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  1. Really cool, wondering if it will be able to transform
  2. Scalemates shows the pharewell phantom coming out sometime next year, just when I got my hands in a Hasegawa one with a bunch of resin
  3. Amazing work, this kit is definitely on my radar, what do you think of the kit? shake and bake?
  4. I've never seen Tamiya post CAD images, so I also think it is Freedom Models
  5. They will re-issue the Lotus 79 too, that was a good kit, I wonder if they'll include any extras
  6. Definitely a nice kit! They kept the instructions very wingnut wings like
  7. Leaflet for September 2020 https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2020-09en.pdf
  8. Beautiful example! Did the kit give you any problems while building it?
  9. Beautiful kit!, how was the build? did you encounter any problems building it?
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