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  1. I have seen Screws in Tamiya's Bike Kits and some of their latter 350 Ship Kits. OK her Hull is now done. I sanded off the F/D Details to be replaced with a Pontos Deck which fitted perfectly. The way they did the Hull means a lot of Putty and Sanding. Not what I expected from Tamiya. More to come soon.....Cheers mark
  2. I will be watching this one with keen interest.....Cheers mark
  3. This was the first major Kit I built as a kid so it is bringing back some fond memories. Watching how you are updating her will be fun to watch.....Cheers mark
  4. Looking very nice indeed.....Cheers mark
  5. Ok the Bottom third of the Hull is now together along with her Skegs, Shafts, Rudders and P/E Water Inlet Drains. More to come soon.....Cheers mark
  6. OK here we go. Tamiya have moulded the Hull in a strange way. Reminds me of their Enterprise Kit. Maybe for Box Size or better Hull Detail. It means some fun puttying and Sanding. More to come soon.....Cheers mark
  7. Thanks Gents. This is what you get in the Kit and the Pontos Set......Cheers mark
  8. After having a break from the Bismarck Build, this is the next one on the Slips for me. This is what I will be working on. More to come soon.....Cheers mark
  9. Thank you one and all for your comments they are muchly appreciated......Cheers mark
  10. Thanks for your comments my Friend much appreciated. Where abouts in Qld do you hail from..??.....Cheers mark
  11. Thanks for your comments my Friend much appreciated.....Cheers mark
  12. Thanks for the comments Chris much appreciated. The Plinths are from Pontos.....Cheers mark
  13. Thanks Mate. For the Rigging I used fine E-Z-Line.....Cheers mark
  14. Thanks Harry and it is a long list but here goes. P/E From the White Ensign, Eduard and Gold Medals Sets. Veteran Models sets were the 2 4-1 Inch Turret Sets, 2 Searchlight Sets, German Fire Control and Bridge Equipment Sets , A Flakveirling Set, 2 Sets of Dual 37 nmm Mount Sets, 2 20mm Machine Gun Sets, Brass Rod for the Foremast, North Star for the Square Kreigsmarine Liferaft Set and a Kreigsmarine Paravane Set. also the Japanese Bridge Equipment just for the Voice Pipes. I also used some Plasticard......Cheers mark Thanks Mate. If what I have done with my Build can help you in any way then I will be just as happy.....Cheers mark
  15. After an enjoyable 6 Months work on this project I am happy to say that she has now joined my Fleet. Am very happy how she turned out.....Cheers mark
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