's all. Well, that's all for the moment. I'm working on the fuel induction system at the moment. More pictures when I have uploaded them... Thanks for looking, Alan.
  3. Hi All, I know that this is about-face, but I finally found the images for the initial phase of this build. So, here they are: The frame and engine The carburettors: Only painted in a mix of aluminium and gold here. The exhausts, filled and primed: Almost where we started this thread... That's all folks. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  4. Hi All, Yet another build rescued from the shelf of doom... I started on this in the late 80s (!), and it's been on and off the work-bench ever since. I finally decided that it needs a fair crack of the whip, so here it is. First the picture of the box top: Still a tasty little beastie, I think. The decals all seem OK still. Not something that I have found with all 30 year old kits, Tamiya included... So, this was where it had been left for a very long time... The frame should be gloss black, but the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that it's somewhat non-glossy. I decided I thought it looked better in satin black, so that's what I did! So, the next stage was the rear wheel: A bit closer: The only real issue I had here was getting the inside half of the brake calliper in, but after a bit of fiddling with a pair of tweezers, it just popped into place nicely. The chain has to be threaded through the swing-arm. There's a small slot that allows you to do that. Once the other half of the swing-arm is cemented to the first bit, the slot is closed. Next, the swing-arm installed: When you install the bolt that holds the swing-arm onto the frame, a small pip on the drive sprocket pops into a hole on the gear-box casing, making everything quite sturdy. The next stage was to install the carburettors and the exhausts. Kind of symmetrical that, inlet and outlet... Since the real bike has throttle cables that disappear under the tank, I decided that I should attempt to replicate them. They'll just disappear under the tank on completion. Also, I'll need to fabricate the throttle cable from the throttle on the handlebars as well. The exhausts are moulded with a huge void around the back, where in theory, it won't be seen. Because I am a fussy sort (A bit OCD !), I decided to fill them in so that the void became invisible. After a lot of filling with scrap plastic, Milliput and Squadron white putty, a hell of a lot of sanding to get the profile right, they came out quite well, I think. I just wish I had taken pictures at the time!!! Another fiddly job was to thread the rear exhaust pipes into the rear cylinder exhaust outlets. But with a bit of twisting they popped into place perfectly, and they then lined up with the support brackets on the frame. I have made quite a lot of progress, mostly on the front-end, but haven't uploaded the pictures yet. More soon.... Thanks for looking, Alan.
  5. Hi Tony, I'm not sure. My knowledge of bike riders and their bikes from those days (mid 80s, I guess) is a little hazy. I know that this was a version of the Tamiya RGB500 with different decals, like this: so it's entirely possible that with the right decals you can do that. Cheers, Alan.
  6. 24 years? That's nothing. I have an Airfix Triumph Herald, priced at 6 shillings and Ninepence!. That's pre-decimalisation, so it's before 1971. However, I think I bought it in 1969. That makes it 49 years old... All the best, Alan.
  7. Alan R

    1/24 Oldsmobile Aerotech

    Hi Roger, Please do. All viewers welcome. Cheers, Alan.
  8. Hi All, This is another one I have rescued from the 'forgotten in the mists of time' shelf. I had kind of started this a loooong time ago, not sure when. Must be over 30 years ago, I think. Anyway, I have rescued it and plan to work on this as well as all the other stuff I am working on. So, pictures: This is the box-top: Looks quite aerodynamic. Hopefully, I can make a good stab at it. This is where I have got so far: There's two choices of version. A short-tail and a long-tail. This, if I recall, is the long-tail variant. There's an awfully long way to go with this one. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  9. Alan R

    1/24 Oldsmobile Aerotech

    I think I know which one I prefer... I think that I will stick with the silver for this one. Cheers, Alan.
  10. That's true. I think my Mini did that. Cheers, Alan.
  11. Hi All, This has been on the back shelf for many, many years. I have lost count. I think the reason was that I had decided I wanted to wire up the ignition, and it was at the time that my eyesight was poor due to my diabetes. However, I received a birthday card from my sister recently, and it had a picture of a Mini Cooper on it, and I saw a recent Car SOS episode where they restored a Mini Cooper S, so that inspired me to try and finish this one. Anyway, enough waffle, here is where we are at the moment: This was more or less where I had got until the other day. The only work done before I took these pictures was to wire up the ignition and put in the glazing. As it happened, the wiring went rather more easily that I had thought it would. I then installed the door panels and carefully prised the body onto the floor-pan, thus: This little blighter has been fighting me all the way to the finish line. (Still a long way to g0 yet though!!!) I was fitting the oil-cooler when the body shell fell out of my hands on to the work-bench. All the glazing fell out. A few choice words were spoken over it, but after a bit of wriggling with the glazing, I got it back in. The problem was that having installed the door panels, they now were in the way of the glass... Still, we all live and learn, and I did get the glazing back in without any PVA glue smearing the windows. Getting the body on the floor-pan was a bit of a challenge, and a couple of small bits fell off in the process. Nothing major though, and easily fixed. That's all for the mo. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Alan.
  12. Hi All, Just a small update. I have got all the transmission in and am about to install the suspension and brakes. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  13. I seem to keep finding these half-built kits... So, here we go again. That's all I have managed to do so far. The body was painted in the Tamiya TS colours, they do seem to cover very well. I was a bit worried about the state of the decals, as some of them have 'crinkled' for want of a better word. However, so far they have come off the backing paper well, and haven't broken up into teeny-weeny pieces yet! I saw someone else's build on here, and he had drilled out the bolt holes and hub on the spare wheel, so I have done the same. It does make the spare look a bit more realistic. Over the next few days, I hope to get the rest of the decals applied to the body-shell. There are some horribly complex curves to follow. Hopefully, microsol will help... All the best, Alan.
  14. Hi All, Just another small update on this guy. I have managed to attach all the fiddly bits of chrome-work and most of the side-lights. All that is left to do is the back number-plate, the rear lights and the roof furniture. So, pictures: Since taking the picture, I noticed that the door-handle on the nearside was a bit skew, so I detached it (it was fixed in with strong PVA glue) and re-attached it. We are nearly there with this one. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  15. Judging by the way the vines and tentacles are going, this guy is toast.... Alan.
  16. Hi Steve, Yes the TS colour for the blue was TS-15. It's an exact match for the Tamiya Decals as well. Cheers, Alan.
  17. Hi All, A small update. The front transmission and axle are installed on the floor-pan: Hopefully, I'll get the rear transmission on tonight. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  18. Hi All, Another 'Mini' update... I have most of the chrome-work attached now. Forgive the crap pictures: I'm not sure what happened here. The light was lowish, and I was hand-holding the camera AND crouching and wobbling... Never mind, better luck next time. Just a few more things to attach, like door handles, auxiliary lights and rear number plate. More soon. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  19. Hi Steve, Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for these/ Cheers, Alan.
  20. Hi All, Well, after 2 and a half years, I have resurrected this beauty. The body shell is missing some of the markings due to decal 'rot', for want of a better term, but rather than leave it on the shelf of doom, I have decided to finish it, missing markings or not... So, pictures: I have started on the under-pinning's, and will hopefully be publishing those shortly. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  21. Hi All, Another update. I'm really on a roll with this. I have applied all the decals, and it now looks like a Rally Mini... I noticed that the Rally Plate was skew, but only after the thing had set completely. Not sure how that happened. Anyway, why not make the picture skewed as well ... Actually, it's just poor camera work... There still some more to do. More tomorrow, I hope... Thanks for looking, Alan.
  22. Hi All, Just a bit more progress. The roof is on. It begins to look like a Mini... You can just see the ignition leads lurking behind the oil cooler here... I have already assembled the headlights and spotlights, but not installed them yet. I think that some decaling is required first. Then I will reduce the risk of knocking them off while trying to apply the decals... Thanks for looking, Alan.
  23. Alan R

    1/8 Citroen V8 traction

    Amazing bit of heart surgery! Looking forward to see further progress. Keep up the good work. I think that you would need shares in Exxon or Shell or BP or .... Cheers, Alan.
  24. Hi All again, I decided to post these two stages separately, because in reality, the first pictures were taken some time before the second. I thought that I would try to do the window surrounds and some of the chrome trim. The chrome trim appears to extend onto the wheel arches, so: As you can see, the chrome needs a bit of 'refining', so I will be touching up the chrome surrounds later. The window rubbers need a bit of work too. Again, I will be touching those up as well. The chrome trim was painted with a micro-brush, rather than the pen itself. A bit tricky to do, but it does allow for more control I think. Next. Attach the roof... Thanks for looking. Alan.
  25. Hi All, Some updates. What makes the Monte Carlo Mini a bit iconic, is the wheel arches. So, without further ado: I think that it makes it look a bit more purposeful. There was a bit of minor repair work to the wheel arches due to that fact that I painted them on the sprue, then had to cut them off very carefully. A quick swipe with a small rounded file, and some very fine wet-n-dry before putting them on tidied up the scarring. I touched them up after attaching them to the body. I didn't want to risk damaging the paintwork, so I attached them with Hiro-boy's Cristal Clear PVA adhesive. I figured that if it was strong enough to hold widows in, it was probably strong enough to hold the wheel arches on. So far, so good. It's beginning to look like a rally Mini. Thanks for looking, Alan.