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  1. Tremendous finish for the size. Really good looking Firefly. Cheers Neil
  2. Lovely looking Tiger. Where will you be keeping it? I struggle to display 1/35 scale ones. Cheers Neil
  3. Considering this is a 30 year old kit, you have done a fantastic job, really nice finish. Cheers Neil
  4. I have one of these in the stash. Reading your thread has been really informative. A very tidy build for your first attempt. You mentioned about doing the camo, when I get round to building mine, I plan to use camo net from Tetra Model works, cut the pieces to follow each profile and stick it to some foil, before glueing to the model, hopefully that makes sense. Cheers Neil
  5. A great looking vehicle. I am very interested to see how it builds. Cheers Neil
  6. The flight deck crew figures are mid nineties, so Seaking Has 6 or AEW or Junglie or Sea Harrier FA2 or Lynx HAS3 or HMA8. The pilots you could probably get away with a Wessex, the main changes to flying suits in the late nineties, were the colour and removal of the knife patch to a strap cutter in pouch. The life jacket changed in the early nineties to include the STASS bottle, not sure if that is moulded on your figures, but would have to go if using with a Wessex.
  7. Really good looking build. I really like the finish and weathering. It looks well used, but not over the top. I found your background info interesting and your list of media used useful. Thanks Neil
  8. Fantastic job. What scale are they? Regards Neil
  9. Great job of the fire engine and figures. I remember making this set, a few years ago. I was never sure about the guy with his top off, never be allowed when at flying stations with an active deck. Did you make your own deck? Cheers Neil
  10. I think your zimmerit looks really good, for the scale. It was roughly applied, I have a couple of books by RZM publishing and it shows it was not always neatly applied in straight lines or even thickness. Great camo finish and weathering. I will look forward to seeing your next phase. Cheers Neil
  11. I am impressed with your work, amazing for 1/72nd. Did you build it OOB? IBG have a good range in their portfolio, which I have been looking at, looking more at 1/72nd lately, seems much more detail than the old Matchbox or Hasegawa ones, I remember from the early eighties.
  12. Subtle weathering, I would say a case of less is more, very nicely done. I could not see the join you were worried about. Good job.
  13. Lovely camouflage and unusual subject. I have a fondness for the M113 and the old Tamiya kit.
  14. Thanks Darryl, for the comments. I took the pictures on my old iPhone 6, with the model in a light box with LED strip light. It has made it look a bit washed out. Thanks Ade, in future I will use a digital camera rather than my old iPhone. I did think about using netting and strips of paper, stuck with watered down PVA glue, but decided the bandage material looked ok. Thanks John. The RSM would have a fit, lol.
  15. Nice finish and well crewed. How did you find the build? I have been wondering about one of these for a while, but recall reading that it was more confusing to build than typical Dragon.
  16. The AFV Club kit built OOB with the addition of the AFV Club individual tracks. The cam nets made from bandage material soaked in PVA glue. Miscellaneous stowage and figures from the spares box. Thanks for looking.
  17. I ordered some figures from Models Hobby, after hearing nothing for 5 weeks, I tried getting in touch but did not hear anything. I had to resort to raising a PayPal complaint. Once that was done the figures turned up a week later. They do some great items, but I am wary about trying again. Good luck!
  18. The AFV Club plastic ones come with sprockets which you can fit to the Tamiya kits and look pretty good. The only point to watch is there is only enough to do both sides with no spares. See the attached pic of Tamiya FSV with the AFV Club tracks. Cheers Neil
  19. That is one fully loaded Jeep! Excellent work on display. Cheers Neil
  20. Really excellent builds. The finish and weathering is amazing for the scale. I have often wondered about some of these Zvezda snap together kits, but they clearly provide a good canvas. Cheers Neil
  21. Not been on this site for a few weeks and yours is second Matchbox offering I have seen tonight and it is really good, making me want to dig out the single Matchbox Sherman I have in the stash. I so agree with you that the dioramas were one of the highlights of these. Good job, Cheers Neil
  22. Lovely finish of a tricky scheme. One to be proud of, considering you have not done much armour. Cheers Neil
  23. A nice tidy build. The thing I noticed was the lack of glue stains, which is good for a first build after so many years. I build models for the personal enjoyment of it, as long as you enjoyed it, that is also great. There are plenty of techniques that other posters have mentioned, like washes, filters and pigments. You have got a good starting canvas. Cheers Neil
  24. Lovely finish on it. I have been looking at the Zvezda 1/72 kits lately and wondered how they would finish. You have admirably demonstrated that they can be made into great looking models. Cheers Neil
  25. Nicely done, I love those old Matchbox kits, as others have said, takes you back. Cheers
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