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Dave Ancona

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    Maritime and aircraft mainly in tems of modelling, other interests include artwork and car restoration (currently a 1958 Jensen 541)

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  1. Quite simply a masterpiece, it is spot on in every way, from the gloss levels of different materials to the most convincing chrome trim I think I have ever seen at this scale........just gobsmacked !!!!
  2. Watching this with a certain amount of professional, as well as modelmaking interest, good start !!
  3. Dave Ancona

    Case VAI _Thunder Model_

    Stunning, simply stunning !
  4. Dave Ancona

    Italeri, FIAT 806 ... 1/12th

    Difficult to find words really, probably one of the best examples of truly creative modelmaking I have seen, it almost has that old car smell of cracked leather and straight mineral oil, bravo...art and storytelling at its best ! I humbly doff my cap to you sir David
  5. Dave Ancona

    Vosper MTB 234 -1/72

    Thats a cracker that is, very clever base, spot on !!
  6. Dave Ancona

    Albion recovery truck

    Absolutely spot on, lovely job !
  7. Absolutely beautiful, very dificult to find words for this, as far as I,m concerned the model is probably more desirable than a real one, you can admire its elegant lines and enjoy the immense satisfaction you must feel at such a stunning result, and all of this without having to worry about mini roundabouts and extremely vague steering !!
  8. Dave Ancona

    HMS Jamaica 1/350 scratch built

    Great stuff,looking forward this immensely, they were very attractive carriers (IMHO), lots of very small duffel coats to paint I would guess,
  9. Dave Ancona

    HMS Jamaica 1/350 scratch built

    Super stuff, as always, modelmaking of the highest standard......looks like the bar just got raised again, very interested in your new project, will this Victorious be a wartime one, or a post reconstruction one ?
  10. Dave Ancona

    Airfix 1/12 Bentley Blower

    That is looking truly magnificent, !!
  11. B***dy brilliant, what a beast of model, lovely job !!
  12. Lovely job, I can appreciate the ammount of hard work that you have put in to get such a good result, the kit is so innacurate in places its almost funny, and its really nice to see her modelled in a late war configuration, it would be nice if someone released a decent 1/350 kit but Im sure you feel the same as I do, having been to hell and back, it would also be really annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big respect to you from a fellow traveller
  13. Dave Ancona

    Italeri - FIAT 806 Grand prix - 1:12

    Truly a work of art, models rarely capture the subtle emotional tones of the original subject, I think that you are showing absolute mastery in this, as much a story teller as a modeller, you have my utmost respect !
  14. Dave Ancona

    Airfix 1/12 Bentley Blower

    This is looking very good indeed, your attention to detail is first rate, how are you intending to deal with the badge position on the radiator ?
  15. Dave Ancona

    Sopwith Triplane

    Wow... thats the way to do it properly !!!! simply fabulous build